Marriage Immigration - Paper Marriages in Denmark

A spouse, registered partner or cohabit partner will not be granted a marriage immigration visa on the grounds of family reunification or immigration through marriage if there are indications that the marriage or partnership was set up with the major purpose of obtaining a marriage immigration visa or residence permit of Denmark.

The Immigration Service makes a careful assessment of all the related information in a case with the aim of determine whether a marriage or partnership can be categorized as forced or pro forma. Among the information considered for marriage immigration visa is:
•Whether the parties have ever lived jointly at a shared address.
•Whether the parties can converse in the similar language.
•Whether there is large age dissimilarity among the parties.
•How well the parties knew each other previous to marrying.
•Earlier marriages (if relevant).
•If the parties have children together.

The Immigration Service takes earlier marital history into consideration when decision in the case. For instance, it would be considered relevant if the spouse/partner living in Denmark was formerly married to a foreign national, and if this marriage ended shortly after the foreign national was granted a Marriage Immigration Visa or permanent residence permit.


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I am from an Asian country and studying in Sweden. I dont have Swedish passport. However my girlfriend is from Denmark. She is 20 and I am 28. We lived someday together in the same flat in Sweden. So is it possible for me to marry her in Denmark??

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