The Danish Welfare System

The Danish welfare society is characterized by a high rate of monetary growth and a high standard of living. In Denmark, all citizens are money-wise insured such as in case of illness and old age.

When you have some employment in Denmark, you ought to pay tax on your wages to Denmark. These taxes facilitate pay for the Danish welfare system, such as child care, education, elderly care, and right of entry to doctors and hospitals. You will also take advantage from these welfare services. The principle of the Danish welfare system is that all citizens have equal right of entry to social services in spite of of their social background or origin.
Earlier studies have shown that a greater part of foreign national workers in Denmark believe that their excellence of life increased whilst living in Denmark. This is the consequence of numerous factors, but lots of emphasize the positive balance between family and career in Denmark:
- The largest part of respondents said that their families take pleasure in living in Denmark.
- A mass of respondents felt that Denmark is a good place to raise children.
- Several felt that Danish companies are excellent at respecting employees' family lives.

In general, there is a high level of pleasure with spare time, employment and cultural opportunities in Denmark.


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