How to obtain Danish Citizenship after Immigration

If you lived in Denmark sufficient, why not turn out to be a Dane? If you have lived in Denmark long enough, whichever being married to a Danish citizen, or maybe working, or studying - you are entitled for Danish citizenship by naturalization, if you fulfill some conditions. This piece of writing will explain what precisely is required and how to keep away from complications with your application.

Make sure you are eligible:
Ask yourself: did you live in Denmark for as a minimum 9 years? Do you have a permanent resident permit? Remember that if you are wedded to a Dane, a shorter residence requirement applies, but it doesn't more often than not change much. You can submit an application after 6 years, but you must be wedded for at least 3 years. Up to one year's cohabitation before the marriage is considered equal to marriage during the period in question. If you have been itinerant during the last 9 years, you have to work out all your absences and confirm you do have 9 years of truthful residence in Denmark, in total. Absences ought to not be longer than one year. If you are citizen of Finland, Sweden, Iceland or Norway, you can submit an application after 2 years of habitation. If you are an immigrant, 8 years are sufficient. There are some extra, minor exceptions, but in most cases, 9 years is the rule of thumb.

Finish your Previous Nationality:
Get in touch with your Embassy and inquire about giving up your current citizenship. As sad as it sounds, Danish law requires you to be only Danish, - you are not permissible holding dual, or multiple citizenship. This part is significant, because your citizenship may be taken back if you don't obey with this rule. Exceptions:

Check that you are self-supporting:
Self-supporting means that you might not be receiving any social benefits, like those based on the Active Social Policy or the Integration Act. If at some point in the past, you did receive such benefits, confirm that it didn't last for more than 6 months - in total - in the last 5 years.

Confirm you have no debt to the Tax Authorities, and no illegal record. You do not have to prove it, as it will be checked by the Nationality Division.

The Citizenship Test:
The trickiest part is the citizenship test. There are only two tests each year, which implies that you have to wait until one or an additional, take it, and be relevant afterwards. Tests are held in June and December. The dates for the upcoming test is June 3, 2010; December 2, 2010. Make sure you register early enough, as there are limits.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to get danish citizenship in 2 to 3 years?

Anonymous said...

Are school loans or credit card debt considered public debt that disqualify you from gaining citizenship?

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