Do I need an Immigration Consultant to Immigrate to Denmark?

No, you don’t have any need to hire the services of an immigration consultant for the purpose of Denmark Green Card. The Denmark Greencard or Denmark Immigration, or any kind of Danish Visa is very easy to obtain. The only thing you need to prepare your file for Denmark visa is to explore the maximum websites of Denmark Immigration and get the maximum information.


Anonymous said...

I am very keen to enter in Denmark through India Denmark Immigration.
I have some questions which will helpful for me to start my Immigration to Denmark from India

1. What is the address of Denmark Embassy in India?

2. Is Denmark Embassy India accepts the applications for Immigration?

3. What is the difference between Denmark Immigration and Denmark Green Card?

4. Is there any other way of going from India to Denmark?

5. What is the trend of Immigration to Denmark from India?

Please guide me, i will be very thankful to you for this kind regard.

Pooja Chopra
New Delhi, India

Immigration Consultant said...

Dear Pooja,
1. Here is the Address of Denmark Embassy in India 2. Yes Danish Embassy in India accepts the applications for Immigration to Denmark.

3. There is no difference between Denmark Green Card and Denmark Immigration. Both are synonyms.

4. There are many other ways for instance, student visa, family sponsorship etc.

5. The trend of Immigration to Denmark from India has been incresed steeply for last one year.

Anonymous said...

What is denmark immigration policy for pakistan ?

Immig- said...

See the Greencard section of Denmark Immigration in order to see Denmark Immigration policy for Pakistan

Anonymous said...

Is there any reliable immigration consultant of Denmark in pakistan?

Anonymous said...

regarding education what are points for MBBS degree tariq

Anonymous said...

i have done B-COM-IT and have 5 years work experience as a account assistant can i apply for immigration to Denmark from Pakistan

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