Work experience requirement for Denmark Immigration

You may be awarded a maximum of 15 points for your work experience. Your work experience will be given points in proportion to number of years within the previous five years, you have worked in a field where Denmark is presently experiencing a deficiency of qualified professionals or as a researcher.

You can see these occupations and exact job titles in the Positive List.

Points will be awarded as per following crtitera of experience:

A) 1-2 years within the past five years in field listed on the Positive List or researcher: 10 points.

B) 3-5 years within the past five years in field listed on the Positive List or researcher: 15 points.

C) 3-5 years within the past five years (not an occupation in positive list), other work: 5 points.


Anonymous said...

sir, i am doing Business since 4 years. During my Business i have completed my MBA Degree. it was two years course. It was Distance Learning Course. how many points i can get( Education + Work Experience )?
can i get 60 points of Education and 15 points of work Experience? am i right?
Thanks for your time...

Comrade said...

Dear Anonymous,
You may get 50 points for your education

Anonymous said...

please guide me mr. comrade its again i am not clear that 16 years study can get 60 points or 50 points my education is MBA Finance.if i have extra one year post gratuate certificate can i get 17 years points.second thing IELTS is compulsory or not.Is any alternate is possible like english certificate as medium of communication issued from our employer or instititute.third thing can i take more points if my profession is in required list of profession in denmark.please reply with detail after considering my case.


subrata said...

i have done my MBA(Marketing)and i have 3 years of IT sales as a BDE,now i am working as a online marketing,BDE from 2-3 months,so how much point will i get and shall i need to take written certificate from schoo/college for my entire education(10th,12th,Graduation,Master degree)

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,
Is the work experience necessary. I am getting 100 points without work experience. I have done 11/2 years unpaid internship in my field.
My question is " am I eligible without work experience".

Thank you for your help

John said...

1. I have completed a B.A degree in English Literature. Does this qualify for 20 points for language ?

Bhuvana said...

where do I find the Positive list details to know whether my experience is relevant and to understand whether I get additional points or not?


Anonymous said...

Do you need to work in the EU prior to immigrating to Denmark? Where do you find the list of professions that are on the Positive list?
Thank you,

Dr.Gotam Kumar said...

Dear Conusltant , I hope u r doing well overthere i m confused regarding my job designation as i' have degree of bachelor of medicine and surgery then i did my Master of publice heatlh and worked as public health specialist or health and prevention manager this position i could'nt find in mentioned the positive list could u please tell me where i m fit ? or may medical specialist component suit me as per list

your kind guidince needed for aforementioend subject

Immense Regards
Gotam Kumar Dr

Anonymous said...

I belong to pak but residing in kuwait from last 2 years and working as an Accountant (positive list).Age 30.I hve completed MBA from pak in 2003.What u suggest me in my concern to immigrate to denmark.

Anonymous said...

I have completed my Masters in Bioinformatics in 2006 and i have been working from Sep. 2006 till date as a Bioinformatics Scientist.(i.e. total of 3.5 yrs experience). I have an IELTS band score of 8. My concern is: What points will my work experience in bioinformatics earn me? Witha a Masters i get 60 points, IELTS gets me 20 points, age fetches me 15 points, but i dont know how much will my work experience fetch me.
Sir, can you please help me out?

Waiting for a reply. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

i have worked 20 years as Income Tax consultant duly approved by Central Board of Revenue (now FBR) .I am registered ITP by Cbr .

Shafiq Ahmad said...

I did B.Com from university of Peshawar in 1996. I did C.A.Foundation from Institue of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan in 1998.I did MBA (HRD) from University of Peshawar in 2006. I have more than 4 years experience in accounts. Do I get 60 points for education.

Anonymous said...

I have a three-year B.Sc degree from India, am certified as a Project Management Professional by the Project Management Institute and have more than 4 years of Project Management experience in an IT company in India. Do you think I can get points under the Positive List ? Will my educational qualifications suffice ? Thank you in advance !

Anonymous said...

sir,i have done BDS (bacheolars of dental surgery), am a dental surgeon by profession and have a worked experience of around 4 yrs in last five yrs, what would be my score in education and experience? thanks

sazzad said...

Education=3years'honors+1 year's masters in philosophy.Age=40.Experience=working as an school inspector and primary education manager in the govt. sector for 13 years.IELTS=band 6.5
What would be my total points? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

i have done my MBA from distance learning, can i apply for a denmark green card i exp i 1 year in IT sales as BDM.

how many points we require to get the danish green card.

can somebody help please



Anonymous said...

Can u help calculating my points:
Education=3years'honors+1 year's masters in Public Administration
Experience=working as Sr. Auditor (CSR) in a France based multinational organisation for 5 yeears.
IELTS=band 6.0
What would be my total points?
Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

my education:masters in education from pakistan(4 years of university edu
language : ielts 6 bands
3 years experience as teacher
how many points can i get?

Anonymous said...

sir i m from Pakistan my name is ilyas i have done my B.Sc in Chemistry and Zoology and then i completed my MBA in Banking and Finance in january 2010 i have four years of experience in as an accountant in a registered firm my age is 26 years i have completed all my studies in English i have also cleared my ilets back in 2005 and 2006 with 5 band

If you would be kind enough to tell me my aggregate points

Anonymous said...

Hi there,My wife is a graduate(fourteen years programme)holding B.COM degree and is in teaching (primary school)profession from the last five years.Her age is 34.Does she qualify for the immigration?


Anonymous said...


I just want to know I am in Ireland and currently hold Accounting and Finance degree and I have been working as Junior Accounts Clerk in a company for 2 years as a part time . Will i get any point for my work xprience since its pat time work experience. thanks

Anonymous said...

I have master degree in English as a second language and have 2 years job experienece in English language Institute and school. will I get any point for this job experinece and can I apply?

this is my email address, I will appreciate if send me an email.

best regards

Jitender said...

I am planning to apply for Danish green card this month. My file is ready and and I have calculated my points as per below. Please confirm your understanding.


Masters Degree in Literature (Hindi) Correspondence (2 years) ------------------- 60 points

Bachelors degree in humanities (Regular 3 years)

Bonus points (Degree from Delhi University) ----------------------------------------- 05 points


English Level passed 6.5 (EILTS) ------------------------------------------------------ 20 Points

Work Experience:-

11 years of total exp. out of which more than 3 years in Managerial position----- 15 points


34 years and 4 months (08/04/1977) ------------------------------------------------- 15 points

Total -------------------------- 115 points

My Question is that Can I claim points for my masters degree as it is in Literature in Hindi and I have done this from Delhi University (Correspondence).

Anonymous said...

is work experience is necessary to get the green card? i got 100 points without work experience..plz guide me.

Kamrul said...

1) My Education Degree Msc in Physics
2) Age 32 years
3) Work Experience 06 years Telecom Industry, Executive, Sales Division
4) My work communication is fully English.

Can you please Explain my point

Anonymous said...

sir, i had completed my msc and i am working as an faculty in degree college
do i can get vissa to denmark


Anonymous said...

i have done a four year chemical engg degree from punjab university lahore,how maany points i shall get for it included in +ve list.

Anonymous said...

i hv done 4 years chemical engg degree.n now i m doing masters in quality management.this programme is of 2.5 years from NED UET KHI. no thesis many points I SHALL GET.

Anonymous said...

Sir i have done M.Sc in Applied Digital Media from Griffith college dublin, Do I need to appear in Ilets? Secondly Do i Qualify for 60 points?

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