Advice on Green Card Changes

Denmark's immigration policy uses a points based system called the Danish Green Card to attract skilled individuals from outside the EU. The Danish Green Card allows skilled individuals to obtain a residence permit based solely on their qualifications for the purpose of finding work in Denmark. The residence permit is granted after a successful evaluation based on a point based system, which scores applicants on factors such as age, educational level, language skills, and work experience. You must obtain 100 points to pass.
In connection with your university some students with a specific education will be able to obtain a Danish Green card when they have just finished their masters.
The Green Card point system is as follows:

In general an Indian 2 year master will result in 50 points.

Field of study:
If your field of study clearly meets a declared subject on the “positive list” then you will have 10 extra points. Please see the link below.

Some of the subjects are:
- Building engineer
Requirement: Master's degree
- Construction engineer
Requirement: Master's degree
- Electric engineer
Requirement: Medium-cycle higher education
- Mechanical engineer
Requirement: Medium-cycle higher education
- Database developer
Requirement: Documentation of at least three years' IT education
- IT consultant
Requirement: Documentation of at least three years' IT education
- IT project manager
Requirement: Documentation of at least three years' IT education
- Network consultant
Requirement: Documentation of at least three years' IT education
- Software developer
Requirement: Documentation of at least three years' IT education
- System developer
Requirement: Documentation of at least three years' IT education

University Ranking:
Bonus points are given if you have graduated from a university which is internationally recognised for its high academic level according to the latest THES-QS World Ranking. The ranking can be found on the internet.
 Top 400: 5 points
 Top 200: 10 points
 Top 100: 15 points
Indian universities listed in THES-QS World Ranking:
No.  University                                            Ranking
1      Indian Institute of Technology ,Bombay       163
2      Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi   181
3      Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur         237
4      Indian Institute of Technology Madras         284
5      University of Delhi                                       291
6      Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur    335
7 Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati           401-500
8 Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee            401-500
9 University of Calcutta                                      401-500
10 University of Mumbai                                   401-500
11 University of Pune                                        501-600

Language skills:
If you studied in English and can prove it, or you have passed an IELTS test with an overall band score of 6.5 or higher, you will be able to claim 20 points.

If you are 34 years or younger, you will have 15 points.
The above mentioned areas alone will result in a total of 100 points = 50+10+5+20+15.
You are also able to obtain points in other areas, such as:

If you have been living or working in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland you can also have points for this. For example, completion of a least one year’s study at a higher educational program in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland will give you an additional 5 points. There are also other ways to obtain points for adaptation. Please follow the link below:

You can claim points for work experience according to how many years, within the last five years, you have worked as a researcher or in a field where Denmark is currently experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals. These fields and specific job titles are available on the positive list. Other areas within the ‘work experience’ field where you can claim points are listed below:
1-2 years within the past five years as a researcher/in field listed on the Positive List: 10 points
3-5 years within the past five years as a researcher/in field listed on the Positive List: 15 points
Again it must be obvious that a major part of you every day job is on the Positive list.
3-5 years within the past five years, other work: 5 points

How to apply?
If you are applying for a residence and work permit under the greencard scheme, you have to complete the GR1 application form. The application form contains a detailed description of how you should complete the form, and which documents you must attach. Your application should be submitted at the VFS centre nearer to you.
For further information we kindly refer you to the following homepages:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the work in Denmark Centre in New Delhi on:


Anonymous said...

Would you tell me what is my possibilities of getting Green Card under Denmark green scheme?
1. My academic qualification is Master of Computer Applications from Indira Gandhi National Open University, india. This is 3 years course. I did BSc from Tribhuwan University Nepal. Total academic years=18.5 years (MCA, BSc, CIC, ISc, SLC)
2. Working Since 2003 as a network administrator in Telecom office (7 plus years work exp, teaching IGNOU's MCA and BCA students since 2007 (3 years)
3. going to be 35 years from coming Dec 2010
4. I have received my ISc,BSc, CIC, MCA degree in english medium (total 8.5 years in english


Sadia said...

i have danish green card, can i do job in ireland ?

Comrade said...

Dear Annav,
It is very much possible for you to get a green card

Comrade said...

its not possible

Malik said...

Would you tell me what is my possibilities of getting Green Card under Denmark green scheme?
1. My academic qualification is Master of Agri-Bussiness Administration from University of Aid Agriculture rwalpindi pakistan.This is 3 years course. I did BA from Bahaudin Zakria University Multan Pakistan. Total academic years=16 years (MBA, BA, H.S.S.C, S.S.C.)
2. Working Since 2007 as a CRIDET OFFICER in HBL one of the leading Banking network in Pakistan(3 plus years work exp, teaching MBA and BA students since 2008 (2 years)
3. m 32 years old.
4. I have received my MBA,BA, H.S.S.C, S.S.C. degree in english medium (total 16 years in english

Tahir Malik

Anonymous said...

hi, i have sufficient points and meet other requirements to qualify green card scheme of Denmark. i am married & have 1 kid. is it possible to get green card and go Denmark to work leaving behind my wife and kid at my home country? please help me...arif

Comrade said...

Yes it is possible, but why do you want to immigrate alone in Denmark?
Its better to immigrate with your family

Anonymous said...


if anyone can tell me that i have enough points to apply for danish greencard,

i being in UK for 6 years now and i am still in UK, but my nationality is Pakistani.

i done my Master degree from UK university.

i have other work experience.

my age is 34.

plz reply me as soon as possible thanks,


Hossain said...


If anyone can tell me if there is any possibility of change of points allocation or policy of Denmark greencard scheme in January 2011?


chandru said...

Hi Comrade,
You are really doing a fantastic job in advising on the career options. Keep it up.

Like others, I also have a question. If you would be kind enough to answer my question, I would really appreciate that.

Master of Science - 2 yrs in USA in Industrial Technology - 60 points
Age - < 34 - 15 points
Exp - 3-5 yrs to be conservative - 5 points
Language - 20 points (MS from USA)

Total - 100 points.

Do you think this is correct ?

Please advise.

Car in Bangladesh said...

3-5 years within the past five years as a researcher/in field listed on the Positive List: 15 points

This point makes me happy. Thanks for the note. I was looking for that.

Anonymous said...

Is there any possibility to change danish immigration policy before June 2011?

Please let me know this.


Anonymous said...

I'm from an European country and I’m working at Algiers and I'm aware that some Algerians are contacting Arab friends already having citizenship in Denmark to try their chance. Some are using strategies like getting married with other Arabs who are legalized in Denmark to make their move. Algerian women are more attracted to do so as they wish to escape their country and they can easily find Denmark residents from Arab origin in internet that they can married. Afterwards they have brothers and sisters who will try to follow them once their relatives could get a Danish citizenship by marriage.
The new Danish measure to control frontiers should be an example to be followed by all European countries, but this should be also followed by a close control of visit visas as most of these will try all means to get into Denmark or to other Scandinavian countries. The European invasion by the Arab world and specially by the north African Arab citizens is going to be spread and they are looking now for countries other then France and Germany because they expect, specially the Algerians, they will have better chances.

shrwan said...


pavel said...



My name is pavel. I am from Bangladesh. It’s a neighbor country of India. My age is 30.

My education career is:

1. S.S.C, Concentration in Science and got 60% mark (year 1996)
2. H.S.C, Concentration in Science and got above 50% mark (year 2000)
3. Bachelor degree, Concentration in Commerce and got above 40% mark (year 2003)
4. Masters of business administration in finance and got cgpa 2.76 out of 4 mark (2011)

Work experience:

I am working in a research organization (U Chicago Research Bangladesh Limited) since January 2006 as informatics officer. I am developing database in visual basic.

I was also working as junior executive (front desk) as receptionist from May 2003 to January 2006.


1. I have completed course name Implementing & Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 from New Horizons CLC.

2. I also have completed course name Research Methodology with the Application of SPSS program from Bangladesh Institute of management


Anonymous said...

Hi, Anybody can help me to apply for greencard scheme. i have no masters degree but Bacholar in arts two years then Computer sciences diplome of one year. 2 year technical course of Bacholar in Education from university. 5 year Work experince in Development sector.
3 months English course as well. so i am looking forward if anybody can guide me to go for green card visa .

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