Funds required for Denmark Immigration / Green Card

In order to get Denmark Greencard, you have to show specific amount of money in your bank account. These finances will enable you to support yourself during your first year in Denmark. The detail of these funds for one year is as under:
  • DKK 60,948 for persons under the age of 25 living alone
  • DKK 73,488 for persons over the age of 25 living alone
  • DKK 60,948 per person for spouses or cohabiting partners over the age of 25
  • DKK 15,240 per child for married or cohabiting parents
  • DKK 18,384 per child for single parents


Anonymous said...

im ejaz ,
at the time of sumbbission of the my application how much funds are required in my bank satement?
either i apply alone?
with spouse's age 26 years?
with one son age 3 years?
how much denish embassy fee and when should i pay this.

Immig- said...

Dear Ejaz,
You will be required 60948+60948+15240 = 137136 DKK for Denmark Immigration

Immig- said...

For your reference
1 Danish Krone DKK = 14.3 PKR
1 Danish Krone DKK = 8.7 INR

arshad said...

I did MBA from a state university of UK not listed in top 400. and living in uk legally from last 5 years. my age is 36 years. Can i qualify from denmark immigration. I also did Bsc in Agricultural engineering from uet peshawar pakistan i did worked as engineer not after 2004 as came to uk as a student.The ammount in bank should keep from 3 months before application or at the time of application submission

Comrade said...

Dear Arshad,
You can easily qualify for Denmark Immigration and can easily get 100 points

Aun said...

Please tell me about the duration of bank account statement. Can a Pakistani apply directly to Danish embassy in Islamabad or do we have to apply through another channel ??

Comrade said...

Now Pakistanis can apply directly to Denmark Embassy Islamabad

Anonymous said...

i have funds joint with my mother can i show these funds for imigartion , if my mother declare in affidabit she will support me

Anonymous said...


At what stage should i show bank statement. I am a recently married person. How much amount should i have to show in my bank account and for how long?

Please also calculate my points.

Masters in Economics & Finance from Karachi University

1 Year Diploma in Information Technology from NCR Education Centre

Currently Working as a Sales & Marketing Manager (Sales & Marketing Experience of Over 5 Years)

Zeeshan Yousuf Allahwala

Anonymous said...

we have to show 3 month statement or ending balance 60948

Anonymous said...

Dear i have received the refusal and want to go on appeal wats the criteria


Mitul Modi said...

I am Mitul Modi from India.
I have done Masters in Information and Communication Technology in July 2007.
I am SAP Certified Associate in SAP NetWeaver-ABAP from SAP AG Germany and SIEMENS Information Systems Ltd, Mumbai-India on 18th July 2008.
I have 2+ years experience in SAP.
I can easily score 6 or 6.5 Bands in IELTS.
My education is throughout in English.
I am married and my wife is Bachelors in Medical Technology from Surat.
I have a kid and he is 1.9 years old.

Could you please count the total amount of fund I need to show for Denmark Green Card with details.

Secondly, Is it mandatory to show full amount by bank statement or I can also include my Fix-Deposits, my family members Fix-Deposits.
This is very important for me to know.

Thanks and Regards,
Mitul Modi

kuljeet_handa said...

i m M.A. Bed.,now i m teacher in gov.of rajsthan from april-2005,can i go to denmark in spouse case ,i have no child,what is scop in denmark for much we fund required for denmark immegration & in bank balance.
thanks & regards.
kuljeet handa

Anonymous said...

Azmat ali from Peshawar(pakistan)I did BBA(hons)(Finance), and currently working as an Accountat in travel agency, and I did a computer courses, like peachtree, tally etc, and can I qualify the immigration for denmark

Anonymous said...


I am Asodariya Jignesh I want to apply for Denmark Green card in spouse so my question is for how much time bank balance is to be shown ? If we show two days bank balance then it will be ok becase i have to utilise my fund for buisiness purpose. Please guide me at my id.

Thank You.

Asodariya jignesh

Anonymous said...

Dear sir/madam
Iam a pharmacist andhaving 5.5 years experience of manufacturing feild?can i go & work to denmark and get a job easily?

Newaz said...

Hi, I am from Bangladesh,Now finishing my Masters in Italy in a university which is in top 400. I had a full 2 years of work experience as a software developer and now working part-time for the last 1 year also as a software developer in Italy.

I want to immigrate to Denmark. But my wife lives in Bangladesh. If I want to apply for both me and my wife, Should I apply from Bangladesh r from Italy ?

and for the fund,what is the current requirements for a couple? 60948 x 2 ?

Can I get unemployment/family benefit after we reach there before getting a job?

thank you.


Engr. said...

Can anyone reply the query of Asodariya, please.
As i also have same query...

I want to apply for Denmark Green card in spouse so my question is for how much time bank balance is to be shown ? If we show two days bank balance then it will be ok becase i have to utilise my fund for buisiness purpose.

vinai kumar said...

i am indian,my name is vinay,i have done B.Sc and PGDCA AND one year diploma in networking,and i have done M.A(ECNOMICS)also.
currently Iam working as a network field engineer .i got 2 year exprence.can i got green
card of denmark

Dinesh said...

hello im dinesh i need to no abut bank statement when to submit?? During interview embssy denmark ??? or now when we papply i papply on 17-8-2010

Dinesh said...

Dear Sir My Question is I AM HAVING A FIXED DEPOSIT OF RS.10 LAKHS =US $ 23000 and 3 lakhs cash =US $ 7000 . But its in my name in wife is principal applicant can we show bank statement for my wife and me for my Bank? submit Fixed Deposit statement and cash .when do we need to submit bank statement now or ??

Comrade said...

If it is a joint account than it may work otherwise not

nadi said...

I appleid Sept 2009
Got Result today but with refusla
they assed me like this
Degree (BSCS honors) = 30
AGe = 15
Experience = 15
Positive List = 10
English = 20
Total = 90

SO its not true the 4 Years BSCS Degree is 50 Point at leats should have master Keep in Mind

Anonymous said...

i applied and with in 3 months i get refusal reason i could not abtain 100 points.
Question is=
if some one log appeal,is he will send to straight danmark.

or islamabad danmark embassy.
appeal can be on simple paper or any prescribed form etc....etc...


Anonymous said...

This is M. Nasim from karachi, Pakistan.
I want to know
how can we apply for Denmar Green Card Scheme, directly in denmark. Not through embassy in Pakistan. Will tehy accept our application. Also guide me what documents should I send with my application.(Educational and work related) From where to attest Photocopies of documents.
If someone has information please let me know on my email:

Anonymous said...

my name is abdulrehman, i did simple B.A. from punjab university lahore 1998., BBA Hons.(Finance)4-years from 2001 to 2005, and MBA (Finance) 2005 TO 2007. AND FROM 2007 TO DATE I AM WORKING AS CHIEF ACCOUNTANT IN WELL KNOWN ORGANIZATION OF PAKISTAN.

JOHN said...

I applied for green card but I recived refusal letter
My details:-

1. I did Graduation from PMA Kakul (Peshawar university degree 2 years) 1994
2. i did MSc Computer science from punjab university in 2005 (2 years)
3. I did Master in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT from Australia ( 1 year degree)
4. At present I am doing Post Graduate Diploma in Network Engineering from Australia.




Anonymous said...

Dear Concern,

I am Laila Mannan from Dhaka Bangladesh, I need few information in order to complete my application for green card scheme in Denmark.
I got your email address from immigration .in.

In case of fund I have government approved bond of 20 lakh taka (2 million taka) which I can encash anytime I want, is there any problem if my money is in this form? It is not in any current account.
Laila Mannan

Anonymous said...

i want apply for denmark immigration i fulfil all require but i cant show the bank statement wil you please help me how can i solve the problem.

Anonymous said...


I m planning to migrate to denmark, can my parents show funds on my behalf since I dont have any bank account.

Anonymous said...

my name is habib ullah saeedi,from quetta pakistan,i am doing here govt:job.i want to settle permanently in denmark with my much fund requried to transfer?i am with my wife and five chidren under 18 years.

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