Time period of Denmark Immigration

A residence permit under the Denmark Greencard scheme or Denmark Immigration can be approved for up to three years with likelihood for extension of up to four years.

Note: Your residence permit of Denmark can only be granted or extended up to 3 months before the expiry date of your passport. For example, if your passport expires in 24 months, you can only be granted a permit for 21 months, or your permit can only be extended by 21 months.

If your passport is going to expire in near future then make it renew before applying for Denmark Green Card.


Anonymous said...

After how much time Denmark give nationality to Green Card holder?
Is there any compultion to stay in Denmark for a specific period of time?

Please guide me

Immigration Consultant said...

1. It may take upto 10 years in order to get nationality of Denmark.

2.You have to work at least 5 years in Denmark in order to get the nationality of Denmark.

Immig- said...

Also, you have to fulfill some requirements and surrender your previous nationality in order to get Denmark citizenship.

Anonymous said...

Can you guide more about Danish Citizenship?
Are there any pre-requisites of the Citizenship of Denmark?

Immig- said...

You have to live at least 7 years in denmark to get danish citizenship.
As far as prerequisites are concern you have to pass certain exams to get danish citizenship, for instance danish laguage teat and danish culture test

Anonymous said...

I have done Bachelors in Business Administration(BBA-Hons) and my provisional certificate is attested,can you please guide me whether this work or do i need to get my degree attested for immigration process?
Thank you

Comrade said...

Dear Samiah,
You have to get attested your degree. Provisinal Certificate will be rejected

Suvo said...

I am 36 years old. I have completed 4 years Bachelor degree on Doctor of veterinary Medicine(DVM) and one year MBA degree(medium of instruction is English) .now I am working as a Veterinary Surgeon in Livestock department for 10 years.I want to go with my spouse along with two sons(below 18 years).Am i eligible for green card to immigrate Denmark?
Mr. Shuvo

khola_khan2003 said...

khola here from pakistan. i have applied for gc in may 2009, got letter of confirmation and original documents. they asked me to tell for visa decision in july 2010. but july is near to end yet no reply. does anyone get visa after more than a year? me worried

Faheem said...

I am 38 years old with Master degree holder , and i have a work experience of more then 10 years,

i want to obtain GC of Denmark ,

would anyone give a guide , is there any points for spouse's education or work experience.

or other positive points in this regard.

Faheem Jan, Pakistan

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I have completed Bachelor Arts in English Literature ( Three years degree ) and Master of Arts in English Literature from Renowned Private University .

Could you please give me advise will i desire 20 points for English Requirement
I am now eaangage in English medium Schooll and the medim on Teaching is also English

Please advise me


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