Required Documents for Denmark Green Card

If you are thinking to apply for a green card of Denmark, read through the following list of necessary documents required for applying for a Green Card.

1. GR1 Visa Application Form:
Applicant require to fill and give three copies of GR1 visa application form with two fresh passport photos in keeping with specifications provided on the visa application form for every copy. Additional three photographs have to be submitted. Answer all questions cautiously, totally and honestly. Partial application packages will not be processed. Dependant candidate has to fill FA8 application form.

2. A copy of passport together with the cover and all the pages is necessary.

3. Degrees and mark sheets from earlier institutions attended.

4. Experience Certificates from all your earlier employments, and worker code.

5. Certification for language skills (test result and/or statement from educational institute or employer.

6. Documentation that you can hold up yourself monetarily during your stay in Denmark. You require to document that you dispose of a monthly quantity equal to Danish start aid (starthjælp 2010 level): DKK 5267 for people under 25 not living with their parents, DKK 6351 for single people over 24, DKK 5267 for married/cohabiting persons over 24. Documents can be a bank statement on candidate name. In case you come with a mutual account statement or fixed deposit statement, the candidate also needs to bring a letter from the bank stating that the candidate can withdraw cash from the account on his/her own.

7. Copy of Marriage certificate if appropriate.

8. Copy of child’s birth certificate if related.

Please do also take a look at the information concerning “Attestation of documents”

Note: Documents except Swedish, Norwegian, English or German - must be go together with by authorized Danish or English translation. If your submission is not properly filled out or is missing documents, it can be rejected in keeping the Aliens Act.


Anonymous said...

I'm Iranian ,got master degree in MBA from India so I'm in India at the moment and I want to apply from here for Denmark green card scheme and need your help please.Attestation of documents” sorry I didn't get this part ,could you please explain more?


Zahid said...

Dear Sir,
Hi. I am resident of Bangladesh.I wouild like to fill up Gr-1 form .I don’t understand some point
of Gr-1 form .How to apply Gr-1 form fill up process perfectly.Sir pls contact me at my e-mail address.
Best of regards.

Rana said...

Dear Sir,
I am resident of Bangladesh.I would like to fill up Gr-1 form .I don’t understand how to fill up Gr-1 form process perfectly.Please, give me a idea or information to fill up those data.

With thanks


Rana said...

I'm Bangladeshi ,got B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering. So at the momentI want to apply from here for Denmark green card scheme and need your help please. Please, explain "Attestation of documents” . I do not understand it. Sorry for that.Could you please explain more?


sukhjinder Singh said...

kindly tell me what is fA8 form .........what is the performa of it ??

Anonymous said...

How I write application comment to gr1 form. Please help me.

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