Easy guide of Denmark Student Visa

Getting a study permit of Denmark is easier than you think. Here is an easy and step by step guidance for students who want to go to Denmark for studies.

1. Denmark is very dedicated to create a center of attention for foreign students to the country.

2. If you are thinking to study at a college Denmark, you must have been granted a residence permit prior to your entrance in Denmark.

3. To be granted a residence permit of Denmark, you must show that you fulfill the following requirements:
  • That you have been registered in a course which is approved by a state authority of Denmark or which is offered by a recognized educational institution.
  • That you can support yourself as well as your studies during your stay and you have paid tuition fees.
  • That you can understand and speak the language of instruction of the course.
  • That you can speak and understand Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, English or German at a realistic level.

4. In fact, as a foreign student, you can get a residence permit while you finish your studies in Denmark and for contributing in part of the education as a guest student.

5. You will be granted a work permit of 15 hours a week together with your studies, plus full-time work permit in June, July and August.

While you successfully complete a higher educational program in Denmark, you can stay in the Denmark for six months after you have finished your education in order to find the job.

Source: Denmark Official Website


qamar said...

i am from pakista, i did master in economics and LLB i want immigrant of denmark


ahad said...

how much is immigration fee for denmark

Anonymous said...

Am a foreign student at Denmark.I applied for 6 months extension of my student residential permit on december 2010 but i have never received any answers from the immigration untill today,its now 5 months while my permit is being processed. I applied for a school still in denamrk to continue with my eduction and i was told i have to showcase my permit before am accepted.The studies start in july 2011.What am i supporced to do since the school needs the permit and also i need time to apply for another extension.Regards JJ

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am from Pakistan, i ask about study in demark, I am intermediate, & I am Bechelor, so what i do now to study in demark, It is my ID

Anonymous said...

hello im from pakistan how i apply study visa denmark tell me plz ,it is my id

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