Overview of Denmark Immigration

Immigration To Denmark: Step By Step Guide
In accordance with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, American citizens can visit Denmark as tourists on an official U.S. passport for up to 90 days devoid of having to obtain a visa. Denmark will not allow such visitors to do job or work during these 90 days. Lengthier stays and other state of affairs require a residence permit and perhaps a work permit.

Residence Permits:
A residence permit will be issued if the visitor has close relatives in Denmark or if he is approved asylum. This permit more often than not will allow the foreigner to work. The early permit is temporary and can be extended. Eventually, the visitor can submit an application for a permanent permit.

Work Permits:
Foreigners wishing to work in Denmark have to get a work permit. Denmark grants work permits based on labor force considerations to funding its own citizen’s sufficient opportunity to find employment first.

Danish Green Card:
People that experience an assessment based on a point system may be granted a green card, which is a 3-year residence permit for the idea of finding work in Denmark. Points are assessed based on education, professional experience, language skills, age and adaptability. Additionally, greencard holders must know how to support themselves for the first year in Denmark and have health insurance coverage until they are covered by the Danish national health insurance.

Special Schemes:
Several plans are obtainable to help qualified persons get residence and work permits in Denmark. Foreigners who fit definite categories will find an easier time obtaining work and residence permits. For instance, employees of a business can be stationed in the Danish subsidiary, parent or sister company of the company. Researchers, athletes, spiritual workers and trainees also have a fast track for work and residence permits.
There is a Positive List of employment areas in which there is a current shortage of Danish citizens to fill them. Examples of this line of work include academics, construction, information technology and telecommunications, healthcare positions, management, social and religious work, shipping, storage and sales. The list is occasionally updated and job seekers are supposed to check with the immigration service to see if they meet the criteria.
Similarly, if a Danish employer offers somebody a job with yearly compensation above DKK 375,000, about $73,500, per year, he will get a work permit more easily. There must be a job agreement in writing, and some positions, for example doctors, require Danish National Board of Health authorization.

Entrepreneurs are welcome to create a business in Denmark providing there is Danish business interest in the enterprise. Self-employed populace must provide enough documentation that they have sufficient financial resources to run the business, and that they themselves are essential to establishing the business. Exceptions to this are restaurants and retail shops. If the trade changes significantly or is closed and a new one started, a new residence and work permit are required.

Some Exceptions:
Diplomats, drama artists, some citizens of Turkey and certain people in the transport profession are exempt from the work and residence permit requirements.


Yuri Ivanchenko said...

Could you, please, explain me some moments about greencard (GC)?

If I recieved GC than I can live in Denmark for a full 3 years (and +1 yesr in future)?

If I find job in Denmark should I change my GC to work visa (with job offer) or maybe it is possible to work in Denmark with only GC?

In other words, is GC residence permit and is GC work permit too?

My name is Yuri.

Chetan said...

Dear Comrade

I am from Pakistan, Please guide me about health insurance policy that from which company and of how much amount required for a single applicant for Denmark green card scheme.


wali said...

I m Ejaz ch. 38years old and FCMA (Fellow member of cost and management accountant of Pakistan) my wife attached in education deptt. in govt. job she is also 38 years how what will be our points and how much time is required to complete the process we both are masters.we have three kids of age 10,9,4 respectively.

Anonymous said...

i am Fatima Azam.aged 27years education M.a B.Ed working as a teacher
in a Govt.School since last one year.married having two children aged 3,2years.
my husband is ex banker he has served banks for 12years.

John said...

i base and hold Greece residents permit, can i use my permit to visit Denmark or i have to obtain a visa

Muhammad Tayyab said...

we are from Pakistan & my wife is Pharmacist. she has more than two years full time job experience & has 6 score in IELTS. what is our probability for DK immigration & under which category. please answer in detail. Thanx.

Muhammad Tayyab

Comrade said...

Dear Tayyab,
What is the number of year of education of you and your wife?

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