An overview of the Denmark Greencard Scheme

Government of Denmark has started Danish green card scheme which allows you to work and stay in Denmark along with your immediate family like your spouse. This is a points based system like many countries which are offering immigration, for instance, skilled worker Immigration of Canada, HSMP of UK and Skilled Immigration at Australia.
This Danish green card is issued on the basis of definite points allocated in a variety of criteria like Age, Education, Language skills, Adaptability and Work Experience. Denmark Green card is issued to you if you score at least 100 points in these different sections along with a valid health insurance policy. Another major criterion to get Danish Green card is that you must have enough funds to sustain you plus your family while you look for job in Denmark. With this Danish Green Card you get the residence permit for you and your immediate family to reside in Denmark for 3 years.
In this Danish Green card Scheme other than the areas stated above, you can also score a number of bonus points for different factors.
1. In the Education segment, the minimum criteria are that you should have a bachelor’s degree recognized and assessed by CIRIUS which is a Danish Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation body set up to evaluate academic credentials of prospective immigrants. In this segment you can obtain from 30 points for a Bachelor’s degree to 80 for a PhD with 10 bonus points for occupation related education like dietician, dentist, lawyer etc. You will also get bonus points if your institution falls in the top most universities of the world.
2. In the language skills section you can get a maximum of 30 points which includes knowledge of Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German. You will have to clear Exam equivalent to at least Danish Language test level I which has four levels with points varying from 5 to 20 or by proving that you have completed at least one year's study in higher education which was taught in one of these languages. If you have proof of good proficiency in two required languages you can score a maximum of 30 points in this section.
3. You can score a maximum of 15 points in work experience segment providing that it lies in the positive list. The points are high if you are a researcher or have skills in the field which is in demand in Denmark.
4. You can also claim up to 15 points for Adaptability if you have studied or have work experience in Europe but you can’t claim both at the same time.
5. If you are under 34 you can claim 15 points of age and if you are above 34 but less than 40 than you can claim 10 points.


Lucia said...

Thank you for detailed information about the green card scheme. It seems like it is considering different factors what is really good, but on the other side, I think many immigrants would welcome if the work permit lasts longer than 3 years.
There I am joining a new portal of job vacancies:
it is concentrating especially on vacancies in higher positions and often not even Danish is required.

B Singh said...

I want to know about fullhealth insurance for applying to Work permit under green card scheme to Denmark

Anonymous said...

Please calculate my points for GCS.
1. MBA Marketing (16 years of education)
2. 03 years of experience(2 years after during my MBA studies + 1 year after MBA)
3. as Marketing Manager (Positive list)
4. Age 26
5. Language: 2 years MBA in English also work experience in english

Can I claim for 10 extra nos for my positive list profession.

Looking for reply


Anonymous said...

hi! i want to know the denmark gc scheme.
is it only for three years or once i get gc i can work any where and stay as long as i wish.
i want to work in retail sales job as a manager. will it fetch me good money?
later i can put up my own store thatis my idea.
my email id is
my name is raju kirti.i am 40years old.
am i eligible for denmark immigration?
mail me .
raju kirti

Anonymous said...

pls i am a graduate from nigeria. Aslo l have two years working experince in banking system in nigeria. lam 29yrs and l speaks english fluenetly.
l will like to a apply for job and also as a futher for my Masters.
pls can u acess my point. hoping to hear from u as soon as possible. thanks
email is call me thrughu this number 08030594694.
thank and God bless u.
my name is Anthony

Anonymous said...

hi,please caliculate my points and mail me
1.Master of computer application(16 years of study)
2.age 24
3.Language: 3 years MCA in English
my mail id
if i am not eligible please tell wat can i do

Anonymous said...

My age is 48. But I have all other qualifications and experiences are Ok considering the grading system. Do you think I can still apply? My mail address is:



tahir said...


Can someone explain that after 3 years, what will be the way of extension and for how many years this extension will be given more besides these 1st three years?And is there any possibility of PR after that?


normarichie said...


I am a Computer Technology graduate with good communication, analytical and IT skills. I enjoy the challenge of a busy demanding work environment and yearn for fulfillment in a job. I am an excellent team player, yet can work without supervision with a deep willingness to learn. Having worked in a foremost ICT company that is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, I have been able to sharpen my sales, consulting as well as my deployment skills.

My objective is to secure a challenging and rewarding position in a solid and progressive organization that best utilizes my education, experience and training as well as offering opportunities for personal and professional development.

I work with a team of professional IT consultants having the only Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in the WECA Region as a member of the team. My responsibility includes:

• Evaluation of Client’s IT Infrastructure.
• Technical Consulting
• Asset Analysis
• Hardware Deployment
• Software development and Deployment
• License Management
• Network Analysis and Maintenance Support
• Training
• Provision of necessary Deployment Support

Please let me know the point I have with my experience, I have years experience in IT and years working experience.

My name is Olajide.

Rony said...

Please calculate my points for Denmark Green Card Scheme and mail me
1. 4 Years Bachelor of Science in Leather Products Technology (16 years of study)
2.Job experience: 1 and half Year
3Working As a Production Manager(Positive List)
Company Name: Picard Bangladesh Limited( Its a joinventured German Company) Multinational Company.
4.Age: 26
5.Language: Completed 4years BSc in English Medium.
6.University Name: University of Dhaka
If i dont achive the points then what sahould i do for getting 100 pass marks. I am desired to go to Denmark as Green Card Scheme.
Name: Rony
My email:

Anonymous said...

Genrerally How much time it will take to call for an interview and in overall process to validate as a Green card holder of Denmark?

Can any body let me know in brief?

By the grace of Almighty, I have applied today along with my spouse @ GCS of DENMARK

Anonymous said...

If i Initially get alone Green Card for Denmark. But how many months after i can take my spouse at Denmark. ??

Another question: I have a 4 years of Graduation in Computer Engineering. so, point will carry in my eduction sector ? 30 or 50 ?

Md. Arifuzzaman

Yuri Ivanchenko said...

Could you, please, explain me some moments about greencard?

If I recieved GC than I can live in Denmark for a 3 years?

If I found job in Denmark should I change my GC to work visa (with job offer) or maybe it is possible to work in Denmark with only GC?

My name is Yuri.

Anonymous said...

what are marks for 16 years education from pakistan ( 30 or 50 ) ? please clear ....

Anonymous said...

I would be very grateful if u could kindly calculate my points and guide me to get green card?

I have Done (sindh University)
2 years of Audit (Chartered Accountant Firm)
2.5 years of compliance officer (Bank)
Also doing ACCA(6 papers are cleared & PIPFA (2 papers are left to complete)

sachin said...

Please calculate my points for Denmark Green Card Scheme and mail me VLSI Desgin)/ ECE)
2.Job experience:half Year
4.Age: 26
5.Language: 6.5 bands

Name: kanika
My email:

Anonymous said...

i have masters from australia in
edu: accounts and mba
ielts: 6 band
work exp :mba 7 years & accounts 1 year
age: 30 a
nyone could u pls tell my points do i ealigble for or not

asif said...

Please calculate my points for Denmark Green Card Scheme and mail me
1.Hons(Three years)
& Master(Sub:Management)
2.Job experience:Three & half Year
5.Language: 6 bands

Name: Asif Iqbal
My email:

ABID said...

AGE 28

Anonymous said...

i am BSc in physical science, my age is 33 years & 7 month.i have 8 years of work experiance. please calculate my points as soon as possible, thanx.

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