Constant Growth of Jobs In Denmark

Denmark has most often been an excellent player in Europe in a variety of fields. In fact, it has earned its name of being a role model state because of its constructive economy and other factors. The majority of its industries are also performing fine at the same time as its government is taking the essential steps to concentrate on all issues that affect not only the people but the situation as well.
In terms of employment, Denmark has always been an magnetism to overseas workers. A large factor is the country’s remarkable attainment especially in the information technology and scientific research sectors that have added global attention.
In the middle of the global financial crisis, Denmark has continued to make employment in different fields. In the European Union, this Scandinavian state has one of the lowly joblessness rates. In the year 2007, for example, Denmark’s unemployment rate was pegged at only 3.4 percent consistent with Euro stat, the statistical office of the European Union.
There are a lot of reasons to like Denmark particularly its working environment. Development is always emphasized and liberty of speech is encouraged. Cooperation is also a major feature of the Danish working culture. In terms of gear and facilities, you can be sure to use the newest advanced technology to accomplish the company’s business goals.
A lot of companies in the IT, health and research industries have arranged their headquarters in Denmark. Getting a job in Copenhagen in exacting or a job in Denmark in general won’t be very hard providing that you are well experienced and have the right skills in your exact field of expertise. In addition, the immigration rate is low the cause why foreign workers are always required after in this country.


My (Un)Managed World! said...


I have got a job offer from a Danish company and the salary is more than DKK 37500. So I fall in the Pay Limit Scheme. I have applied for Work Permit in India Chennai VFS application centre on April 6th, 2010. I am yet to hear back the status of it. Can you please let me know how long will it take to get the Work Permit as I am supposed to join the company in First week of June 2010.

Thanks you very much for this blog. I found so many useful information here and now I am really ecited about going to Denmark. Thanks again!

Ravi Kumar

Ravi Kumar said...


I have got a job in Denmark (Odense City) and the salary is more the DKK 375000. So I have applied for Work Permit under Pay Limit Scheme in India Chennai VFS Centre on 6th April, 2010. I am yet to hear back from the Danish Embassy on the status of the application form. Please let me know how long it might take to get the work permit. I am getting slieghlty worried becasue I have to join the company in the first week of June.

I must thank you for this wonderful blog. I learnt so many things here and now I am really excited for my work and living in Denmark.

Ravi Kumar

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