The Positive List

The Positive List is a list of the occupations and fields presently experiencing a deficiency of qualified experts. Persons who have been offered a post in one of these professions or fields have mostly easy access to the Danish labour market. These professions and fields are planned on the Positive List. The scheme moreover applies to persons who have applied for asylum in Denmark.

Nordic citizens are free to reside, study and work in Denmark. EU/EEA citizen or Swiss citizen looking for residence in Denmark based on the EU rules on liberty of movement may be cause to undergo special regulations.
If you previously hold a Danish residence permit based on family reunification or refuge, or hold a residence permit on compassionate grounds, you do not require a work permit in order to work in Denmark.

It is your own task to get a work permit if you are required to. If you work unlawfully in Denmark, you risk exile, and you and your employer risk fine or locking up.


Asifa said...

Hello, My name is Asifa. I do my MBA finance From University Of Lahore. I have 2 years experience. My age is 23.I want to apply for DEnmark Immigration. Please guide me for this and calculatemy points.I will waiting for Ur reply.
Asifa Batool

shahyan said...

Dear Member

Can some one calculate my points

Age 42 Years
Education MBA(MIS),M.A
Experience 14 Years in I.T Field
currently working as a
Manager I.T since Last 6

English Skill Employer certificate

My profession exist in
Positive List.

Can i apply

please guide me


Anonymous said...

I'm B.Com. B.Ed. with 8years teaching experience (6 years before B.Ed. & 2years after B.Ed.). Can i apply for Green Card Scheme of Denmark. Do i qualify for the same. I secure 15 points for my age section.
Devika B.

shankar said...

Hello, My name is Shankar. I done my M.Sc Computers from University Of Kakatiya. I have 4 + years experience. My age is 29.I want to apply for Denmark Greencard scheme. Please guide me for this and calculate my points.I will waiting for Ur reply.

Anonymous said...

can any one confirm me weather Post Graduate Degree in Mangement ( Full Time 2 yrs degree)is considered as MBA

Anonymous said...

i hane done MBA in 2010 from Punjabi university, Patiala with major HR and minor Marketing.. after that i have been working in an immigration company as a case filling officer.Can i apply for denamrk Pr?My age is 24 years.

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