Can my Spouse accompany me if I get student visa of Denmark

Denmark (Eyewitness Travel Guides)Here is another benefit concerning studying in Denmark. If you are studying in Denmark on a student visa, then your spouse in addition to any children below the age of 18, who are live at home with you, are also entitled for residence permits of Denmark.

Though, you require having extra funds per family member which serves as a proof that they are able to maintain themselves and you have to live together in Denmark at the same address. Your spouse is allowable to work permanent for the entire period his or her residence permit is valid. In addition, they are allowable to stay under the extra six months Green card scheme.

Part-time Work Options in Denmark - For International Students

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As an international student follow a higher educational program, you are permissible to work part-time for a maximum of 15 hours a week, plus full-time during the months of June, July and August. The same relate during the job-seeking period behind the completion of your education. A work permit label will be positioned in your passport.

If you are below the age of 18, you are only entitled for a work permit if you have a written offer or agreement for a detailed position and if the employer confirms to the Immigration Service that place of work environment legislation are support.

There is a word of concern here. If you work unlawfully in Denmark, you can be sent back to your home country and your boss can be fined or imprisoned.

Overview of Denmark Immigration

Immigration To Denmark: Step By Step Guide
In accordance with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, American citizens can visit Denmark as tourists on an official U.S. passport for up to 90 days devoid of having to obtain a visa. Denmark will not allow such visitors to do job or work during these 90 days. Lengthier stays and other state of affairs require a residence permit and perhaps a work permit.

Residence Permits:
A residence permit will be issued if the visitor has close relatives in Denmark or if he is approved asylum. This permit more often than not will allow the foreigner to work. The early permit is temporary and can be extended. Eventually, the visitor can submit an application for a permanent permit.

Work Permits:
Foreigners wishing to work in Denmark have to get a work permit. Denmark grants work permits based on labor force considerations to funding its own citizen’s sufficient opportunity to find employment first.

Danish Green Card:
People that experience an assessment based on a point system may be granted a green card, which is a 3-year residence permit for the idea of finding work in Denmark. Points are assessed based on education, professional experience, language skills, age and adaptability. Additionally, greencard holders must know how to support themselves for the first year in Denmark and have health insurance coverage until they are covered by the Danish national health insurance.

Special Schemes:
Several plans are obtainable to help qualified persons get residence and work permits in Denmark. Foreigners who fit definite categories will find an easier time obtaining work and residence permits. For instance, employees of a business can be stationed in the Danish subsidiary, parent or sister company of the company. Researchers, athletes, spiritual workers and trainees also have a fast track for work and residence permits.
There is a Positive List of employment areas in which there is a current shortage of Danish citizens to fill them. Examples of this line of work include academics, construction, information technology and telecommunications, healthcare positions, management, social and religious work, shipping, storage and sales. The list is occasionally updated and job seekers are supposed to check with the immigration service to see if they meet the criteria.
Similarly, if a Danish employer offers somebody a job with yearly compensation above DKK 375,000, about $73,500, per year, he will get a work permit more easily. There must be a job agreement in writing, and some positions, for example doctors, require Danish National Board of Health authorization.

Entrepreneurs are welcome to create a business in Denmark providing there is Danish business interest in the enterprise. Self-employed populace must provide enough documentation that they have sufficient financial resources to run the business, and that they themselves are essential to establishing the business. Exceptions to this are restaurants and retail shops. If the trade changes significantly or is closed and a new one started, a new residence and work permit are required.

Some Exceptions:
Diplomats, drama artists, some citizens of Turkey and certain people in the transport profession are exempt from the work and residence permit requirements.

Basic Features of Denmark Green Card

If you are a qualified person who want to work, live and reconcile in the European Union, the Danish Green card definitely gives you this excellent opportunity.

Under the Danish Greencard scheme, non-European Union expert migrants are permissible to come to Denmark in a renewable 3 years authorize for the reason of finding work. If you convene the eligibility criteria, you file your request and receive your immigrant visa. It permits you to enter Denmark and live there. The instant you find a job, you are approved a permit to work.

This is an outstanding opportunity for a skilled individual seeking a career and life in the EU as Danish companies are facing deficiency in getting qualified employees. This Danish Greencard program is the most excellent way of allowing skilled individuals to arrive in and do employment in Denmark.

If you are listed on the Danish positive list, you may obtain extra points for your application.

Some additional features of Denmark Immigration are:
  • This Visa may then be extended additionally for 4 years. The extension is on the basis of being able to hold up you devoid of alternative to public funds and work experience gained.
  • At the ending of 7 years in Denmark, you may submit an application for Denmark Citizenship.
  • Denmark Green Card let you to take your immediate relatives and they too can work or study in Denmark.
  • It permit you to travel to Denmark and work primarily for three years.

Why Prefer Denmark Immigration?

Immigration To Denmark: Step By Step Guide
• According to the 2009 Global Peace Index review, Denmark is the most peaceful country around the globe.

• The capital and largest city of Denmark, Copenhagen, was ranked the most fit for human habitation city in the world by Monocle magazine.

• Denmark was ranked as "The happiest place in the world" based on the standards of health, wellbeing and education.

• It is well thought-out one of the richest countries in the world.

• A lot of job opportunities - Unemployment are presently at a historical low in Denmark

• Salaries are high in Denmark in contrast with other countries making Denmark a beautiful place to work.

• English as the business language - All companies in Denmark as means of communication in the place of work.

• Denmark was also ranked as the slightest corrupt country in the world in the 2008 Corruption Perceptions Index, sharing a top position with Sweden and New Zealand.

• About 9% of the Denmark population has foreign citizenship. A large segment of the foreign citizens are of Scandinavian ancestry, at the same time as the rest are of various nationalities.

• Denmark has a GDP per capita superior than that of most European countries, and 15-20% advanced than that of the United States.

• Denmark's national currency, the Krone (plural: kroner), is actually linked to the Euro. The exchange rate is very stable.

Guidelines to Win a Green Card of Denmark

Denmark (Enchantment of the World. Second Series)The Denmark Green Card program is a Point Based System. This immigration plan is destined for senior executives and experts. The program offers an authorization for residence for a phase of three years to the candidate and his dependent family members. The eligibility decisive factor that an applicant is judged is based on the points based system which contains educational qualifications, age, total work experience, and qualifications obtained in Europe. The Government of Denmark has revealed an occupation list which is the ground to submit an application.

On the other hand, at the same time as applying for the program, it is but understandable that the applicant has to be very careful and must take all the essential precautions. Some such aspects to be considered are:

1. Details about the points based system should be looked into very cautiously before submitting an application. The candidate should only submit an application if he scores the minimum pass mark. With the intention of score the minimum; the applicant must vigilantly investigate all the aspects of the points based system.

2. The applicant has to be confident whether or not his line of work features in the Positive List of Occupations. This list is anchored in the appraisal conducted by the government. This list contain those professions where in there is a lack of skills in the country. These are the jobs that could probably be taken over by new immigrants.

3. You must obtain a complete overview of the educational qualifications that are compulsory to meet the criteria for the visa.

4. Just by having the applicable qualifications will not make a candidate automatically entitled for the program. The applicant has to give with the applicable reference letters from his employers which contain his job responsibilities.

5. Accurate sum of fee has to be deposited together with the immigration application form. The form must contain the true information with the appropriate supporting documents.

6. To prove the proficiency in English, you have to present your English test reports IELTS, TOEFL etc or a declaration in English language.

7. All the credentials which are not in English language should be translated in English.

8. The application process involves certifications for a variety of documents from the different authorities. So, the candidate must know of all the authorities that need to be get in touch with for the same.

9. The main of the eligibility decisive factor is to have the applicable sum of money to accommodate to the resolution spending in Denmark. This has to be for the first year after getting a permit. Therefore, evidence of funds must be attached with the application form.

All things considered, the candidate must know that the application should be submitted at the nearby Danish Embassy in the applicant’s country of origin.

Job Hiring Process and Types of Jobs in Denmark

50 Best Jobs for Your PersonalityPeople living outer of the European Union (EU) countries but who are keen on getting a job in Denmark will have to submit an application for the essential work permit before they are permissible to work there. The application procedure differs in keeping with ones purpose whether you are applying as a jobseeker, a worker or a self-employed person.

As a worker, the application process usually begins with the employer accomplishing his own application form accompanied by the other required documents. The employee then fills up the form planned for his part and submits the whole application. Forms vary in accordance with whether you’re applying as an employee, canvasser, religious worker or applicant under the corporate scheme.

For self-employed persons only the person completes the form. The form is available in Danish and English version.

For those still seeking a job, they can submit an application for a resident and work permit. A 3 year residence permit covered in the Danish Green Card scheme will permit an outsider to work and live in Denmark at the same time.

What kinds of jobs are available in Denmark?
As for the types of jobs, there is a wide range obtainable in Copenhagen and Denmark. Being a rising market, workers can find healthy paying jobs in Denmark irrespective of their occupation. In the agriculture sector, there are numerous jobs in the fisheries and forestry departments in addition to the food market retail and comprehensive import export industries particularly since.

Jobs are available in energy production as well, transportation covering airlines, education and chemical engineering, media, freight and railways, interior decoration and dairy production.

Constant Growth of Jobs In Denmark

Denmark has been a good player in Europe in a variety of fields. If truth be told, it has earned its label of being a role model country due to its constructive economy and other factors. Most of its businesses are also performing fine at the same time as its government is taking the essential steps to address all issues that affect not only the people but the surroundings as well.

In terms of jobs, Denmark has always been magnetism to foreign workers. A big aspect is the country’s extraordinary achievements particularly in the information technology and scientific research sectors that have gained global attention.

In the middle of the global financial crisis, Denmark has continued to produce employment in different sectors. In the European Union, this Scandinavian country has one of the lowest unemployment rates. In the year 2007, for example, Denmark’s unemployment rate was fastening at only 3.4 percent according to Euro stat, the statistical office of the European Union.

A lot of companies in the IT, health and research industries have set up their head office in Denmark. Getting a job in Copenhagen in exacting or a job in Denmark in general won’t be very tricky as long as you are well experienced and have the accurate skills in your exact field of expertise. In addition, the immigration rate is low the reason why foreign workers are forever preferred in this country.

Do You Really Need An Immigration Lawyer for Denmark Immigration?

Immigration law is one of the most multifaceted areas that there is in the law ground. And not only is it knotty but it can change with no warning and frequently does. So the question is - Do you really need an immigration lawyer? Consider the following facts

You Can Do It:
You could try the immigration process without the assistance of an immigration lawyer, but do you truly desire to? How interested are you in learning all the particulars of immigration law on your own? Do you want to hazard making mistakes in the immigration process just for the reason that you did not choose to hire an immigration lawyer? If you want to get the time to learn the whole thing there is to know about immigration law then you could.

What Might Go Wrong?
You may not learn the whole thing you need to learn. You may come crossways information that is out-of-date without realizing it. Your case might have particular circumstances that will affect the immigration process but you may not know sufficient to know that. You could even make enough mistakes to have to try the procedure again only to make a decision the second time that it would be easier to hire an immigration lawyer or immigration attorney.
What Can An Immigration Lawyer Do For You?
An immigration lawyer can start by taking a look at your sole circumstances and how that state of affairs might affect the immigration process. They will then be talented to tell you about any and all benefits for which you might be entitled because they will have knowledge of any new changes in the immigration process. They can direct you in the best strategy to achieve the legal status that you look for.
One of the main bonuses of having an immigrations lawyer is that they can complete and submit all the right official procedure. They can keep you updated on the standing of your case and assist you keep away from any delays. They can stand for you if court appearances are essential. They can file appeals for you and use their knowledge to handle what on earth might come up. Only an immigration lawyer has this knowledge.
Do you really need the services of an immigration lawyer? You do not need one but you most likely want one. An immigration lawyer does much more than file your official procedure. They stay by you from side to side the immigration process to ensure that it all works out precisely the way you want it to.

Denmark Entry Visa Requirements

If you desire to travel or moving to Denmark, you must inquire whether you will require a visa. In the positive, make sure to file a request in appropriate time.

A visa is issue for the reason of a small stay (less than 3 months) in Denmark and other Schengen countries. Job is not allowable during the reside covered by the visa.

Overseas citizens who are free from from basic visa requirements can stay, but not work, in the Schengen region equal to 3 months.

Denmark (Enchantment of the World. Second Series)

Residence and Work Permits
For stay longer than 3 months in addition to stays regarding studies or employment, together with work as au pair, a residence and/or work permit is requisite. Though, special rules are valid to citizens from the Nordic Countries, the EU Member States as well as Switzerland and Liechtenstein.