Immigration Advice

You can get a free immigration advice on the internet on immigration matters. This might be done by sharing your experience on forums and blogs and get knowledge from senior members. You do not have to pay a single penny for this free immigration service. It is also crucial that you choose your online forum or blog after taking an interview of as many sites as you perhaps can. You must not file your application unless you find maximum information. You can also hire an immigration lawyer on net.

Selection Of An Immigration Lawyer Depends On You
It is not essential for you to hire only a free immigration lawyer giving you free advice if you do not find his services on top of things. Your top migration lawyer has to be an individual who has all the answers to your queries and takes the very top care to build a solid case for your migration before the visa officer. It turns out to be easier for you to make your option of the legal representative when you go to the office of the immigration lawyer. If you get a polite welcome, sufficient time to put forward your points of view, kind approach towards fixing of immigration fees and timely response to your confirmation, you can be in no doubt that you have come to the right place.

If you are concerned in migration, the primary thing you must do is to find a website offering free immigration advice. You should try to find out on this site, by posting your comments, whether you qualify to submit an application for immigration. If you obtain a positive response only then you should go about taking interviews of prospective migration lawyers. You ought to pose as many questions you can to your immigration lawyer.

Try to take away all your premonitions and doubts with your free immigration attorney, in order that you can be more positive of the achievement of your migration application. This also helps in bringing out any unseen problems which you would have missed or else. You should not wait in selecting your migration lawyer once your candidature is approved. It is likely your case may be a demanding one which may take a few months in processing. If you go at the last minute, you may lose a good chance to change your status or submit an application for immigration and there may be great displeasure for you and your family.

Funds Required for Denmark Greencard 2010

To get a residence permit in the greencard scheme, you ought to hold up yourself during your first year in Denmark. You require providing a document that you have financial resources equal to one year of Danish Start Help benefits.

There are contradictory rates of Start Help, depending on your age and number of dependants.
The monthly Start Help rates for the year 2010 are:
•DKK 5,267 for persons below the age of 25 living alone
•DKK 6,351 for persons more than the age of 25 living alone
•DKK 5,267 per person for spouses or cohabiting partners
•DKK 1,317 per child for married or cohabiting parents
•DKK 1,589 per child for single parents

Bank account statements and comparable documents can be used as documentation of your financial resources.

Example of Funds Required for Denmark Immigration:
If you want to get a residence permit under the greencard scheme and desire to bring your spouse/partner and child, you are requisite to document that you have enough funds amounting to DKK 5,267 per month required to give for yourself, DKK 5,267 per month to provide for your spouse/partner and DKK 1,317 per month to provide for your child.

Altogether, you must be able to show that you have funds amounting to DKK 142,212 – (5,267 + 5,267 + 1,317) x 12 – the equal of one year of Start Help benefits for the same size family.

If your child/children apply for an independent residence permit but your spouse/partner (the child's/children's other parent) does not apply for a residence permit, the monthly Start Help amount is DKK 1,589 per child.

Processing Time of Denmark Immigration

The Immigration Service of Denmark has received far more applications in the greencard scheme in 2009 than predictable. Therefore, the Immigration Service is at the back with the processing of cases and is functioning hard to decrease the number of pending cases in backog. This means that the usual 30 day service goal for utmost processing time has been suspended for the time being.

To avoid extra wait, ensure that your application contains all information and documents required by the Immigration Service to process your case. If your request lacks necessary information or documentation, the migration Service may prefer to refuse your application on these grounds. This means that your request will not be processed.

If it is essential to have your educational level reviewed by the Danish Agency for International Education, you will be informed by the Danish Immigration Service.

5 Tips To Avoid Immigration Fraud

Here are essential tips to know about how to mark immigration fraud.

(1) Don't blindly believe the immigration lawyer you hired, even if they converse in your language, is truthfully on your side. He might have been born in your country, yet he may not actually care if you turn out to be a permanent resident. Unhappily, many immigration lawyers who commit fraud will count on the immigrant's feelings of companionship.

(2) Do not hire anybody who assures you will be the victor your case or achieve any exact outcome. Be doubtful if someone uses a phrase like "100% guarantee." Even the most excellent, most decent immigration lawyers do not succeed every single case. Too many variables, outer the attorney's control, can change the concluding result.

(3) By no means pay money to anyone who says they have friends in immigration offices who will assist you. You could be getting arrange as part of an immigration cheat .

(4) Decline to lie or make up facts on any documents you submit to the Denmark government. A fair lawyer will counsel you about what you are not necessary to disclose. But he or she will also caution you not to lie concerning your home country, entry dates, marriage, arrests, or no matter which else.

The Denmark government is very well-organized when it comes to fact-finding. Most probable the government will learn the fact and you will be deprived of residency or even deported with little hope of reversing the conclusion. It's also likely you could be punished for criminal fraud and sentenced to spend time in jail.

(5) When you engage immigration lawyer to arrange immigration papers, ask, "Will you sign the papers as my preparer?" If the reply is no, you are most likely not working with a licensed lawyer. You need to stop the procedure and hire an immigration lawyer or else make sure an attorney reviews your papers earlier than you submit them. A plain error, a single mistake, could end your chance to become a legal resident - sometimes forever.

What steps can be taken for safety?
Examine the qualifications of your immigration advisor. In the Denmark, an attorney will be identified as a lawyer or attorney.

Be especially careful when working with a "visa consultant" or "notaries." confirm their position. Hire only those who frankly tell you, "I am not an immigration lawyer. I support you to have my work reviewed by a qualified immigration lawyer."

How To Keep Away From Problems While Choosing An Immigration Consultant!

When it comes to the consulting and services, one word that and person approaching a consultant must be aware of its fraud. In the fast paced globe of today, approximately every individual is seeking shorter and easier routes to achievement. Immigration and fraud can be termed as two vital words that are in fact obscure for its meaning. When both these terms come jointly, a fraud is born. Gone are the days when the straight norms of fake practices were being put into practice. Now is the time for third age group practices from side to side all means.

Immigration is one of the vital decisions made in an individual's life span. It is but apparent that countless money is involved in it. Hiring an immigration consultant involves more. This piece of writing is all for all those who are going to to immigrate and in the procedure might fall prey to the frauds claiming to be immigration consultants. Here are few widespread frauds that are applied on the innocent people seeking better opportunities in life in addition to guidelines for potential immigrants:

1. Always ensure your application carefully before filing it. See to it that your immigration consultant has duly signed your application. If he does not use his name anyplace, it is time for you to get doubtful. If he declines to use his name, it might turn out that he is not even approved or registered to be a consultant also. Usually known as "ghost consultants", they are indistinguishable at all times.

2. Any false agent would make heaps of claims regarding his reach with the immigration office in question. It is highly suggested that to do a background check of immigration consultant. He might be making fake claims.

3. If your agent is a scam, there are good chances that he might be posing as some licensed consultant without their information. To keep away from any such instances, it is recommended to contact these authorized immigration consultants and check with them in person on the subject of the agent that you are in touch.

4. Deceiving itself is an art. Scammers are experienced expert in this art. It is simple for the clients to fall for them and consider what they are saying. During this procedure, many fake promises are made so that the cash is paid by the consumer. After the cash has been transferred, the actual self comes out!

5. The fee charged by each immigration consultant varies. Get to know regarding the common market price for immigration consultant and the appropriate services offered. It is likely that those charging more might not be brilliant at their job where as those charging less may give less time per case. To keep away from any of the two instances, it is most excellent to contact the other clients of your agent or firm before really paying the applicable fee. This technique you would be saved from slaying your time and resources.

6. The newspaper advertisements are a new major danger while immigrating. A lot of advertisements are posted that guarantee of a conformed job chance in a new country. Utmost of a form is asked to fill in such cases and certain quantity is asked to pay as the fee for registration or send a certain quantity. You might be under your own steam into a big trap!

7. Some applicants are being assured a work permit after they land in the new country. On the other hand, this never happens and these immigrants are termed as being illegal and are right away deported.

8. Lest asked for signatures on blank forms, you are in for some falsification. In addition, read all your contracts, terms and conditions carefully before signing on any documents concerning the same. If your immigration consultant turns out to be a scammer, your individual information might be used for his individual gain and needs. In case, you have any doubts or disbelief, question your agent bang on.

9. If an immigration consultant claims that only having English language skills would be enough, check his trustworthiness, he might just turn out to be a false. There are a lot of aspects involved while selecting applicants for immigrants.

10. Other forms of fraud include gossip, lotteries and application forms which are faked. To keep away from this, an application form might be simply obtained from the visa office or official immigration website totally free of cost.

Indian Qualification Comparison With Danish Education Level

Below are the qualification assessment chart for Indian nationals who want to apply for Denmark Green Card.

It is vital to note that these general assessments only act as help and that any specific assessment carried out by the Danish Agency for International Education (previously CIRIUS) might be different from what you see below.

Indian Qualification Comparison With Danish Education Level
Indian QualificationDanish Education Level
Diploma (1 year)/Polytechnic and College of TechnologyIndividual assessment in comparison to (part of) a Danish vocational qualification (EUD)
Diploma (2 years)/Polytechnic and College of TechnologyIndividual assessment in comparison to (part of) a Danish vocational qualification (EUD)
Diploma (3-4 years)/Polytechnic and College of TechnologyIndividual assessment in comparison to a Danish vocational qualification (EUD)
Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma in Engineering/PolytechnicIndividual assessment
Bachelor of Arts/Science/Commerce (Pass), 3 years2 years of a Danish bachelor degree
Bachelor of Arts/Science/Commerce (Honours/Special Degree), 3 years2 years of a Danish bachelor degree (in certain circumstances, a full Danish bachelor degree)
Bachelor of Engineering etc., 4 yearsDanish bachelor degree (in certain circumstances, a professional bachelor degree)
Master's degree/master of Arts/Science/Commerce,1 to 2 years4 years of a Danish master degree (if a thesis is included, the degree may in certain circumstances be comparable in level to a full Danish master degree)
Master of Engineering etc,. 2 yearsDanish master degree
Postgraduate Diploma (PGD), 1- 2 yearsIndividual assessment.
Master of Philosophy, 1 - 2 yearsIndividual assessment
PhD (3 years)Danish Ph.D. degree

Danish Qualification Vs Pakistani Qualification

Below are the qualification assessments for Pakistani nationals who want to apply for Denmark Green Card.

It is vital to note that these general assessments only act as help and that any person assessment carried out by the Danish Agency for International Education (previously CIRIUS) may be different from what you see below.

Pakistani Qualification Vs Danish Qualification
Pakistani QualificationDanish Education Level
2 Year Bachelor DegreeDanish Upper-Secondary Education Or 1 Year Of Danish University Studies At Bachelor Level (Individual Assessment)
3 Year Bachelor Degree- 1 Or 2 Years Of A Danish Bachelor Degree (Individual Assessment).
- A Danish Bachelor Degree If The Entry Requirement Has Been A 2 Year Bachelor Of Arts (However Only Individual Assessments).
4 Year Bachelor Degree (16 Years Of Education Altogether)2 Years Of Danish University Studies, Possibly A Danish Bachelor Degree Or Professional Bachelor Degree (Individual Assessments).
1 Or 2 Year Master On The Basis Of 2 To 3 Year Bachelor Degree, i.e. Total 4 Years Of Higher Education2 Years Of Danish University Studies, Likely A Danish Bachelor Degree Or Professional Bachelor Degree (Individual Assessments).
1-2 Year Master On The Basis Of 4 Years University Education4 Years Of Danish University Studies, Possibly A Danish Master Degree If 6 Years Of Studies And Thesis
Master Of Philosophy, 1-2 Years (M.Phil)Individual Assessment Required
Postgraduate Diploma (Pgd) (Vocationally Oriented Higher Specialisation/Further Education), 1-2 YearsIndividual Assessment Required
Phd; 3-4 YearsIndividual Assessment Required

Documentation Requirements For Denmark Green Card

When putting forward your application, you have to attach all appropriate credentials for education (diplomas, transcripts and other statements issued by educational institutions) as color copies.

The original documents have to be presented when put forward your application at the Danish diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate general), at the Immigration Service, or at a police station in Denmark, where an officer will use them to confirm that the color copy is real.

When handing out your application, the Immigration Service might request that you put forward the original educational documents.

1. Documents not written in Danish, English, German, Norwegian or Swedish have to be submitted together with a certified translation in Danish or English.
2. Educational documents from Pakistan must be embossed by the HEC (Higher Education Commission) in Pakistan.

Muslims in Denmark

This article shows the accurate information about Muslims in Denmark. As the Danish Authorities do not register personal religious beliefs the information is in part derived from estimates from open sources.

The Danish Authorities do not register personal religious beliefs. Muslims citizens take pleasure in full civil and political rights in the Danish democratic system. More than a few Muslims are members of parliament and hold seats in municipal councils.

The total figure of Muslims in Denmark is based on an approximation. A predictable 4.0% of Danes - some 221,800 are Muslims in 2009. The first Muslims were recorded in a Danish census in 1880.

The origin of Denmark’s Muslims fluctuates. Research propose that 24.7 % are of Turkish origin, 12 % are of Iraqi origin, 10,8% Lebanese, 8,2% of Pakistani origin and 7.6 % of Somali origin. There are a predictable 2-5,000 Danish converts. This approximation does not comprise internal religious differences within Islam. A review from 2007 indicated that Muslims in Denmark were 49% Sunni, 13% Shi’i, 19% ‘Islam, other’ (which may include Ahmadis, Alevis and Sufis). The rest said they fit in to other religions or no religion

Freedom of religion:
Denmark has a Lutheran state church financed via taxes, but there is liberty of faith in Denmark. Everyone can do his or her religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching.

No Discrimination:
Danish law comprises a detailed set of regulations that prohibits inequity. People are liberated to wear religious symbols and clothing, including Hijab and the like, in the community sphere, counting in Parliament, public schools and services. The Supreme Court, in a verdict in 2005, supports the right of retailers and others to insist on uniform codes for employees dealing with the public. In 2009 a law was bring in which forbids judges from wearing clothes that might point to religious affiliation or political opinion in court. The law does not be relevant in Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

A predictable 20%-25% of Muslims in Denmark (roughly 44,400-55,400 persons) are associated with a mosque organization. Consistent with a study conducted in 2006, there are around 115 mosques in Denmark.

Halal Food:
Halal slaughter is allowable in Denmark. Halal food is extensively available and Denmark is a major exporter of Halal meat to the Arab world.