The Immigration Department

The Immigration Department of Denmark primarily prepare immigration and integration policies on the whole in Denmark plus implementing general guidelines for the treatment of cases in regard to immigration legislation.

Additionally, the department also deals with particular appeals, including appeals about visa, residence and work permits plus humanitarian residence permits. The Integration Ministry has also placed a secretariat service at the disposal of the Refugee Board, which is an self-governing body for the processing of appeals.

The Immigration Department of Denmark consists of:
1. Family Reunification Division
2. Work Unit
3. Immigration Law Division
4. Division for Visa, Repatriation and Humanitarian Cases
5. The Nationality Division
6. The Secretariat of the Refugee Board


Md. Nayeemul said...

i have 3 yrs hons and 1yr masters in mathematics from bangladesh. and i have 4 yrs work experience in teaching. i got 6 in ielts academic. my age is 32. Now i am doing masters in sweden.
am i eligible for applying green card scheme?

Nayeemul Hoque

Anonymous said...

I ma kamal from bangladesh , i have submitted my immigration paper last year dec,19 with my family , so Till i am not receive any information whether its proceed or not . Bellow my ref with my family .

001, kamal hossain 800125 .
002.Tasmina Ahmed 820101
ref: 11731758
003.Ahnaf Abid Anan 071219
004.Ahanaf Arafi 101115
ref: 11731771

kamal hossain

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