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How do I meet the criteria under Point Based System of Denmark Green Card?
Points are allocated to prospective Denmark Immigrants on the basis of their experience, skills, education, age, English proficiency and other facets, which allow them to apply for Green Card. You may calculate the points yourself or write your credentials in comments. You will be replied rapidly.

I am not treated well in my country. I am desperate to immigrate, but where?
Some of the ordinary problems faced by immigrants are; war situations in their home country, economical problems, not allowing people to give vote and keep them disconnect from any rights. These situations strength people to change their country and find comfort in a new country. Though there is no exact answer to these questions, it is always advised to immigrate to a new country where you would find peace, calmness and a freedom in all sense. For example, Denmark is a country that welcomes people with open arms.

Is there any age limit to Immigrate to Denmark?
It depends as to which Visa class you are applying for! For skilled migrants most points are awarded between the age group of 21 to 34 years. Don’t worry, if you are over that limit. You may get a PR, provided that you have a strong plan.

I am in a hurry. What is the fastest way to immigrate to Denmark?
Immigration is one of the most significant decisions of your life. Any speeding up might lead to disorder. There is no shortcut! Generally processing time falls between 6 to 12 months or more.
If I will marry a resident of Denmark, will I get my visa automatically?
No. Marrying a resident of the future country does not give you the choice to get your Visa automatically. You are required to accomplish all the mandatory requirements associated with a particular visa together with providing the required documentation.


M Asif Mahmood said...

Hello Sir,
I am from Bangladesh (age-32). I am maried and my wife is 31. I am a small Business man. I do restaurant and distribution business and my wife helps me to operate these business. I have completed post graduate degree in sociology under national university of Bangladesh 5 years ago. My english skill is averge. My wife has completed college educaton (H.S.C) and her english skill is not good. Day by Day our profession is going to complecated. We want to go Denmark and stay there to start a new plain life. Are we able to do it. Please tell me.
Muhammad Asif Mahmood Prodhan

thirumalai, said...

age 45
experience 21 years
english proficient
education masters degree
skill IT SAP project manager, pmp certified

SAM said...


I am holding a work permit in UK. At the moment
I am living in London. I want to know about the fund to be shown in Bank a/c. Can someone tell for how long I have keep the required fund in Bank ?

SAM said...


I am holding a work permit in UK. At the moment
I am living in London. I want to know about the fund to be shown in Bank a/c. Can someone tell for how long I have keep the required fund in Bank ?

Anonymous said...

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denmark investmenT
case enquiry
p at&t emigrera till kannada
italian residence permit holder can work in denmark
emigrera till kannada

Rommy said...

Hi, my name is Rommy, i'm from Chile, i'm 26 soon to be 27 in August, single and i'm desperate to move to a place where i'll be able to find a job and live by myself, here without a career i'm forced to live with my parents and i have 2 years left to graduate from Uni but i lose my University funding next semester so i have to find a way to move on before i'm left without choices and stuck in this sismic country.

I have a good English of course, did 7 semesters of English language, also did a semester of German and i'm capable of learning any language, studied a year of Philosophy and 7 of Translating Interpreting English- Spanish, i've worked for 8 years as English Tutor have taught a lot of people to speak english.

Thank you in advance for this information.Just in case my mail is

Anonymous said...

i am maria.i got married to British citizen and now i am the PR holder of uk. i just want to know that do i need a visa to fly to denmark? if so is their any possibility to get immediate visa? b/c i need to fly need week but the recorded making appointment gives the days for next month so is there any Europe country which has walking in system..........


ashish said...

I am 38 years old male from India. I have 18 years of experience in Sales and Marketing and working as Senior Regional Manager in a Leading Pharmaceutical co. in India. Can i get migration to denmark.

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