Guidelines for Finding a Job in Denmark

Royal Copenhagen Collectibles Christmas Plate 2009Finding a job in Denmark can seem as discouraging as locating the recognizable "needle in a haystack." If you're planning to move to Denmark, confirm you have the proper tools and resources to assist you conquer language and cultural barriers, make simpler your job search and help you find your niche.

Take a trip, if possible, to the capital Copenhagen in advance of your move if you do not speak Danish. Discover town asking about jobs and introducing yourself to as lots of people as you can find. In Denmark, information about half-skilled, English-speaking job openings in pubs, restaurants, markets and hotels is often pass on by word of mouth.

2. Search the Jobs in Copenhagen website, a complete resource for English-speaking professionals looking for employment in Denmark. The site features jobs in division like information technology, media and communication, health care, banking and finance.

3. Check out TEFL International for an English teaching certification program and job placement help. The association trains instructors to teach English as a foreign language and helps place them in dozens of countries about the world after they've become accredited.

4. Submit an application for Danish residency and a work permit if you aim to stay in Denmark. For more information on completing the essential documentation, visit the previous pages of this blog.


Anonymous said...

I am was IT professional and now doing my masters in the UK.Can i apply for Denmark PR from the UK?
I am an indian citizen

Anonymous said...

or is it mandatory to apply from India?

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