Time Limit of arrival after getting Denmark Greencard

Remember that a residence permit of Denmark issued under the Greencard Scheme end in 6 months after the date of issue. Thus the winning candidates have to arrive in Denmark, with the purpose of working and residing, within 6 months of the issuance of the Danish residence permit. This time period is fixed. The dates of your residence permit cannot be distorted. If you are not capable of travelling to Denmark sooner than the end of the 6 month period then your visa will turn out to be invalid and you will require making a application for an extension. For more information on creation of an application for an extension for the arrival period please contact DIS at

The Green Card residence permit gives you authorization to work and live in in Denmark. It also gives you and right to travel to a different Schengen country as maintained by a standard Schengen visa. This means that you can take a trip on a Green Card residence permit for up to 90 days in any other Schengen country. You may furthermore travel to other Schengen countries on your way to ‘activating’ your GreenCard residence visa in Denmark.


Anonymous said...

im presently in uk and i have a good job here.i have got green card approval question is that can i go to denmark activate my green card like making a first entry and then after a week can i go back to uk and with in every six months can i make one trip and come back.please advice me.


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