Finding A Job For Your Spouse In Denmark

Experience shows that a winning stay in Denmark very much depends on your spouse finding a job in Denmark as well. Danish companies and authorities are enthusiastic to assist partners of international employees as finding work for equally parties often determines whether the family unit will reconcile fine in Denmark or not.

If your family unit moves with you to Denmark, it’s a fine idea for you to talk about earlier whether your spouse wishes to work during your reside in Denmark. It’s also significant that you investigate the possibilities of truly finding a job. Going to work and meeting Danish colleagues creates specialized opportunities in addition to a Danish network – and Denmark offers outstanding public childcare facilities, so life is no trouble for working couples.

Experience shows that it’s fairly hard for partners to locate a job; it positively demands a devoted effort and perhaps even help from recruitment experts. To meet this requirement, the three Workindenmark centres have developed a series of programs that assist companies and their worldwide employees find jobs for international employees’ partners.

As part of the program, partners can get job-seeking courses, arranged in groups or as one-to-one coaching sessions. Participants send their Resume to Workindenmark previous to the course begins, so Workindenmark’s coaches can customize the course to the participants’ expert wishes and previous experience.

How to write a good Resume or CV for Danish Companies:
On these job-seeking courses, members learn to write applications and Resumes / CVs specific at Danish companies, as applications often require to be devising in a different way in Denmark than other countries. Participants also learn how a Danish job meeting is conducted, and how they can utilize their network when seeking a job.

Having finished a job-seeking course, participants can also obtain personality coaching and feedback on their CV and applications. If likely, Workindenmark will get in touch with companies that have vacancies that match the participants’ skills and qualifications – and the Workindenmark centers also have a nationwide job bank, set up specially for partners of international workers.


Comrade said...

My wife has done MSC in psychology. What is the scope for psychology after immigration

Anonymous said...

my wife has a degree of B.Sc(hons)in nutrition, what abt its scope in denmark.

ali khan

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