Denmark Job Vacancies and Scope for Foreign Workers

Each year, there are more than 700,000 job vacancies are available on the Danish labor market. Although this figure covers enormous differences between sectors, it still propose that, on average, more than one fourth of the work force gets a fresh job each year. And peculiarly enough, this figure hasn’t been having an effect by the financial crisis.

The cause for this might be found in the well-known Danish ‘flexicurity’ model. A mix of the terms ‘flexibility’ and ‘security’, this idea refers to a welfare state model that combines a supple labor market with social safety for all workers, e.g. joblessness benefits and re-training for those who drop their jobs.

The flexicurity model perhaps also explains why 40 percent of the unemployed have previously found a new job in the first three months of their joblessness – and why a lot of foreign workers have been able to stay in Denmark in spite of the financial crisis

Foreign workers still well-liked in Denmark:
In spite of the present financial crisis and higher joblessness rates, the figure of foreign workers in Denmark remains about the same. In March 2010, 38,500 foreign workers were working and residing in Denmark – about the same as in the summer of 2008 just previous to the crisis set in.

This is not only give details by the fact that lots of foreign workers have determined to stay in Denmark despite the disaster. Statistics point out that while some industries have paying attention fewer employees, new labor shortages have developed in other sectors. Employment in the building and construction sector, for instance, has decreased significantly, while the demand for labor from the health, public administration and education sectors is rising.


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