The Danish Ministry of Education Scholarship scheme

This is another scholarship scheme of Denmark. The Danish Ministry of Education Scholarship Scheme is designed for highly qualified applicants studying for selected Academy Profession degrees or Professional Bachelor’s programs.

Denmark cordially welcomes well qualified and motivated students from all over the world. Many scholarships are therefore offered each year by the Danish Ministry of Education to fund students from countries all over the world (Outside the European Union/ European Economic Area). The scholarships can be rewarded for a full degree program or for part of a degree program at undergraduate level. The least duration of a scholarship is one academic year and it is awarded only for full-time studies.

Who can apply for a Danish Ministry of Education scholarship?
So as to be entitled to apply for a scholarship you must be:
1. A citizen of a country outside the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA).
2. Permanently resident of a non-EU/EEA country.
3. Studying in Denmark outside any recognized exchange program or another kind of agreement, which waives your tuition fee.

Which academic programs are included in the Danish Ministry of Education Scholarship Scheme?
Currently the following programs are included in the Danish Ministry of Education Scholarship Scheme:
Academy Profession degree programs:
Agricultural Science
Computer Science
Chemical and Biotechnical Science
Financial Management
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Marketing Management
Multimedia Design and Communication
Process Technology
Production Technology
Retail Management

Professional Bachelor's degree programs:

Architectural Technology and Construction Management
Bachelor of Leisure Management
Bachelor of Value Chain Management
Bachelor Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology (not fully taught in English)
Economics and Information Technology
Character Animator
Engineering (full list of study programs)
Engineering (study programs taught in English)
Radiography (not fully taught in English)
Occupational Therapy (not fully taught in English)
Physiotherapy (not fully taught in English)
Social Work (not fully taught in English)
Nursing (not fully taught in English)

All institution offering the subject areas which have been incorporated in the scholarship scheme will be capable of informing you about entry requirements, course description, language courses, accommodation, etc.


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