A great benefit of Denmark Green Card

If you obtain a residence permit under the Denmark Green card scheme; your spouse, common law partner partner, in addition to your children under the age of 18 who are living at home with you, are also entitled for residence permits. Your family members are supposed to be obliged to financially support themselves in Denmark and you must live jointly in Denmark at the same address. Your spouse or common law partner is allowed to work full-time for the whole period his or her permit is valid.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
What is the process of Denmark Immigration from India?
I am an Indian 23 years of age having Masters Degree from India? I am fresh and dont have any experience
Am i eligible for Denmark Immigration from India?
Can you tell me my immigration points from India

Immigration Consultant said...

Dear Anonymous,
As you are fresh so it will be difficult for you to obtain 100 points for Denmark Green Card.
I recommend you that gain an experience of at least 2 years before applying for Denmark Immigration from India.

Anonymous said...

well i have completed an MBA and right now i am working in SBI Bank as an credit officer for 18 months and my job is continue. simultaneously,i taught for BBA as a pert time teacher.besides this, i taught in high school during 200 to 2005.does my qualification counts, if yes, how should i go?

Immigration Consultant said...

1. Your part time experience will not be count for experience points of Denmark Immigration.

2. I recommend that first you have to complete at least 2 years of work experience than apply for Danish Immigration.

samir said...

what are the benefits of getting green card scheme? Does Danish embassy took interview. if yes, most probably what type of questions they may ask? what is the living cost in Denmark?

Immig- said...

Dear Samir,
1. Denmark is among the most prosperous countries of EU and ranked as the happiest nation of the world.
2. Danish Embassy may take interview to confirm your credentials and finances.
3. The living cost in Denmark is approx 2500 DKK per month

Anonymous said...

What kind of work in denmark for indian . Is there good jobs or just odd jobs there?

Anonymous said...

what is the probability of getting PR/Citizenship after getting green card.

Immig- said...

You will not get a good job in Denmark immediately, you have to do odd jobs first

Immig- said...

It is very hard to get Danish citizenship.
You have to stay at lease 7 years there and have to pass some tests in order to qualify for Danish citizenship.
Furthermore you have to surrender your previous nationality.

Vijay said...


I am 40 years and nine months age today and am an MBA in marketing with full time 18 years study in English Medium and 16 years full time work.

Will I get green card, or will my age disqualify me.

Pls Advise.

Comrade said...

Dear Vijay,
You only need 6.5 band in ielts in order to qualify for Danish Immigration

Anonymous said...

when one will have completed his/her 3 years in denmark under the Green Card Scheme and 1 more year of extension, will they be able to get more extension or have to come back to the home country after living 4 years in Denmark?

Irty Khan

Comrade said...

Dear Irty Khan,
You can request for more extension

Anonymous said...

i am currently on hsmp visa in uk and my wife is in india. is it possible that i can apply for my wife's visa (green card) from here while i am applying for greencard, without my wife being in the uk. and if its possbile how to proceed. i qualify for green card points.

Anonymous said...

thanx Comrade

Anonymous said...

So can your partner/spouse apply for a residence permit AFTER you get the Greencard and are in DK? Or do you have to have permanent residence in DK if you want your partner/spouse to apply AFTER?

faheem said...


I am 26 years of old, MBA-HRM, I have four years of experience two years with my MBA and two years after my MBA, do I qualify for Denmark Green Card. Secondly how much time denmark government take to process such cases normally and lastly after how much time one can get some even or odd job in denmark.

amit said...

I looked at website very informative and seems like i got enough points for green card. i want to ask can you open business once you go to Denmark on green card. Business i mean retail operation like store or restaurant. Is this possible.


Mitul Modi said...

I would like to have list of few cities in Denmark where I can have immense opportunities in SAP, as I am an SAP Consultant.

Thanks and Regards,
Mitul Modi

Anonymous said...

hi im post graduate and i have 4 years sales experience and my wife is M.A.B.ed and have 3 yrs teaching experience can we apply for Denmark Green card.


Anonymous said...

i am from banladesh. My question is that possible to continue study after getting immigration in Denmark?

SaLmaN ZaFaR said...

Three years of Green card and then extension by 4 years .
two questions
1) does this extension is more 4 years?

2) does this extension specifically related to field job or any job ? that meeting the min. requirement of 10 hours per week.

Anonymous said...

hi i have done msc i.t. honours and got 7 band in ielts and i am 23 years old with no work experience.can i apply for denmark under green card scheme

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
What is the process of Denmark immigration from Bangladesh? I am an Bangladeshi, 32 years of age having BBA degree and 8 (eight) years working experience on marketing. Am I eligible for Denmark immigration from Bangladesh?
Abida Sultana

Anonymous said...


I've done my masters from UK and have been working in India for the last three years as Asst. manager-International Business. Kindly advise whether I'm aligible for the Green Card. ..If yes, please guide my spouse can study in Denmark by paying fees equivalent to Danish national or she needs to pay international students fees? Also, pls advise that do I need to go for IELTS ?

Rubayat hossain said...

i have only 12 years of schooling. i live in Bangladesh with my wife and a 3 years old kid.

i am 42 now and i have 12 years of experience as a sales person at a SONY outlet. I am fluent in English.

What will be the possibilities of getting inside Denmark and get a job. And may be a green card in the future?

Anonymous said...


I am fresh graduate from Finland. I have applied for Denmark Green Card Scheme. Should I stay in Finland or should I move into Denmark ?

Secondly when I will get the permanent residence of Denmark after getting Denmark Green Card ?



indianeha said...


My fiancee has applied for Green card in Denmark.He has done PGD from Switzerland and has one year of experience.His application is with DIS.How much more time it would take to get the Visa stamped.Also When should I file my application on spouse visa.I am in IT and have 3 years of consistent experience with Wipro Technologies.

Comrade said...

Dear indianeha,
You did not mentioned the date of application

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,
My bachular degree is 2 year and master is 3 years. so how many points wil be in education.kindly advise me 30 or 50. me from pakistan

Comrade said...

please give details of both degrees including uni name

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I have 3 questions:

1) Does this green card allow to work in Denmark without any further work permits?

2) Will this visa be valid to live/work in other schengen countries?

3) Once this visa is grated, what would be the better way to search job? Can we search via internet (mentioning that we hold green card) or should we go to Denmark and search for a job?

Kindly detail on the above which would be of great help to me as others as well.


Anonymous said...

hi,i have done my masters in education(M.Ed.).Specialization in English Education.From 10 garde to masters equals 16 years of education and currently working as a principal since 2005 in the secondary school and have more than that years teaching experience almost 10 years besides that and 37 years of age.Please let me know am I qualified for applying for green cards or not.Harinder

Anonymous said...

Best regards

Comrade said...

Dear Harinder,
You are scoring 30 points for your qualification so it is very hard for you to score 100 points

Anonymous said...

hi i have done bsc in hotel mgt nd mba in marketing and working with aviation sector in customer serice departmnt since june 2006. what are the chances of getting green card and please tell me after getting green card for three years will i get the extension of 04 more years....thanx in advance and awaiting reply......sumit

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir,

I have submitted my GC application to the local VFS, I trust I have provided all the necessary docs as back for my application. This being the case how long will it take to get the GC?


Comrade said...

Dear Anusha,
It might take upto 18 months in the finalization of your case. Although time limit is nnot precised

sakthi babu said...

Dear Commorade and all,

I am MCA graduate, currently working for TCS on the ITES side.

MCA - 3 yrs
BSc physics - 3 yrs ( i had an arrear so my actual course duration was happened to be 4 years.
+ 12

the above said was all thought in english and MCA is in positive list. can i claim 60 points directly and will the percentage scored matters anything like pass in first attempt etc.

also, my total years of experience is now close to 6 years..and age - 26..can i claim 100 points in total..

mainly i about the attestation factor..what are the docs and who are the bodies that should attest..please please reply

AliEti said...

Hi Comrade
Im planning to apply for the green card. I have an iBT score of 87, a BS in Information Technology and Im 24 years old. My work experience is 6 months and I have also lived in copenhagen before as a diplomat (3 years). Is there a chance for me to get a visa? if so, how can i find internship or trainee programs in copenhagen....Really need your help pal. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Dear Concern,

I am Laila Mannan from Dhaka Bangladesh, I need few information in order to complete my application for green card scheme in Denmark.
I got your email address from immigration .in.

In case of fund I have government approved bond of 20 lakh taka (2 million taka) which I can encash anytime I want, is there any problem if my money is in this form? It is not in any current account.
Is there any medical test required for this visa application (main applicant+spouse+dependent)
Original Certificates of educational qualification will workout? Or any additional letters from those academy is also required?
I have an autistic son, is that a problem in case of getting visa?

If possible please reply at the soonest possible time, looking forward to hear from you.

Laila Mannan

Anonymous said...

What will happen to me after I complete maximum 4 years in Denmark as a Green Card Holder. Do I have to return back to my Country of Origin ? or can I stay more and apply for PR of Demark? if not then what is the benefit of waisting 4 valuable years of life living outside of home ?


Bireshwar said...

I am Indian 46 years age undergraduate having 26+ years of sales experience living in India with wife and only son. My son is studying aeronautical engg. under Perth college,UK supervision now in India. Hve passed hnd from Panama, want to relocate there with a job for me and go to there higher study for my son.

Anonymous said...

hai ,how is the oppurtunity of physiotherapist in denmark? what is the procedure of getting that? already i got denmark green card and planning to move on feb16th.pls give me suggestion. mani.

Anonymous said...

I am an Indian residing at germany for the last 4 months. will it be possible to apply for the Danish green and my wife are highly qualified with an experience of more than 7 years.kindly comment on this?


Anonymous said...

dear commrade
i m 54 years man
having beachlor degree in arts
having 4 years diploma of associte enginering in mechanical
i have skill in spoken english
i have 30 years work experance in steel industry at furnaces
kindly assesment my score
anwar ahmed

Anonymous said...

i have my recent mba degree from uk university but my degree is one and half year and i can complete 100 points by getting points from adapability but real issue is do my master degree qualify for 60 points?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a doc and my hubby a CA , we have a 19year child, does he get included in the green card application since he will be living with us?


Anonymous said...

I (Aged 40) am from India currently working in an US based Multinational company as Regional Sales Manager for Healthcare equipments. I am an electrical engineer (4 year Degree course).

My spouse is a HR manager in India's largest FMCG company.

Please inform whether we will be suitable for Denmark immigration.

absar said...

1/ Green card issue for how much period.
2/ Further Extension for how much period.
3/ Extension on which conditons and normally either it's granted or refused.
4/ What is the min. wage in Denmark.


Anonymous said...

ihave applied green card from last three month how much minimum time in green card issuance

Comrade said...

From which country you have applied?

hardik said...

my name is hardik ,
i done Master of rural services full time degree
and i done 17 years full time studies after that and i had 2.8 years experience in social worker ,i got 5.5 Band in IELTS,my age is 28 ,and my education is currentlu in denmark positive list ,

can any one tell i m eligible to put my file denmark immigration ,can i reach 100 point claim,


hardik said...


my name is hardik ,
i done Master of Rural studies with 17 years full time education,
i got 5.5 band in IELTS
my age is 28,
i had 2.8 years experience in Social worker feild,
my occupation is currently in denmark positive list,
can i reach 100 points ,
can i put my faile in denmark immigration,

any one tell me ,


Anonymous said...

please how long time does it take to have green card of Denmark applied from Nepal?

Ravi.Physics said...

Hello sir, I have already applied for the danish green card scheme.
I have master degree in Physics and 3 years of experience so i can easily make 100 points.
My first preference is to do PhD after reaching there. I have a question that, will i get all the benifits like any danish students when i get the admission? or will i be considered as a foreign student only? Please assist me.

Anonymous said...

hi im hasan i did masters in bus management from leeds university uk and i did ist master from karachi university of pakistan im 30 years old n im still in uk as a student may i apply for green card for denmark

Anonymous said...

can you pls help to know what are the benefits and drawbacks of acquiring a danish green card in the current situation. I am looking forward to apply for it but the currency of danish is just 7-8 INR when compared to British pound, it is 75-80 INR i am in a dilemme whether to apply or not.?

Anonymous said...

i have submitted case since last six month from Copenhagen how long i will wait and what is prossecing time

Anonymous said...

hi iam iffee iam 25 yeair old and iwant to job in denmark

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir/madame

If i apply for the green Card scheme, what benefits can i get?? do i get the same benefits as a citizen or a permanent resident??

please advise.

Anonymous said...

anybody got gc visa applied in 2011? It is heard there is very less chance to get even odd job for green card holder. is it true? pls lets share ideas what you have heard of it.

Anonymous said...

what are the tax deduction rules when spouse of a green card holders comes to denmark? what bebefit can spouse get if she has no job . they give some tax free limit to husband but if wife wants to use it can they pay her excet of giving free limit to husband

Asaaz Hussain said...

Dear i completed Masters Degree in commerce and i have about 10 yrs experience in accounts & finance with international environment exp including India, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Kenya & Tanzania. Right now I am in Tanzania and I would like to work in Denmark, how I can get the job in Denmark, please help me with full details with job source at email Id:, i will be grateful to you.

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