Finding a job in Denmark

Before starting to search for job, you can ask for advice from a careers adviser at your public authority job centre.

Job centers:
The major task of job centers is to assist you find a job. This is furthermore where you register if you are unemployed. Job centers have PCs which you can utilize to look for work, and job centre staff will facilitate you prepare a job plan. You can locate job centre addresses by logging on

There are a lot of ways of finding work in Denmark. You can enthusiastically seek employment by:
-Sending your CV and application in response to job ads in the newspaper and trade journals.
-Send unwanted applications to those companies where you would like to work, or apply to the corporation direct.
-Use your network of contacts previously in the job market.
-Look for employment through private employment agencies.
-Search for jobs on the Internet (libraries and job centers provide right of entry to the Internet).
-Place your personal ad in a newspaper or on the Internet.


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