Immigration Effects on the Economy of Denmark

It is vital to suggest the recent immigration issues in an economic setup which is built upon affective proof. The facts drawn from the obtainable data and the educational literature are provided to the FAQ’s based on immigration in the Denmark.

Approximately all the Danes believe that the present immigration system of the Denmark is clear than before, and so are the financial facts based on the subject of immigration. Alternatively, the factual effects of jobs, budgets, wages and even the Danish economy are very unclear and inaccurate.

These underneath mentioned facts indicate towards a view on Denmark Immigration:

• The pressure of immigrants on the wages and the jobs is the main issue for Danish workers now. The skills of the immigrants have an effect on the monetary status of the country enormously.
• As predictable there are a lot of other factors also but economic evidence is the only matter of confusion. The Hamilton Project will think again the issue of immigration based on the recommendations of the policy on financial issues being faced in Denmark in the coming months and years ahead.
• At present immigrants come from more countries than the preceding immigrants and they even carry a broad range of skills with them which series from PhD graduates to laborers without even graduation.
• The majority of the recent immigrants made an entry legally but also there are illegal immigrants who are presently living and working in Denmark. Most of the illegal immigrants settled more than half a decade ago in Denmark. The unfavorable affects of these immigrants on the Danish economy must be considered in the immigration reform.
• The proportion of immigrants has reached 8% of the overall inhabitants of Denmark. This is the statistics of previous immigration climax at the same time as there has been extreme shifting of immigrants since then.


Anonymous said...

My age is 31 .I have nearly 6 years of experience in mobile communication with BSC degree in Electrical Engg and Maters in Telecom. I am married with my wife as doctor and one Kid .
What are my chances of immigration and how much time will it take 1 year , 5 years

Shamas Rehan

Anonymous said...

Please do not immigrate to Denmark. It is the most unfriendly immigrant country in the world. Since I have made that mistake I would like others from my region to not make the same mistake.
It is a period of extreme economic recession in Danmark, and all they need is your money, which they are trying to attract through Greencard visa. So you come here and spend that money while looking for a decent job and in the process give the decaying economy some boast. You will find institutional racism here, that is directed against the brown skin, and its very painful. And if you are intent on coming then I recommend applying online to several companies on the web and see what kind of response you get. My bet is that there is 99.9% chance that you wont get a positive reply nor will someone ever tell you to come to Danmark for an interview.
So please follow this advise and do not come to Danmark to waste your money and time. Go to an English speaking country.

abdalrhman said...

How do I get a green card to enter Denmark

abdalrhman said...

I want to immigrate to Denmark and work out there, stability
Please help me

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