Where to Submit Application of GC?

You can put forward an application for a residence and work permit in several ways. You can present it at the Danish diplomatic mission in your country of origin or the country where you have resided lawfully for the past three months. The mission will subsequently forward your application to the Immigration Service in Denmark, where it will be processed.

If there is no Danish mission in your home country or country of residence, it is often likely to put forward your application at the mission of another Schengen country.

If you are residing with authorization in Denmark for instance based on a different residence permit, procedural stay, visa, or visa-free stay, you can usually submit your application in Denmark.

You can present your application at the Service Centre of the Immigration Service. If you reside outside Greater Copenhagen, you can also submit your application at the neighboring police who will afterward forward it to the Immigration Service. If the Immigration Service recognizes your application for processing, you may stay in Denmark whilst your application is being processed.

As a substitute, you can book a meeting with the Immigration Service. This service is aimed at persons applying for a residence and work permit so as to work in Denmark.

If you have living in Denmark on the grounds of another residence permit for example family reunification or asylum, and this permit has been cancelled or denied extension by the Immigration Service, you can put forward your application in Denmark up to seven days after getting the ruling. Behind this point, you must put forward your application from your country of origin.

If you are residing unlawfully in Denmark, an application submitted in Denmark will generally be refused, and you will be asked to put forward your application from your country of origin.

How can I get Danish Nationality?

In order to get nationality of Denmark after immigration, you have to fulfill some conditions. Also, you have to fill a special application form.
Several conditions have to be satisfied to turn out to be listed in a nationality bill and thus become a Danish national by naturalization – in other words, by statute.
Following are the conditions of Danish Citizenship

1. Solemn declarations:
You have to sign a statement in which you vow commitment and loyalty to Denmark and the Danish culture and state your readiness to observe Danish legislation and value fundamental Danish principles of law.

You also have to give information on any criminal offences committed previously in the form of a solemn declaration.

2. Renunciation of previouss nationality:
To be listed in a naturalization bill you must agree to surrender your previous nationality. It depends on the nationality legislation of your country whether you will automatically drop your current nationality when you turn out to be a Danish national, or whether you have to submit an application to the authorities of your country of origin to be released from your present nationality.

The following persons are not required to be released from their present nationality:
  • Who automatically lose their present nationality.
  • With refugee status in Denmark.
  • From countries where it is impossible or implies extreme difficulties to be released from former nationality.
  • Whose request for release from their present nationality has been refused.
  • Who have proved that they have made a serious, but ineffective attempt to be released from their present nationality.

3. Residence:
To be listed in a naturalization bill you have to have a permanent residence permit of Denmark and live in Denmark.

If you do not have a permanent residence permit, you can apply for one with the Danish Immigration Service.

Furthermore, it is a general rule that you have to have lived in Denmark for a continuous period of no less than 9 years. The residence period is considered from the date of your first residence permit.

4. Offences
According to the rules in effect, it is not possible for you to be listed in a naturalization bill if:

You have been sentenced to at least 60 days' imprisonment for violation of offences against national independence and security and/or offences against the Constitution and the supreme authorities of the State.

  • You have been sentenced to permanent throwing out.
  • You have been sentenced to imprisonment for 18 months or more.
  • If you have been verdict for other offences, the general rule is that you cannot be listed in a naturalization bill until the ending of a certain waiting period.
  • The length of the waiting period normally depends on the length of the verdict.
  • If you have been offender several times of offences of a parallel nature, the waiting period is prolonged by 3 years for each time.

5. Overdue debt to public authorities:
If you have unpaid debt to public authorities, you cannot be listed in a naturalization bill.

6. Self-support:
You must be self-supporting. It means that you do not receive and have not received at any instance during the past year any public benefits under the Act on an Active Social Policy or the Integration Act.

7. Danish skills:
To be listed in a naturalization bill you have to prove your Danish skills by presenting a specific examination certificate.

The evidence of your Danish skills that you have to present is a certificate of the Danish 3 Examination from a Danish language centre with an average mark of at least 7 at the 13-point scale or 4 at the 7-step scale, or one of the examinations listed in Schedule 3.

8. Citizenship test:
To be listed in a nationality bill you have to prove your knowledge of the Danish society and of Danish culture and history by presenting a certificate of a particular citizenship test.


Processing time of the Denmark Greencard Scheme

The maximum processing time is calculated starting from the date the Immigration Service take delivery of a totally completed application. An application is considered totally completed if it have all the information of the applicant, contains all related information, has been signed properly and contains the necessary documentation.

The Immigration Service determines whether the application is wholly completed. The huge majority of applications are totally completed when the Immigration Service receives them and applicants normally will not hear from Danish Embassy or High Commission until the decision is sent. If the application is not totally completed Embassy will inform the applicant the instant possible. This is often the case for Greencard applicants who have an overseas education.

The service goal of Denmark Green Card Scheme is normally 30 days. Though, it is important to be conscious that this time begins only once the Immigration Service has received all the essential documentation. During the 30-day period, the Immigration Service will examine whether the application meets the requirements for granting a residency permit in the terms of the Greencard Scheme.

Since applicants who have received their education in Denmark usually take in essential documentation when they hand over their application, the 30-day service goal is calculated from the date the application was received by the Danish Immigration Service.

Obtaining the essential documentation in many other cases can take longer, since the information will only turn out to be available after any reviews or additional investigations of documentation etc.

Applications for residency based on the Greencard Scheme are treated as entirely completed if it is not needed to request CIRIUS for an assessment of the applicant’s educational level.

It will typically be necessary to ask for CIRIUS for an assessment if the application contains a foreign education and the candidate has not requested a past assessment directly from CIRIUS.

The application will be treated as entirely completed when an assessment has been supplied by CIRIUS. Once the assessment has been received, the application will be wholly processed in one month. The applicant will be acknowledged if the case is sent to CIRIUS.

Denmark - The World’s leading IT Nation

According to World Economic Forum, Denmark is the globe’s leading IT-nation in advance of countries like USA and Singapore. This is the third year consecutively Denmark is given this title.

The grounds for Denmark’s top ranking as IT-nation are particularly the extensive use of IT among Danes and Danish companies and a strong Danish IT-jurisdiction.

Danish Minister for Education is very pleased and said that a well performing education system give the basis for utilizing the viewpoint of information technology.

Between 2004 and 2007, the Danish Ministry of Education spent 11.5 million DKK on intensification the use of IT in the Public Danish Schools. A comparable amount is being spent in 2009 on further IT-projects in the Danish public schools.

Fee for applicants applying at the Danish Visa Application Centre in New Delhi

The fee for applicants applying at the Danish Visa Application Centre in New Delhi is payable in a Bank Draft. The Bank Draft must be paid in New Delhi favoring the 'Royal Danish Embassy'.

Otherwise, applicants have the option of buying the banking instrument at the Danish Visa Application Centre for a small fee of Rs.56/- (inclusive of Service Tax) per applicant. One Bank Draft will be accepted for each applicant.

All Green Card applicants and their dependants are required to pay the following verification charges at the time of submitting their application

Verification Charges:
1. Green Card applicant = 7170/- INR per applicant (Inclusive of taxes)
2. Dependants of Green Card holder/applicant = 2068/- INR per dependant (Inclusive of taxes)

(Verification charges must be paid in cash at the time of submission of the application)

Service charges:
There will also be a service charge of 607/- INR (inclusive of Service Tax) charge per application in addition to the visa fees and verification charges.

Mailing Charges:
In case you would like your passport mailed to your particular address, you can ask for this facility at the time of submission of your application. This optional service is obtainable for an additional fee of 200/- INR (inclusive of Service Tax). The service charge and the courier fee is payable in cash at the time of submitting your application.

New Application procedure in New Delhi, India

The Danish Embassy in New Delhi is delighted to launch a new facility with the aim of meeting the rising demand for residence and work permit in Denmark among Indians.

From 27th July 2009, the VFS Danish Visa Application Centre in New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata, will admit residence and work permit applications from Indian residents and their dependants, who desire to apply under the following schemes:

A) The Pay Limit scheme
B) The Positive List

Resident Indian and their dependants, who have not yet asked for an appointment to apply under The Green Card scheme, can put forward their applications at the Danish Visa Application Centers in New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata starting 14th September 2009. Applicants who have previously requested an appointment will be contacted and given a priority appointment to put forward their applications.

VFS will put forward all such applications to the Danish Embassy in New Delhi.

Timings for submission of application at VFS:

08:00 AM to 12:00 AM
01:00 PM to 04:00 PM

from Monday to Friday except holidays.

The authority of operation of the Embassy is all States and Union Territories of the Indian Union, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Bhutan.

Though, the VFS Danish Visa Application Centers in New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata shall accept visa applications only from India.

Denmark Strengthens Engagement with Pakistan

Denmark has decided to grant DKK 40 million in development assistance to Pakistan over the coming four years.

The aid will principally support democracy and democratic institutions in Pakistan as well as to strengthen solidity in the variance prone areas along the border to Afghanistan. Denmark is committed to assist the people of Pakistan in its fight against terrorists.

Denmark has already guaranteed DKK 2 million for counter-terrorism projects in Pakistan and further proposals within this area are under consideration.

In addition, Denmark has donated 300.000 DKK to the rebuilding after the earthquake in the province of Baluchistan in October 2008. This brings up the total Danish contribution to earth quake assistance to in Baluchistan to 1 Mil. DKK.

Pakistan is vital for enabling steadiness in South Asia. It is therefore important to help the democratic government of Pakistan. Denmark has put a great attempt in strengthening the international, in particular the EU’s engagement in Pakistan, and is also an energetic partner in Friends of Democratic Pakistan.

These efforts to support the people of Pakistan will be further strengthened by the decision to start the development aid, starting already this year.