Jobs in Denmark after Global Economic Slump!

Denmark has for numerous years had a requirement for labor from abroad especially skilled labor. On the other hand, the present global financial crisis has changed the course of this tendency and reduced the broad demand for foreign workers. Despite a strong financial system, Denmark did not go untouched by the financial crisis and this have amongst other things affected the employment situation. Joblessness is increasing within a variety of job categories – although seen from an international viewpoint, it happens from a very low baseline.

The common labor scarcity that has characterized the Danish labor market throughout the past years is replaced by a situation with fewer available jobs. The need to recruit labor from outside Denmark has therefore been considerably reduced.

On the other hand, there are still areas where Denmark will need labor from abroad – particularly highly skilled laborers. So as to keep updated on the present development in the job sector in Denmark it is recommended looking for additional information on the topic in the following information portal:

Seen from a somewhat longer-term perspective, when the condition of the market again takes a positive turn, and as a consequence of the demographic development in Denmark, it can be predictable that Denmark will again be in a state of affairs where there will be a demand for labor from abroad within a variety of job categories.


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