Importance of Documentation in Denmark Immigration process

Documentation forms one of the most decisive aspects of an Immigration application process. Just like a filled application form to file a green card application, it is also necessary to present the right documentation as evidence your eligibility criteria for a particular kind of visa.

As Immigration is one of the most vital decisions of your life. One cannot take chances with it as a blunder in application process can lead to a visa rejection. So there is no scope for a mistake.

Some of the documentation required for an immigration application process are education certificates (of self, spouse and dependents above 18 years of age), job experiences, marriage certificate, copies of passport, IELTS score, and others. The list is enormous. The list may vary in accordance with the type of visa applied for! In addition, the rules of Immigration world keep on changing from time to time. It may be beneficial to take assistance from a Canada Immigration Lawyer and go for a smooth application process.


Anonymous said...

Dear Consultant and fellows,
i have the following concerns about danish immigration

How much fund required for Denmark greencard
Medical examination duration
How can i submit my application for Denmark immigration from Pakistan
Assessment of points chart for green card of Denmark
Immigration application for Denmark
What are the benifit to get the denmark imigration

Can someone reply me please
Ayesha, Islamabad

raghu said...

Hi,Iam Raghuram K.B A. Graduate from India.I have Interested to went do job in Denmark.I have Experienced in Administration Assistant Field for 4 years.I don't now how to go Denmark Kindly give me some suggestion.I haven't any sponsors in Denmark.and which documents are included with application form.

Thanking you,

Anonymous said...

I am faisal mahamood malik have done MBA (finance )in 2008,i have work experience of 1 year in my field (i-e) Finance . I want to ask that does the copies of our educational docements atested from HEC, which we are providing for the immigration process .?? my secong Q is , what are the basic requirements that are acquired for the denmark immigration or green card ? sh'd we send our orignal documents or coloured photocopies of documents with application form to denmark ...?


Comrade said...

You have to send original documents as well as HEC attested copies to Denmark Embassy

Anonymous said...

I am Rizwan I am BS in Information Technology and also have Diploma of Associate Engineering in Electrical technology. I want to get job in Denmark. and also want to immigration of Denmark. i have 5 years experience in Electrical engineering.plz help me to go to Denmark?

Thanking you.

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