About Selecting Immigration Lawyer

When selecting your Immigration lawyer, you must look into the following aspects:

- Make sure that you sign a written agreement with your Immigration lawyer. More so, read it cautiously before signing and agreeing to the terms and conditions.
- Never leave your original documents to the Immigration lawyer.
- Read all the documents very cautiously and sign just if you are satisfied with what is written on it.
- Get a receiving for all your payments, try to avoid cash payments. Check or bank draft is desirable.
- Make sure that you are updated at all times regarding your application status by your Immigration lawyer.
- In the middle of the immigration process, if you think that the services are not up to the mark, you can forever close the deal there and afterward.
- Your Immigration lawyer name and contact details should be stated on you application form, regardless of the Immigration lawyer being a paid or an unpaid one.
- Do not sign on any blank application forms or documents.
- Your application would be rejected if your paid Immigration lawyer is not a member of the one of the designated bodies.

Lastly, it is very important that your Immigration lawyer is an authentic one before you pay and avail his services.


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