Denmark Immigration Trends

The number of residence permits of Denmark amplified considerably in 2008. In the area of relocation and refuge, a whole number of 69.277 permits were granted, compare to 58.569 permits in 2007 i.e. a boost of about 11.000 permits, or 18%.

The largest nationalities who got work permit of Denmark immigrated to Denmark under different categories in 2008 were (in persons): Poland (15.300), Germany (4.668), China (4.492), Ukraine (3.805), USA (3.061) and India (3.008).

The boost in the figure of permits granted to foreigners coming to Denmark to work improved considerably in 2008. Altogether, a number of 30,475 residence permits were subject for the purpose of work, an increase of about 17 percent compare to 2007. The raise is particularly due to an increase in the permits granted to persons from the EU Member States. The five largest nationalities in 2008 in the region of work were (in personnel): Poland (12.193), Germany (2.102), India (1.934), Romania (1.758) and Lithuania (1.685).


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