Language skills requirement for Denmark Immigration

In order to get Denmark Green Card or Denmark Immigration, you have to prove your language skills in specific languages. Your language ability will be given specific points based on the following languages
1. Danish
2. Swedish
3. Norwegian
4. English
In order to get points for language skills, you have to prove that you have passed an exam in any of the Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian or German languages.
You can only receive points for one Scandinavian language (Danish, Swedish and Norwegian) and for also English or German.
So there are two groups of languages required for Danish Immigration
Group 1: Danish, Swedish and Norwegian
Group 2: English and German
You can receive points by choosing one language from group 1 and other language from group 2, for example, English and Swedish, German and Danish and so on. On the other hand, you cannot get points if you choose 2 languages from same group of language for example, Danish and Norwegian, or English and German.

Is there any alternative of language skills test to obtain Denmark Green Card?
As a substitute to a language exam for Denmark Immigration, you can prove your language skills by

1. Obtaining a written statement from your previous employer confirming that you have used Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, English or German on the work for at least one year.

2. By providing documents that you have finished a minimum of one year of studies at a higher educational program which was taught in one of above 5 languages.

You can be given a maximum of 20 points for one language skills and a maximum of 30 points for skills in 2 language.

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Anonymous said...

please guide me mr. comrade its again i am not clear that 16 years study can get 60 points or 50 points my education is MBA Finance.if i have extra one year post gratuate certificate can i get 17 years points.second thing IELTS is compulsory or not.Is any alternate is possible like english certificate as medium of communication issued from our employer or instititute.third thing can i take more points if my profession is in required list of profession in denmark.please reply with detail after considering my case.


Anonymous said...

I am working in a Pharmaceutical company in sales department for more than 5 years. Would you please tell me how much point I will get from my working experience?


L.Singh said...

Hello guiders..
This is L.Singh..
I did my MCA(Master if Computer Applications & it 18yrs study), and working with MNC in india & 2yrs of SAP domain Experience.
So, now guide me...
Whether i required IELTS scoring...

Exactly how much of expenditure will be there for applying the danish immigration. Consultants in India are not reliable...

i appreciate your comments..

Thanks and regards
L.singh (

Anonymous said...

I am working in Bangladesh with United nations world food can i get any point for this

Anonymous said...

Hi, Can u guide me where i submit my application for immigration and where can i apply from Pakistan i have done my masters in English Literature

Anonymous said...

I have Bachelor of Engineering in Software engineering(16 year)Education.please till me what will be my educational level score.
i.e either 30
or 50

Anonymous said...

Sir my education is 16 year(Bachelor in software engineering)
What will b my Educational level score
i.e Either 30
Or 50

Anonymous said...

sir, i scored 6th band in IELTS General what will be my education leval score ? Kindly guide ashani

Anonymous said...

I done M.A (History) from Punjab University, Chandigarh & right now i am working as Sr. Executive Admin. My total Exp is more than 6 years. I want to immigrate to Denmark.
Is anyone can help me to tell the how much point i can claim for my education.

Please solve my problem. my ID


Comrade said...

Dear Batth,
Can you tell abt the total number of years of your qualification?

Syed Akhtar Hussain said...


please clear me if i said i have done Ilets with 6.0 score but other hand ihave not any skill in Scandinavian language (Danish, Swedish and Norwegian)so i can not get any language skill point



Anonymous said...

Qualification :
BBA (2Years)Marketing University of Sindh
MBA (2 Years) Marketing University of Sindh
BBA (Hons) 4 Years Program in HRM Al-Khair AJK University
MBA (2 Years) HRM New Port University Pakistan

Experience : 6 years - Marketing Industries
2 Years - HRM Manager

Age : 39

Spouse Education:

Diploma in Electrical Engineer
B.Tech Hons Electrical Engineer
BCS (3 Years ) I.T
MCIT (2 Years) I.T
Experience : 15 Years
Age : 46

Kids: 3 under 12 years '

Can u guide me where i submit my application for immigration and where can i apply from Pakistan

Anonymous said...

Hi sir,
My qualifications are :
- B.Sc.(Physics,stat., Maths combination)
- 1 yr Administration and
- in Sociology
- M.Ed. degree in Curriculum & Evaluation
work Experience :
- 15 years work experience as upper secondary
school teacher under permanent gvmt. quota.
Age : 43 years

Would you please guide me whether is it
eligible to apply for immigration to
Denmark or not.

Gaurav, from Nepal

would you guide me whether am I eligible to apply for immigration to Denmark or not.

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