Indirect Taxes in Denmark!

In Denmark, indirect taxes pass on to those taxes and duties that and person pays through goods and services he/she buys. Such taxes comprise;

•Green taxes
•Excise duties

A person pays indirect taxes to the state every time he/she buys something or an object. These taxes are incorporated in the price people pay for that commodity. The vendor of that commodity is subject to pay these taxes, such as VAT and customs. Let’s have a glance at a range of indirect taxes in brief:

This is a duty which and person pays to the state. for instance: if a person had traveled to a non-EU country and obtain goods that he is carrying together with him on his return to Denmark, then he might have to pay customs. Though, whether the individual is entitled to pay customs or not depends on the goods that he had acquired and the volume of goods purchased.

Green Taxes:
Green taxes are taxes that and person pays for utilizing society’s possessions. The general rule is that Green Taxes may differ from individual to individual, depending on quantity/degree of resources he/she utilizes. To be accurate, more resources he/she spends the additional green taxes he/she have to pay. This is to make people conscious of the consumption of resources and use them sensibly. This type of tax is compulsory on resources like petrol, oil, electricity, and water.

VAT is incorporated in approximately each commodity that is being purchased in Denmark. The amount of VAT a person has to pay depends on the number of goods he/she buys. The tax is typically 20 percent of the price that person as a customer pays for a product. VAT is also compulsory on other services, such as renovate a bicycle/car; or even on visiting to the hairdresser etc.

Excise Duties:
Exercise duties are compulsory on sale, import and manufacture of exacting articles, for instance wine and beer, soft drinks, batteries, sweets and chocolate.


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