How to Treat Women in Denmark

The Danish Girl: A Novel
Countries all over the world are very diverse in their family values and gender roles, so it is significant to do some investigate before you go on board on a journey to Denmark. If you will be immigrating or just visiting to Denmark, learn somewhat about the culture, home and work surroundings so you will be prepared to act properly and care for women in a culturally suitable manner.

Remember these things while treating girls or women in Denmark
1. Keep in mind that Danish women are well educated. Danes are known for follow enduring education and frequently expanding their horizons.

2. Shake hands with women first when you go into a room, making sure to take care of them politely by looking them in the eyes.
3. Speak to a woman by her specialized title and last name when interrelate in a work environment. While the Danish begin using first names once they have gotten to know a name, do not address a woman by her first name except she requests it. If you do not know a woman's specialized title or she does not have one, change it with "Fru" if she is married and “Froken if she is single.

4. Be familiar with the equality of women in social situations, in addition to the workplace. Danish women are extremely respected at work, in receipt of the same salary and promotion opportunities as men. Having attain this equal status, they wait for to be held in high consider in all circumstances.
5. Do not suppose that women are the primary childcare givers, or treat them as such. Danish men are documented for being more vigorously involved in childrearing than men in many other European countries, frequently taking lengthy periods off work to help be concerned for newborn children. Each couple has 52 weeks of maternity/paternity leave to split between them after a child is born. Additionally, workplaces are deferential of family commitments, allowing men and women to work elastic hours in order to care for family and promote a career.
6. Avoid asking a woman with children whether or not she is married. It is measured socially satisfactory in Denmark for men and women to make a decision to start families without legalizing their partnerships.


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