Extremely Demanded Occupations in Denmark!

Two times yearly, the Danish authorities issue their findings on which are extremely demanded occupations in Denmark and companies have found hard to fill. Here’s a Top 10 list of positions companies failed to employ staff for in spring 2010:

1. Sales Consultants
2. Doctors (General Practitioner)
3. Shop Assistants
4. IT Consultants
5. Social Workers
6. Firefighters
7. Nursery/kindergarten teachers
8. Chefs
9. Agricultural workers
10. Fitness Instructors

Note: This list does not be a sign of whether the companies involved in the survey have made efforts to apply for foreign workers.


Anonymous said...

This is Bhaskar Ramaswamy, from Chennai, India.
1) Post Graduate in Commerce (M.Com) from University of Madras plus ICWAI (Intermediate).
2) IELTS scored 6 bands
3) 21 years of Experience in Accounts/GL Accounts/Costing
4) No qualification or experience in Denmark
5) Age 43 yrs running.

Can you pls clarify whether i will qualify for immigration? Pls advise.

Anonymous said...

Hello there, well i would like to say that i have 15 years practical experience in the field of hospitality and cattering field, with multy national forces and international companyes, like KBR, PEARL CATTERING, TAMIMI CATTERING,SAUDI ARAMCO, NFPC, etc. well how can i get job in same field, and immigration too, my academic qulification, is BBA, would you like to guide me please.

Ejaz farooq.

Anonymous said...

Greetings With Peace!
I'm Alvin G. Torres, 30yrs old from Philippines
I work as a Quality Assurance Inspector/Audit Aid
at Dolefil Inc. I was assign in Dole Printing Plant, Graduate of Bachelor In commerce major in Marketing. I'm also one of a Fire Brigade of our company. I wish to work abroad...
here is my e-mail add:

Respectfully yours.
Alvin G. Torres

Anonymous said...

please guide me if it is must to take the exam of denish medical council for a non-EU doctor to get denmark green card?
Dr malik

Anonymous said...

Hello I am working in Shenkai Mud logging services as Pressure engineer/Unit supervisor since 2007. I have done Masters in Petroleum.I wish to work and live in Denmark, Please guide me on this,

Tahir Ayub.

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