Caution for students of Nepal

Denmark cordially welcomes Nepalese students to Denmark, and the Danish educational institutions are increasingly well-liked among young Nepalese studying abroad.

The Embassy of Denmark has a lot of concern about that some immigration and study agents in Denmark with criminal intentions are misusing this interest of Nepalese students for studying in Denmark. They try to attract students to apply for fake and fraud educational institutions in Denmark that are not recognized or even do not exist. The Embassy is conscious of an educational institution in Denmark i.e. Denmark College of Management and IT (DCMIT), which is not a recognized educational institution.

So all Nepalese be aware of fake consultants in Nepal. You can find all kind of current information and names of all recognized Danish higher educational institutions on the following official website .

High number of immigrants in Denmark

A record number of foreigners come to Denmark to work or study in previous 3 years. The speed of globalization picked up in Denmark in 2007 and 2008. An increasing number of foreigners applying to work and study in Denmark added to the new wave of immigration the country has experienced in current years, the most recent figures from the Immigration Service show.

A total of 37,476 residence permits were issued for work or study in the year 2007. This is over 30% more as compared to 2006 and almost 3 times as many as in 2002, when almost 13,000 foreigners came to Denmark for work or study.

These increasing figures state the new reality of migration in Denmark. Denmark wishes to be spirited in attracting foreign labor and brilliant students, and the Immigration Service has managed to support this objective to a high degree.

Funds required for Denmark Immigration / Green Card

In order to get Denmark Greencard, you have to show specific amount of money in your bank account. These finances will enable you to support yourself during your first year in Denmark. The detail of these funds for one year is as under:
  • DKK 60,948 for persons under the age of 25 living alone
  • DKK 73,488 for persons over the age of 25 living alone
  • DKK 60,948 per person for spouses or cohabiting partners over the age of 25
  • DKK 15,240 per child for married or cohabiting parents
  • DKK 18,384 per child for single parents

Why Immigrate to Denmark?

Denmark, with a large welfare state and a free market capitalist economy, ranks according to one appraise, as having the world's highest level of income equality. From 2006 to 2008, surveys positioned Denmark as "the happiest place in the world" based on high standards of health, welfare, and education in Denmark.

The 2008 Global Peace Index analysis ranks Denmark as the second most peaceful country in the world after Iceland. Denmark was also ranked as the least corrupt country of the world in the 2008 Corruption Perceptions Index, sharing a top position with Sweden and New Zealand.

In 2008, the capital and largest city of Denmark, Copenhagen, was ranked the most livable city in the globe by Monocle magazine. The national language, Danish, is very close to Swedish and Norwegian, with which they contribute to strong cultural and historical ties. About 9% of the population has foreign citizenship - a large segment of those are from Asian and Scandinavian countries.

Application forms of Denmark Green Card

If you are applying for a residence and work permit of Denmark under the Greencard scheme, the application form is to be completed by you only. The application form contains a comprehensive description of how you are supposed to complete the form, and which documents you must enclose with your Denmark Greencard application form.
You can download the application form of Denmark Green Card from the link below

Application form GR1 (English version)

In addition, you can obtain a printed version of the application form from the Danish diplomatic mission in your home country.

Easy guide of Denmark Student Visa

Getting a study permit of Denmark is easier than you think. Here is an easy and step by step guidance for students who want to go to Denmark for studies.

1. Denmark is very dedicated to create a center of attention for foreign students to the country.

2. If you are thinking to study at a college Denmark, you must have been granted a residence permit prior to your entrance in Denmark.

3. To be granted a residence permit of Denmark, you must show that you fulfill the following requirements:
  • That you have been registered in a course which is approved by a state authority of Denmark or which is offered by a recognized educational institution.
  • That you can support yourself as well as your studies during your stay and you have paid tuition fees.
  • That you can understand and speak the language of instruction of the course.
  • That you can speak and understand Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, English or German at a realistic level.

4. In fact, as a foreign student, you can get a residence permit while you finish your studies in Denmark and for contributing in part of the education as a guest student.

5. You will be granted a work permit of 15 hours a week together with your studies, plus full-time work permit in June, July and August.

While you successfully complete a higher educational program in Denmark, you can stay in the Denmark for six months after you have finished your education in order to find the job.

Source: Denmark Official Website

How to submit a Denmark Green Card application?

You can put forward an application for a Green Card of Denmark, or work permit of Denmark in a number of ways.

1. You can put forward it at the Danish diplomatic mission in your home country or the country where you have resided with authorization for the past three months. The mission will then forward your application to the Immigration Service in Denmark, where it will be processed.

2. If there is no Danish mission in your home country or country of current residence, it is very much possible to put forward your application at the mission of another Schengen country. As a rule the mission of another Schengen country only cover short stay visas. Exceptions are made for the Swedish and Norwegian embassies, where applications for residence or work visas may also processed. Though, the Norwegian Embassy in Colombo Sri Lanka and the Swedish Embassy in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo only processes Denmark short term visa applications. Here is the list of countries along with the missions which process Denmark visa.

3. If you are living lawfully in Denmark on other kind of residence permit, ceremonial stay, visa, or visa-free stay, you can usually submit your application in Denmark.
  • You can put forward your application at the Service Centre of the Immigration Service. If you reside outside Greater Copenhagen, you can also put forward your application at the local police who will then further send it to the Immigration Service. If the Immigration Service recognizes your application for processing, you will be allowed to stay in Denmark while your application is being processed.
  • As a substitute, you can book a meeting with the Immigration Service. This service is aimed at people applying for a work permit and Greencard in order to work in Denmark.
  • If you have lived in Denmark on the grounds of a different residence permit for instance asylum or family reunification, and this permit has been cancelled or refused extension by the Immigration Service, you can put forward your application in Denmark up to seven days after receiving the decision. After this stage, you have to put forward your application from your country of origin.

4. If you are living unlawfully in Denmark, an application submitted in Denmark will usually be refused, and you will be asked to put forward your application from your country of origin.

Documents required for Denmark Visa

10 essential documents which are requied to apply for Denmark Visa are

1. An application form duly signed by the applicant.

2. Two recent passport-size color photographs. Please take following precautions while submitting the photographs:
  • The photograph should be a passport size colored photograph with a light background.
  • It should be taken from shoulder and above, well lit so that facial details can be seen. eadgear, incl. hats, caps, sunglasses and alike are not allowed.
  • Be taken from the front with dimensions 3.5 X 4.5 cm.
  • Photograph should not be older than 6 months.
  • Headgear may be allowed in exceptional cases on religious grounds.
  • Ears of the applicant should be clearly visible.
  • The photograph should not contain any staple marks.
  • The photograph should be of excellent quality, scanned or color photocopies would not be accepted.

3. Two photocopies of Data Page of Passport on a 100g page. The passport must be valid at least three months beyond the intended departure date.

4. At least one empty page in the passport to attach the visa. Keep in mind that a visa will not be issued on added pages of a passport.

5. Confirmed return air ticket booking from the home country of applicant.

6. Overseas Medical Health Insurance together with medical emergency evacuation for at least 30,000 Euro. Documentation for insurance to be taken when travelling.

7. Proof of enough funds for living expenses during the stay in Denmark.

8. Evidence of staying lawfully in a region within the jurisdiction of the concerned foreign mission.

9. Minors need the written, signed approval of their parents in addition to their signatures on the application forms together with a copy of the parents’ passports to confirm the signatures.

10. Proof of payment of Denmark visa fee.

A great benefit of Denmark Green Card

If you obtain a residence permit under the Denmark Green card scheme; your spouse, common law partner partner, in addition to your children under the age of 18 who are living at home with you, are also entitled for residence permits. Your family members are supposed to be obliged to financially support themselves in Denmark and you must live jointly in Denmark at the same address. Your spouse or common law partner is allowed to work full-time for the whole period his or her permit is valid.

Is it easy to get Denmark Immigration?

A question of concern for most of the people is;

Is it easy to get Denmark Immigration?

Yes, It is very easy to get Denmark Immigration, so don’t rely on fake consultants, only explore the websites which are offering Denmark Immigration and you will be able to file your Immigration case yourself. If you found any trouble, don’t hesitate to say it in comments below. You will be given maximum assistance for your successful immigration to Denmark.

Best of luck to all!!!

Do I need an Immigration Consultant to Immigrate to Denmark?

No, you don’t have any need to hire the services of an immigration consultant for the purpose of Denmark Green Card. The Denmark Greencard or Denmark Immigration, or any kind of Danish Visa is very easy to obtain. The only thing you need to prepare your file for Denmark visa is to explore the maximum websites of Denmark Immigration and get the maximum information.

Denmark Green Card for Indians

It is now very much possible for Indians to be granted a three-year Denmark residence permit for the purpose of seeking work and afterward permanent settlement in Denmark.

In order to be granted Denmark Immigration or Denmark residence permit under the Danish Green card scheme for Indians, you must attain at least 100 points. Points will be awarded for: educational level, language skills, work experience, adaptability, and age.

You can now get the Denmark Green card from India in 30-60 Days. For the convenience of Indians who want to migrate Denmark under Greencard Scheme, Denmark has opened a Work-in-Denmark centre in the Indian capital New Delhi, signaling it was keen to attract Indian professionals in some key areas.
According to Denmark embassy statement released, the Scandinavian country requires nearly 32,000 professionals from South Asia in 2009 to bridge the gap in the IT, engineering and health care sectors.

Are you an Indian and want to work in Denmark? It's easier than ever you think. I made this blog especially for your guidance in order to save your valued money. You may also visit other sites of Denmark Immigration to know more.

It is now very easy for Indians to be granted a three-year residence permit for the purpose of seeking work and afterwards permanent residence Denmark.

If you have any query regarding Denmark Immigration, feel free to ask it in comments. You will be replied on the same day.

Immigration to Denmark from Pakistan

At present, over 18,000 Pakistani people live in Denmark and constitute the 4th biggest minority group in the Denmark. It is contrary to Canada Immigration or Australia Immigration.

In spite of the reality that over the last 35 years Pakistanis in Denmark have worked hard to mix socially and culturally into Danish society. But young citizens from Pakistan certainly consider themselves to be more Pakistani than Danish.

Most of the people from Pakistan who have established in Denmark come from Pakistan's small towns. They prioritize Danish education and want the best likely future for their children. Today the proportion of Pakistan-Danish youth who enroll for higher education is about as high as Denmark's national average.

These days, Denmark welcomes Pakistanis more warmly then ever because they realize the potential of Pakistani skilled workers. Pakistanis has their own culture and community in Denmark. They are sharing their abilities and skills with Danish to boost the Danish economy. Pakistanis are wondering to find the precise information for Denmark Green Card. Here is an easy guide of Immigration from Pakistan to Denmark.
Pakistanis, who want to get Denmark Immigration, without spending a lot of money on Denmark Immigration Consultants in Pakistan, must explore this site to find the right information about Denmark Immigration, Denmark Greencard or any kind of Danish Visa.

Also see the partner sites and get as much information as you can regarding Denmark Immigration before applying the Denmark Immigration from Pakistan.

Extension in residence permit of Denmark

Residence permit of Denmark is granted for the peiod of 3 years.
In case your Greencard of Denmark is going to be expired, it can be extended upto 4 years if you have worked in Denmark for a minimum of ten hours per week in the last one year.

Your residence permit of Denmark can be extended by one year if you have lost your job in Denmark through no mistake of your own (e.g. due to downsizing). Keep in mind that the relaxation of job loss in Denmark is not more than three months before applying for an extension in Greencard of Denmark. Prior to this relaxation of 3 months, you worked for 12 months for a minimum of ten hours per week.

Your application for extension of residence permit must be submitted no earlier than 2 months before expiry and no later than 1 month before the expiration of your existing permit. In general, you have to put forward your extension application in Denmark.

Time period of Denmark Immigration

A residence permit under the Denmark Greencard scheme or Denmark Immigration can be approved for up to three years with likelihood for extension of up to four years.

Note: Your residence permit of Denmark can only be granted or extended up to 3 months before the expiry date of your passport. For example, if your passport expires in 24 months, you can only be granted a permit for 21 months, or your permit can only be extended by 21 months.

If your passport is going to expire in near future then make it renew before applying for Denmark Green Card.

Attestation of documents for Denmark Green Card

While putting forward your application for a residence permit of Denmark, you will be required to attach your credentials and documents along with your immigration application.

You can either attach original credentials or copies of the original, provided that one of the following has seen the original documents
1. Danish diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate general).
2. The Danish police.
3. Service Centre of the Immigration Service.
and confirms that they have seen the original documents.

Documents which are not in the language of Swedish, Norwegian or German must be supplied with an certified translation to Danish or English.

On the other hand, documents from the following countries must always be originals at the time of submission of the Danish Green Card application:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Georgia, Ghana, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Moldavia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Rwanda, the Soviet Union, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

Age Points for Denmark Green Card

You can be awarded points based on your age for Denmark Green Card.

Points of age for Denmark Green Card will be awarded as follows:
Age = 35-40 years: 10 points.
Age = 34 years or younger: 15 points.

A maximum of 15 points may be awarded for your age.

Adaptability Points for Denmark Green Card

You can be awarded points for your educational or work related connection to the EU/EEA (including Denmark) or Switzerland, as this will confirm that you will speedily familiarize yourself to the Danish labor market. Points are given for either work or education.
Points will be awarded as follows:

Group 1:
1. One year's completed study at a higher educational program in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland: 5 points.


2. Three years' completed study at a higher educational program in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland: 10 points.

Group 2:

1. No less than a full year's (12 consecutive months') officially permitted residence and work in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland: 5 points.


2. Minimum two successive year's legal residence and work in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland: 10 points.

Bonus Points:

You will be awarded 5 plus points for Danish language skills (passed examination in Danish Language Test, Level 2 (Prøve i Dansk 2) or higher).

You can be awarded a maximum of 15 points of Denmark Green Card Scheme for your adaptability.

Work experience requirement for Denmark Immigration

You may be awarded a maximum of 15 points for your work experience. Your work experience will be given points in proportion to number of years within the previous five years, you have worked in a field where Denmark is presently experiencing a deficiency of qualified professionals or as a researcher.

You can see these occupations and exact job titles in the Positive List.

Points will be awarded as per following crtitera of experience:

A) 1-2 years within the past five years in field listed on the Positive List or researcher: 10 points.

B) 3-5 years within the past five years in field listed on the Positive List or researcher: 15 points.

C) 3-5 years within the past five years (not an occupation in positive list), other work: 5 points.