Why Prefer Denmark Immigration?

Immigration To Denmark: Step By Step Guide
• According to the 2009 Global Peace Index review, Denmark is the most peaceful country around the globe.

• The capital and largest city of Denmark, Copenhagen, was ranked the most fit for human habitation city in the world by Monocle magazine.

• Denmark was ranked as "The happiest place in the world" based on the standards of health, wellbeing and education.

• It is well thought-out one of the richest countries in the world.

• A lot of job opportunities - Unemployment are presently at a historical low in Denmark

• Salaries are high in Denmark in contrast with other countries making Denmark a beautiful place to work.

• English as the business language - All companies in Denmark as means of communication in the place of work.

• Denmark was also ranked as the slightest corrupt country in the world in the 2008 Corruption Perceptions Index, sharing a top position with Sweden and New Zealand.

• About 9% of the Denmark population has foreign citizenship. A large segment of the foreign citizens are of Scandinavian ancestry, at the same time as the rest are of various nationalities.

• Denmark has a GDP per capita superior than that of most European countries, and 15-20% advanced than that of the United States.

• Denmark's national currency, the Krone (plural: kroner), is actually linked to the Euro. The exchange rate is very stable.


Anonymous said...

Hi, my question after arriving in Denmark on green card scheme , am I entitled to get social welfare benefits i.e. health housing and education of children? Secondly how long it takes to get Passport of Denmark

Karachi Pakistan

Comrade said...

Dear Fareed,
Yes there are lots of social benefits in Denmark after immigrtaion.

2. These days, it takes approx 6 months

Anonymous said...

hello i also want to applya for green card schemae but i wnt to put my case throught any lawer or constalant. me studing at sweden.
farhan_bahoo at the rate of yahoo contact

Anonymous said...

Is the point calculation for GC program of Denmark is recently been changed? What is that? Also I heard that immigration rules of Denmark became tougher this year, is it true?

Best regards

Anonymous said...

dear sir
i need a process and assisment of point of scorring kindly tell me

Anonymous said...

If i got Denmark Green Card than what is procedure for travelling to Middle East and East Asian Countries.

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