Basic Features of Denmark Green Card

If you are a qualified person who want to work, live and reconcile in the European Union, the Danish Green card definitely gives you this excellent opportunity.

Under the Danish Greencard scheme, non-European Union expert migrants are permissible to come to Denmark in a renewable 3 years authorize for the reason of finding work. If you convene the eligibility criteria, you file your request and receive your immigrant visa. It permits you to enter Denmark and live there. The instant you find a job, you are approved a permit to work.

This is an outstanding opportunity for a skilled individual seeking a career and life in the EU as Danish companies are facing deficiency in getting qualified employees. This Danish Greencard program is the most excellent way of allowing skilled individuals to arrive in and do employment in Denmark.

If you are listed on the Danish positive list, you may obtain extra points for your application.

Some additional features of Denmark Immigration are:
  • This Visa may then be extended additionally for 4 years. The extension is on the basis of being able to hold up you devoid of alternative to public funds and work experience gained.
  • At the ending of 7 years in Denmark, you may submit an application for Denmark Citizenship.
  • Denmark Green Card let you to take your immediate relatives and they too can work or study in Denmark.
  • It permit you to travel to Denmark and work primarily for three years.


"കൃഷ്ണ" Krishna kumar said...

I have completed 4 year bachlor Degreee in Computer Sciences. How many points i will get for education.And I have 6 months work experience In UK.

Comrade said...

You will get 30 points

Anonymous said...

Please calculate my points.

I have done MSc,MPhil (Geophysics) from QAU Islamabad.
Age is under 28.
5+ years work experience as a Geoscientist.
IELTS General 6.5 Band
Medium of instruction English

Anonymous said...

hi ,

I m 42 yrs
B.Com (2 yrs) MA- 2 yrs MBA- 2 yrs
Working in uk 3 yrs
IELTS 6.00
How much points i will get Please.


kurien said...

I hold a masters degree from US and my wife also holds a masters degree. she has between 3- 5 years experience ( mine's exceeds 5 years). we are in the age bracket of 28- 33. We are yet to take a IELTS test .. we would like to know if you can help us to procure a job in denmark so that we could apply for the green card- John +965-66992944 or email me

CHALLA said...

Dear Sir,

I hold a masters degree MBA from Alagappa University, India. My date of birth is 5th September 1979. Having 9.1 years of experience in Sales - Health Care products and Retail Products. Played roles like, sales officer, doctor relationship officer, area business manager and regional relationship manager.
IELTS over all band is 5.5. Please calculate points and let me know whether I am qualified to go for the denmark visa or not? Thank you.

My Name: Challa Gopal, Email Id:

Anonymous said...


I am Shahriar

Please calculate my points.

I have done MSc in both pharmaceutical Technology and Biotechnology from Bangladesh.

Age is under 28.

5+ years work experience in teaching, Present position as assistant professor, dept. of pharmacy, The University of Asia Pacific, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I am Unmarried.

Medium of instruction English

Comrade said...

Dear Shahriar,
As per my opinion, your qualification will give you 30 points for Danish Immigration

Mohammad Najmul Hossain said...

Dear Consultant,

1. Education=Bachelor of Physiotherapy=4 years,2005
Internship as a Physiotherapist=1 year,2006
Doctor of Alt. Medicine=1 year,2010
Total Education:10+2+4+1=17 years.
2. Language skills = employer and university certificate of English skills
3. Work experience =1+4+2=7 years work experience as Head Physiotherapist in a renowned Hospital & Lecturer of Physiotherapy under Dhaka University.
4. Adaptability = No
5. Age = 29 years
6.Married & Spouse is M.Sc. in Psychology.
7.IELTS = No
Can you please let me know the score?
Am I eligible or not?

Mohammad Najmul Hossain

Anonymous said...

Iam Mohammed Golam Sarwar Bhuyan.I hold a masters degree in Telecommunication(from University of Information Technology & Sciences, Bangladesh) and Bachelor Degree in Computer Science & Information Technology (Islamic University of Technology,IUT, Bangladesh) and 7+ years experience in Network Administration field. Age 31 Years. Medium of Instruction is English where I am working and have studied. can help me to procure a job in denmark so that we could apply for the green card- email me

Anonymous said...


This is Sardar.

Would you please let me know the points I have gathered with bellow qualifications,

1. M.Sc in Physics
2. IELTS = No
3. Work experience- +5 years
4. Adaptability - No
5. Age - 34 years

sardar Mahmudul Hossain

Anonymous said...

I just have my green card last friday, I'm mexican and I had presented my application in Mexico city, can I have my stamp in Denmark, because I'm in Denmark in a interview process.

best regards,

Anonymous said...

Hi There

Dear Assessors,
Following is the detail about me.

Bachelor of Commerce (14 Years)
Diploma In Business (From UK)(2 Years)
MS.c in Planning (From UK Unsty, 1 Year)

English was the language of Communication in all above Qualification.
IELTS (7.O Overall Band in Academic)

Work Experience
3 years after Graduation
1 Year after Masters Degree

No Education or Work Experience in Denmark.

Age: Under 30 Years.

1: calculate my points,
2: Explain the Bank Statement and Ending Balances needed at the time of Submission of Application or applying for Visa
3: Processing time
4: Application centers
5: Application fees.
6: Lead time between the successful Immigration and Citizenship (Please leave as much detail as possible)
7: If I am not residing in my country of Nationality can I apply from my country of Residence where I am living and working.

Please also leave any relevant information you might find Helpful for new applicants.

Thanks and Best Regards


P.S: I engaged and if my spouse's education and age can be an addition?
I would also like to know that if my spouse who is not 18 years right now can apply for the visa or if it could be a problem from Denmark's legal age to marry.

Anonymous said...

My point is 115 without IELTS, is IELTS must required for Denmark Green Card.

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