Denmark Immigration from India

Since the last one year there is a gradual trend in Indians to immigrate to Denmark. The Immigration Service of Denmark has published a report about study of the Denmark market for Skilled workers and IT professionals from India. The report reveals recruitment of Highly Skilled from India looks at the knowledge of Indian immigrants who decide to utilize their skills in Denmark.
The Danish Immigration Service (DIS) spent almost 10 days in India (New Delhi and Bangalore) in the month of January this year, talking to skilled Indian citizens as well as Indian IT Professionals who are willing to work in Denmark.

In accordance with the report, Indians quoted a number of rewards to working in Denmark. Pay scales are comparatively high as well as family allowance is admissible in Denmark which means the Indian workers in Denmark are fully able to support their families in India.

The DIS is planning to set up a "Work-in-Denmark Centre" at the Royal Danish Embassy in India, as part of greater than before recruitment drive.
Denmark is becoming the most popular destination for skilled Indian migrants - to a certain extent because of the new easy points based system for immigration (Danish Green Card Scheme). Although there is of the need to learn Danish, but Indians are going to love Danish Immigration.


Anonymous said...

I completed my Master in 2007 I have only two years full time of exp in IT ( Software Engg)At my education for master degree I have worked Prat time for two years.I want to know am I eligble to file the case for Danish visa. Please suggest.Can they consider my two years part time experience as a one year full time experience

Immig- said...

Dear Anonymous,
Part time experience will not bo considered for immigration.
In my opinion, gain 1 year of more experience in order to qualify for Denmark Immigration.

Sameer said...

Dear friends I am Sameer from India I would like exchange thoughts with people who are studing or working in denmark. So you can help me know the procedures of working in denmark pls do drop some line on
it will be a great help.
Thanks and Regards

Sameer said...

hi can some body suggest me some name of the colleges where i can enroll for a course of which the fee is low and is related to my education i am a Bachelot of commerce from Mumbai University. My email id is

Thanks and Regards

Anonymous said...

I have 4+ yrs of experience in Dotnet technologies, I want to immigrate to Denmark, can any one suggest me procedure for migrating to Denmark.


Comrade said...

Dear Jagdesh,
Danish Greencard is the way to immigrate to Denmark.
Please calculate you points under greencard scheme and if found any difficulty, please share

Anonymous said...

please guide me i am not clear that 16 years study can get 60 points or 50 points my education is MBA Finance.if i have extra one year post gratuate certificate can i get 17 years points.second thing IELTS is compulsory or not.Is any alternate is possible like english certificate as medium of communication issued from our employer or instititute.third thing can i take more points if my profession is in required list of profession in denmark.please reply with detail after considering my case.


Anonymous said...

please guide me mr. comrade its again i am not clear that 16 years study can get 60 points or 50 points my education is MBA Finance.if i have extra one year post gratuate certificate can i get 17 years points.second thing IELTS is compulsory or not.Is any alternate is possible like english certificate as medium of communication issued from our employer or instititute.third thing can i take more points if my profession is in required list of profession in denmark.please reply with detail after considering my case.


Karnavati said...


how is the scene for an HR manager in Denmark?
MBA - HRM - 2006-2008
Bachelor of Engineering - computer Science 2000-2005
work exp : 1 yr - BE - Computer Science as IT professional 2005-2006
2 years Part time during masters - HR - 2006-2008
1 year since completion of masters 2008- present.
1. I have seen the positive list. i just want to know how do i apply to companies?
2. Can i get the permit first and then come ther and search the job?
3. Do companies hire HR Managers who immigrate?

Comrade said...

Dear Anonymous,
HR maneger lies inthe positive list

Anonymous said...

m M.A political science after that i hav done LL.B. my age is 30yrs. shall i do apply for denmark green card. i hav also four yrs experience as an advocate.shall i count in positive list

Comrade said...

Dear shivani,
Check your experience in the positive list

Anonymous said...

i am working in american company (cruise line)every after 10 days i will be in denmark, after i have seen the denmark i like to work here,somebody give any suggetion if it is possible

Anonymous said...

Hello sir,
I have completed Masters in Computer Application this year,and want to know is there any chance for fresher IT graduates in Denmark?

Amit Kumar

Murahari said...

May I know, ideal method applying for green card scheme; when both of us have individual score to get qualified under the scheme. Will it help any way to apply individually.

singh said...

sir i am 26 year old female from india . i complete msc in math and b ed i have 2 years full time experience as a teacher to senior secondrey class . can i am eligible for denmark immigration? please give me ur advice thx

Anonymous said...

I am working as Purchase Officer for the last 2 years. I have done MBA (Marketing) and B.Tech (ECE). Please advice me whether i am eligible for Denmark immigrtaion or not? If yes then please let me know the procedure to apply. Please reply on the followinf email add.:

Jaskaran Singh

Anonymous said...

hi i am living in ireland for 3.5 years
done bachelors in compauter application (india)

pg dip international business management (ireland dublin griffith college dublin (ntu)

work experience 3 years part time techncial support professional

akash sabharwal

can you tell me points or am qualifies for danish green card

Anonymous said...

Im in urgent...
I finished MCA(my education is in English) in 2006 and i have 2+years of SAP Experience working for MNC in India.. looking for the GC for Denmark..
can any one help me in exactly getting ielts.. etc.. which is the best consultant in india(hyderabad or bangalore).

Regards :

Anonymous said...

hello people,

I am Amar from India. I completed my masters in Computer Netwrok Technology from UK in 2007. And i have 1.5 yrs experience in Networking field, is there any chance for me getting good oppuortunity in Denmark. as i would like to settle down there and moreover i am still in UK now.

please any suggestions let me know

Anonymous said...

I am trisa from India, i am a MBA (HR) graduate with 1+yrs of experience. how abt the chances of getting a job in denmark??? Pls let me know.


Anonymous said...

I am rajinder from India. I have completed my MA. Englisg and PGDCA also. I have served in Indian Navy for 15 years. How can I apply for immigration. My email


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


I applied GC on March 2009. The positive list changed on July 2009. It will applied for me or not.

waiting for response.

Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Hi bala,

i would like to talk to you ..I have few queries
Can u mail me your number to my mail


Anonymous said...

i hav
MBA (HR) from HEC redognized government university,
IELTS = 6 band,
Work exp. = 2 years
age = 25
Asif Nazir

plz let me know the chances of acceptance.

Anonymous said...

hi iam ragu from iindia ..i completed my bachelor degreee in india....can i eligible for applying work visa for denmark plz suggest me ..urgent

Rana Muzamal said...

Dear Consultant,
My Name is Muzamal.
education: BSc. Electrical Engineering(4-years) total education years:16
work Experience:2 years
Ielts: 7
Age :24

Please let me know that do i qualify for Danish green card Scheme or not ?


Jayakumar said...


Iam Jayakumar Ravindranath Having over 4 years of experience on IT industry ( UNIX ), planning to migrate to Denmark. pLs let me know possible ways to migrate to Denmark & work over there.


Anonymous said...


Iam Jayakumar Ravindranath Having over 4 years of experience on IT industry ( UNIX ), planning to migrate to Denmark. pLs let me know possible ways to migrate to Denmark & work over there.


Anonymous said...

Hi Friends, I must clarify one thing. It is a green card just by name, it is simply a residence and work permit just for 3 years. Of course it can be extended, but a permanent residency is possile only after 5 years and that too would be void if you stayed out of Denmark for more than 6 months.
Jobs.. most of the Europeans are quite sceptical in hiring non europeans I mean Asians. With lot of experience and education you might find it harder than an inexperienced European to find a job. If you are dreaming of a good and successful career and a stable status of residency then I would say Europe still has go 1000s of miles.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in migrating to Denmark. I have nearly 9+ years of experience in Programming (C/C++/VC++) and curently employed in a company involved in the manufacturing of Smartphones as an Architect.Can someone help me with info for proceeding further?
Thank you in Advance.

Anonymous said...


I am interested in migrating to Denmark, I am having 8 years of experience in Testing Activities (Manual, Automated, Performance, SAP HR Testing, SAP SD Testing, SAP FI Testing, SAP MM testing, SAP TAO & SAP TDMS), I am working as a Principal QA Engineer in CA India Pvt. Ltd from past 6 years, Is my designation is in the positive list, if my designation is not in the positive list, what do you suggest me, please let me know ASAP.

My Email Address :
Satish N

Anonymous said...

what r the job opportunity after ms in computer in denmark....

period of work permit.....
income ....

pls mail me at

Anonymous said...

I am a computer teacher in a school since 15 years . I have a good knowledge of teaching programming in java at school (Grade 10 ) level.
I also do complete maintenance of computer hardware of schools .
Whar r the opportunity of getting work permit
My age is 40.
pls mail me at

engineer said...

My educational and professional experience are here under please do calculate points for me
1- B.Sc Electrical Engineering with distinction
2- 12 year work experience as engineer.
(i)- Nine year as Assistant engineer.
(ii)- three year as Executive engineer.
3- age = 39 year
4- 16 year education
5- English proficiency certificate( Employer)
6-English proficiency certificate( university)
7- Education and Experience in Positive list.


Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I am Rohit working as clinical research associate in one of the Indian pharma company. As per the immigration points, I do qualify for 100 points and willing to relocate based on the job oppurtunities.
Please let me know about the job openings in Denmark for Post Graduate with 3 yrs of experience.I am basically looking for jobs in field related to life sciences or pharma.

Suggestions are welcome on my mail id

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Dear Consultant,
My Name is ali siraji.
education: BA ,LLB,MA political science.advocate gighcourt
work Experience:2 years as lawyer
medium english
Age :30

Please let me know that do i qualify for Danish green card Scheme or not ?


Anonymous said...

iam a masters in veterinary sciences having 4 years experience in india. kindly somebody let me know what sort of jobs are offered to persons like me and what emoluments are offered? its a question of great concern......... i think to everybody.


rohan said...

Respected Sir ,
I am Rohan Paritosh from India want to migrate Canada or Denmark by apply as a federal skilled worker my qualification and experience are MBA (Rural Management ) or graduation with sociology , economics and philosophy are best for the social work, agriculture , kindly what sort of jobs are offered to persons like me and what emoluments are offered? email id -

Chintu said...

I am chirag from india and i want to do work in denmark.i am M.Sc. and had 5.5 years experince in Clinical Research.
Is their any chance for me to do work at denmark or what type of procedure for PR for Denmark.

Anonymous said...

Dear Comrade

Name Ali

Age :-26 Years


M.B.A (in HRM)
B.C.A ( Bachelors of Computer Applications)

Work Experiance 2 Years as SAP HCM Consultant

IELTS 6.5 Band
Enough Funds at disposal.

Can you please tell me how many points will i get so that i can apply for Denmark Green Card.

Anonymous said...

i respected sir,
sir i m a bed. age is 42yrs old.can i go to denmark as a greencard scheme.please send me at

Anonymous said...

Dear Consultant
My nam is nargis I wana to apply for immigration to Dnmark
My qualification MCS in english medium.I hav throughout 1st div,Age 32years,Work experienc four years as a I.T/Computr Scienc teacher in school,IELTS 5Band.Me want to apply for imigraton with my husband.My husband is MA Economics,Age 37,

Pleas calculat my points,
May i get some points from my husband qualfcaton


Nalini said...

Dear sir

I would like to immigrate to Denmark with my family.

Qualification: Msc., MPhil., Biochemistry

Experience-4 years( Research assistant)

Research publication:My 2 project work published in 2 international journals(E-J.Chem and Asian Journal Of Chemistry)

Age-28 (20.02.1982)

English language ability: overall band score 6 in IELTS(L-6.5,R-4.5,W-6.5,S-5.5)

Am I eligible to apply for denmark green card.please calculate my points.

Subba said...

I am looking for a good reliable consultant in bangalore for migrating to New Zealand. In case any one can recommend, Pl. contact me. 9900219793 or write to

deep said...

I am looking for PR in Demark

Qualification:-B.E in computer science
Experience:- 3years(Computer networking)
Date of birth:-07-02-1984
Score in IElTs:-6.5 band

Am I eligible to apply for denmark Permanent residence.please calculate my points and if possible send a mail to

Anonymous said...

I am Vikash, I have overall exprience of 10yrs in sales and marketing. Presently working as Sr. Manager - Sales with a well known computer hardware company. I am 32yrs with P.G in Sales and Marketing after my graduation with major in Chemistry.

What is the first step to apply for immigration to Denmark. Please guide.

Please email me at:

Anonymous said...


I m swati, i did master in commerce n IELTS with 5.5 bands, I hv 10 years work experience in my accountant field. i m 31 yrs old.

May apply for Greencard?

N how much point i get?

Anonymous said...


I hold M.Sc in Microbiology and willing to find jobs relating to my field in Denmark. Does Microbiology fall in the positive list?Wat is the opportunities for Microbiology in Denmark?Please advice. My email ID

Arasa Kumar.L

Anonymous said...

sir i am 31 year old female from india . i complete MASTER OF COMMERCE and B.ED i have 4 years full time experience as a teacher to senior secondrey class . can i am eligible for denmark immigration? please give me ur advice

Anonymous said...

i have a 8 years daughter, now she is studying 2nd class in english medium. i want to immigrate in denmar for pr.if we go to denmark. is it possible to join my daughter in englishmedium schol. is there any contribution from denmark government

Anonymous said...

i want to apply for immigrate to denmark my daughter is studying 2nd class englishmedium.
i want to join my daughter in any english medium school at denmark.
is there any fee contribution from denmark government?


Anonymous said...

for new citizens, is there any denmark government fee contribution for englishmedium school students at denmark

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

My name is Gaurav Mehta. I am 32 years old, Married with 2 year old daughter. I have completed my bachelors in commerce in 1996-97 from Gujarat University, India. I have 12 years of Sales and marketing experience working with big companies in India and Dubai, U.A.E.

I have scored 7 band sin IELTS.
Please tell me whether i am eligible for green card in Denmark or not.

ramesh said...

I am travelling to Denmark on Business Visa behalf of the IT Company from India.
My question is: can i bring the my family(wife and son) to denmark along with me for my 90 days business trip.
if i can? then what visa should be required to bring my family to denmark.
Please let me know the formalities.
can you please send me details, how do i go about it.

Thanks in Advance....!

+91 9703181118

Maneesh said...


I am maneesh here. I would like to know the eligibility & procedure for immigration to denmark. I have 15 years of work experience in plant maintenance from various continuous process & engineering industries. Last 3 years working as a Functional Consultant for SAP in PM module. What are the job prospects in denmark for SAP functional consultant.
Kindly guide.

Maneesh said...

I am an engineer by profession. Worked in various process industries as Instrumentataion ENgineer. Last 3 years working as SAP Functional Consultant for PM module.
I am interested in immigration to denmark. What are the job prospects for SAP functional consultants. Need guidance.


Anonymous said...


Iam Jayakumar want to migrate to Denmark. For me having over 4 years of unix administration experience on IT industry on hich 2 years from (MNC Dubai).please guide me on this migration to denmark matter.My education qualification is Diploma in Electronics $ Communication Engg (3 Years).


Jayakumar said...

I am an engineer by profession having 4 years of experience on IT Industry with Unix administration . On This 4 years i had worked with MNC in Dubai for 2 years. My Qualification is Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engg. (3 Years). pls guide me on how to migrate to Denmark.


Sudhir Chawla said...

Hotel Professional
I am Sudhir Chawla, haveing a work exp in hotel Insdtry.
I have 2 Years of Experiance in Food and Beverage services. And 2.4 years of ep in Hotel Sales.
I have done my Masters in Hospitality Adminstration.
Pleae guide me for Immigration to Denmark.
mail me at :

mahendra said...


I am Mahendra Varma,(india) having 14 years exp in Hr & Admin Manufacturing industry,My Qualification is Master of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management (14 Years). pls guide me on how to migrate to Denmark.

Mahendra Varma

Anonymous said...

denmark aint giving visa anymore unless u have eu degree or exp

panicker said...

Dear Sir,

I have done bachelor degree in Fashion designing an merchandising.Worked as export merchandiser for nearly 2 years for major European brands.After acquiring that experience i went for my MBA in international trade from European University, Switzerland(2009).Now am working as Branding manager for a Hong Kong based brand in India.
Am very much interested in migrating to Denmark.Please advice me on the same.


Anonymous said...


Can you please give some genuine website for searching jobs for Software Professionals.


Anonymous said...

Please calculate my points for Denmark Green Card:

Education: Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering (4 years)+ Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (4 YEARS) + Graduate Diploma in Materials Management + Total 22 years education

Experience: 35 Years in senior managerial cadre (Purchasing Manger / General Manger Commercial / Jt GM Logistics / Supply Chain Management etc. .... EXISTING IN POSITIVE LIST

Language: Studies and work in English

Age: 60 years
Adaptability: no experience or education in Denmark

Name: Francis

anil said...

My name is Anil, I applied green card visa on 28 june 09 at chenni vsf office some application track number given ,
when i track this number which is given by vsf at Chennai it shows that Visa Application for Applicant has been forwarded to the Denmark Embassy on 17/07/2009.
i received acknowledgment from dk. on 1st march 2010 mentioning that decision will be in October 2010.
let me know how much time does it takes for processing?

my name Anil kumar,
my mail

Thanks in Advance.

Anonymous said...

I am an IT Manager in one of leading company in India. I have more that 10 Yrs of Exp in this filed. I want to know where I have to put may application for Migration. Is it possible to drop some contacts on my mail :

Thanks and Regards

Anonymous said...

i passed M.A (history)in 2005 year. i have no experience. pls tell me . i can apply for green card visa. my id :

Anonymous said...

I am gradute and my MBA will comlete by september. Is it possible to get the PR for denmark. I am 41 years old. I have seventeen years experience in printing industry.
Pls. suggest me.

Anonymous said...

I have 4+ SAP-ABAP exp . Please let me know if there is any requirements. Mail me @

Anonymous said...


Can somebody give some details on how to get the degree certificates be Authenticated by some official? As this is being mentioned in the Visa rules, not sure how to proceed on this. Would Notary stamp/ signature suffice?

Best Regards,

Anonymous said...


I am a graduate and MBA, 29 years old, would like to immigrate to Denmark. What are my possibiliteis of getting work there.


Anonymous said...


I am a graduate , 21 years old, would like to immigrate to Denmark. What are my possibiliteis of getting work there.


Arun said...

Iam Arun 38years,diploma in polymer technology and BBA graduate.Having 18years of experience in various feilds.Presently in healthcare division as Manager -opticals division.I want know whether I can migrate to Denmark.Please let me know the opportunities for my profession.


Anonymous said...

hi ,

i have completed B.E(Information Technology) in june 2004.
From feb-2006 to aug-2008 i had worked as Senior Programmer in xyz organization.
from aug-2008 i joined MBA(marketing) and it was just completed in may 2010.
currently working as lecturer(I.T) in govt engg college.

also during aug-2008 to dec-2009 working part time in xyz organization.

i have over all 6.5 in IELTS.

so can u please tell me the point alloted to me.


Comrade said...

Dear Yogesh,
You are scoring 105 points

penneru said...

hello friends

i got my Green Card for Denmark, wat the changes of getting jobs in the field of education in Denmark? i am presently working in UAE for the last 5 years as science teacher, my total experience in this field is about 17 years(India,USA,Maldives)

ThiruKanniappan said...

Dear Friend,

I have done my masters in Advanced computer science from UK. also having 4 years of experience software testing and development. Please help me to know which will be preferred visa for my profile. how to apply?.

Anonymous said...

How one should begin the process of immigration?
satiesh Bansode

Anonymous said...


I have applied for Denmark immigration in a category of Electric Engineer which fall in Positive skills of Denmark. But unfortunately my case was reject on the basis that my Msc not matched with Training/work Experience..

I want to re- apply as a fresh case as i Believe i also qualify for Management Category . My profile is following

1. B.E Electrical
2. MSC : Engineeering Management Telecom
3. 12 Year Work Experience of Power and Telecom.

After refusal of my previous can i re apply for new category as a Fresh case ? Can i qualify for this category ?


Anonymous said...

am a dentist graduate working for 4 years in india---how do i apply for immigration in denmark??-is it possible--what are the chances
Jerrin Joseph

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I am Rajesh.I have done Msc in organic chemistry& Master's in management M.M.S in marketing.Have 16 years exp in marketing sales Business development with e-business & C,C++ java
with international marketing exposure.worked in bahrain,sinagpore.Do i require IELTS Do i qualify with how many points


Anonymous said...


I have 11 years of IT industry experience. Now I ma 34 years old and married. Please let me know if i am qualified for migration to Denmark

Anonymous said...

i am dhawal.i have a master degree in biotechnology. but my work experience is as sales coordinator that too in the 2005-2006 will it be considered for points under the danish green card scheme..pls answer as soon as possible.
thanks a lot.

Karan said...


I am Karan Singh Rawat and done MBA in Marketing. Currently, working as an Quality Analyst in Medical Transcription field for the last 11 years. Right now, I am 31 years old. I want to know how many points I will get for danish green card scheme and what is the scope of transcription in Denmark.

Karan Singh Rawat
New Delhi

Bala said...

I am an M.E in MAnufacturing Engineering and have seven years of Work experience--Five years in Design and Previously two years in Manufacturing.
I would be thankful if someone could tell me of my employment opportunities in Denmark under Green card scheme.
I have located a consultant in my hometown who promises to place me in denmark with a sure general category job on 120kr/hour salary.
Is this pay structure the norm there?
Kindly help

mohinder said...

I am 52 years old, married, having two studying daughters aged 16 & 14. I am working in Administrative Office of an Indian Public
Sector Bank as Senior Manager, possessing about 12 years secretarial experience and 15 years in managerial capacity. Please let me know is it possible for me to immigrate to New Zealand/Canada/Australia.

Mohinder Singh,from Chandigarh

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is ASHOK KUMAR indian resident searching job opening in Danmark seasoned purchase/supply / logistics / materials Executive with over 20 Years of career success
Key Strength Areas

Supply Chain Management Purchase/Inventory Management Global Sourcing /Logistics

Materials Planning Cost Reduction Vendor Audit

Follow Up Cross Functional Coordination Team Leadership


P.G Diploma in Materials Management,
P.G Diploma in Business Management.
P.G Diploma in Marketing in Sales.

Compute Proficiency: Windows –Xp, words, Ms Excel, Power Point, Worked with LAN –AS 400 package

Manager Commercial (From 2009 to TILL)

M/S Omax Autos Ltd Main Frame two wheeler / accessories
Dharuhera India manufacturing unit
For Hero Honda / Honda
Yamaha/ Maruti/ Hundai /IKEA etc

Procurement Expeditor (From 2005 to.2008)

M/s Target Engineering Construction co L.L.C . Power Instrumentation & Controls Division
Head office:- ABU.DHABI.U.A.E Working for :- ADNOC / GASCO / ADCO / ADGAS / ADMA Branch: - Doha / Milano / London / Washington On shore / Offshore

Manager Purchase (From 2001 to 2005)
M/s Shavilik Export Garment & accessories division

Senior Executive Purchase (From 2000 to 2001)

M/S MGRM Medicare Ltd Orthopedic & Medicines Division
GURGAON (Haryana) .

Senior Executive Materials (From 1999 to 2000)

M/S Telbros Pvt Ltd Automotive Gasket & Parts Division

Senior Executive Procurement (from 1992 to 1999)

M/S Whirl pool India Ltd Refrigeration & AIR Conditioning Division

{Purchase Officer} (From 1988 to 1992)

M/S Kelvinator of India Ltd Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Division
At present I am looking after procurement / store / logistics department on day to day baiss and reporting to vice president operations.

purchase function with an engineering company in Abu Dhabi. The purchase activities entail development of vendors inside and outside the country to arrange required inputs for various

N.O.C from Abu Dhabi UAE employer avilable
at present working as commercial manager with M/S Omax autos ltd dharuhera india need to check job sponser companies in danmark please help me out

ASHOK KUMAR Mobile :-+8826179371

Anonymous said...

I am working as a Software professional in an MNC in Mumbai. I am having a experiance of 5 years and 6 months. I have done my engineering in IT.
will I be eligible to migrate to Denmark?
Who do I contact for the job assistance? Do I have to apply for a job from India before going there?

- Mithil

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
Im 30years old, IT software developer holding more than 5 years of commercial experience willing to immigrate to denmark. I have Bs computer sciences from Pakistan 120 credit hours 3 years, please confirm my eligibility.


Anonymous said...

Dear sir,
i am Rajendra ,having 5 year of experince in acadamic field and i am having masters computer science and ENgg,i contacted Abhinav consultancy(Bangalore) ,they told i qualify,but some other consultancy says i am not able to qualify,plz guide me regarding this.

Name: Rajendra

Anonymous said...

This is only for getting green card to wotk in denmark, Not for all people.
Please dont go to Denmark, The consultancy are cheet. As I know there are more than 500 + indians are without job having green card holder. Trust me. Main thing in denmark to know danish which is local language for getting some work. Many indians are fighting for survival in denmark. Denmark is one of the costly country in the world.


Abhishek said...


I am Abhishek having 6.5 years of IT (Linux System Administration) experience , worked with well known MNC's.

I have done B.E (Electronics and Telecom).

Could you please , what are the chances of getting job and green card in Denmark ?


Anonymous said...

Hi I am Manish
Please calculate my points for Denmark Green Card:

Education: M.Com (External), BBA (Full Time), PGDCA(1 YEAR)

Experience: 7 Years in Sales, Designation(A.M)(In Positive List)

Language: Studies and work in English Medium(HL)

Age: 29 years
Adaptability: no experience or education in Denmark

How many points are need for for Denmark Green Card.


Anonymous said...

hi i am gurdarshan singh.i have done m.b.a in distance education from P.T.U (punjab)(india).and 3year work experience after graduation but before m.b.a . i am 25 years old and married but not baby.please sir calculate my point from denmark P.R . my mail i.d

Anonymous said...

My name is Sachin & I'm from India. I have doubt regading to points. Please help me in calculating my points.

Age 36 Years
Work Experience 13 Years
Professional IT Manager/ Software Architect
Education Qualification B.Sc (PCM - 3 years), PGDCA (18 Months course), M.Sc.(Computer Science) - Lateral Entry (1 Year)
Worked 4 Years in Germany and was there on GC.
Language(IELTS)- 7
Please let me know.
And if someone from Delhi is applying in next 3 months please write me mail at


Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Kiran. I am Indian want to apply Danish Immigration. I have Bachelors Degree Completed Bachelor Of Business Administration at Karnataka University Dharwad, Karnataka. I have 2 Years of Experience working in the VRL Logistics Ltd. Logistics Industry as Accounts Executive. Am I eligible to Danish Migration Visa.

Anonymous said...

I want to immigrate to Denmark. I have an exp. of 15 years of Software Development experience. I am 42 years old.I am married.

I have done Advance Diploma in computers and MIS. I have not done any graduation. I have scored overall band of 5.0 in IELTS in 2009 July.

My spouse has done Graduation in commerce and She is an Government employee.She is 36 and she has also done an certificate couse in Computers.

Please let me know whether am I eligible for Denmark Immigration.



Anonymous said...

hi friends ,
i want to immigrate to denmark as a bioanalyst which is in positive list scheme,but recently they removed from positive list scheme.. if anybody knows anything about bioanalyst presence in the positive list now ..

surya said...

I want to immigrate to denmark, i have only 2 year of Exp. in field of agriculture, in sales & business development, i have done Agri. + MBA From Mit pune, so i want to know there is any opportunity in field of agri or IN bussiness dev. , am working as a Asst. manger here in india in well known company, please suggest me.. what to do for get a job there ??


Nilesh said...


I have done my Engineering and Masters in Electrical engineering full time. I have 5 yrs of exp in IT as BI consultant. Can u pls let me know if i am eligible for denmark or not


Adlina Usman said...

I have 8 years experience in teaching with a masters degree in English language and literature with M.B.A and ITIL certification.Wht r my chances to get a job in Denmark???Would learning German help more??

thanks and regards Usman

Anonymous said...

Hello I'm Amit
I'm planning to immigrate Denmark....
Education : MBA graduate from university of Wales, Cardiff, UK,
IELTS 6.5 and also completed my studies in English.
Age 27 yrs
Work experience : 2 yrs business analyst IT domain
Plz let me know what are my chances and points I acquire....
Email Id:

Anonymous said...

hi, i am jenny from bangladesh,i have complited my 4 years bsc[honours]in botany from national university.recently i have complited my msc exam,now i am waiting for my result.i am a government employee.i am a teacher of primary school since 4 i go to abroad for stay and i prefer denmark.i want to get green card from it possible for me,if possible how can i process it legally?please inform me as early as possible,

Anonymous said...

Hi, Denmark immigration accepts 2 years part time experience in IT field for green card scheme.

Comrade said...

It might be equal to 1 year full time exp

Swapandeep Singh said...

Hi, I have Bsc IT and 3 years diploma in IT .
I have 4 years of IT experience. Am i eligible for Green Card.

Swapandeep Singh

vipul.pharma said...

respected sir..,
hear i m vipul panchal. i curantly studying in M.Pharma. i Completed my D.Pharm in 2007 & B.pharma in 2010. i m in Pharmacy ( MEDICAL)
[Helth Care] Profession. How can i Applied for the PR in Danmark.. rply as soon as posible...:-) is that posible to geting PR in denmark..?

Anonymous said...

Hi,I am 3 Years LLB in 2008.
And 2 Years MA Pol Science and 2 Years BA from University of The Punjab Lahore Pakistan.
I have IELTS with 6.5 Bands.
Am i eligible for Denmark Green card Scheme.
Age:30 Years.
Please reply me.

tarang sagar said...

Dear sir,

i completed BE(EC),CCNA certified,6 year experience of IT infrastructure and telecome.i want to immigrate denmark either by work permit or PR with my family.please let me know how to apply.

Anonymous said...


My name is Sumit,I am planing to immigrate to Denmark.
I am an MBA graduate(Sales and Marketing) with 2 years sales experience, my email address is

Let me know about my chances.

Appriciate your quick response.

Anonymous said...

I have done master degree in geology. I am interested immigrate to Denmark for MS as well as job. Kindly help How I can get visa for denmark.regards faisal

sahirn said...

Kindly let me know the if I am eligible or not and calculate my points below is my detail
education: MS in Software Engineering (1 Year) after BS in Computer Science(4 Years)
Experience: 7+ years of experience in Software development & support(medium of official conversation is English as my company is a MNC and clients from middle east and Africa)
Age: 31

also please send me a sample for English proficiency certificate.
I have one more issue that I cannot able to show required funds in my personal bank account so I need to have a sponsor letter. Kindly send me sponsor letter format as well because when I go to consultant they are charging me for these letters and there cost is too high.
Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Sahir Nadeem

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