Can I Stay In Denmark If My Residence Permit Confiscated or not Extended?

If you have been approved a residence permit as for instance, refugee or on the grounds of marriage immigration and it is took away or not extended by the Immigration Service, you can get a new residence permit if you have been working for a longer period of time.

Though, this assumes that the following conditions are met:
• Your residence permit must not have been took away or refused extension due to deception, for instance, for the reason that you have provided bogus information.
• You must have been lawfully and constantly employed by the similar employer for at least two years.
• You have to have the similar work that you had at the time when the original residence permit was confiscated or addition denied.
• You must have a contract of employment (and possibly the necessary authorization).
• Your pay and terms of employment have to communicate to Danish standards.

Your request must be submitted in seven days of you receiving the final conclusion on your case from the Immigration Service. The application for a residence and work permit has to be submitted to the local police or to the Service Centre at the Immigration Service if you live in the Greater Copenhagen area.


bivadlamudi said...


I have bachelors degree in science( from Andhra university,andhra pradesh,india.
i have 6 years of JAVA Experience in various MNCs in india and i already been in 1 month in denmark on schengen visa.

i have got offer from danish consultancy and they ask me to fill A1 form and send it back.
will i get the Danish Residence Permit based on my experience and education which is B.Sc(Science).

Please give me suggestions whether i can go for it or not to take risk.

mail me to

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