Some Benefits and Drawbacks of Denmark Greencard

You are at liberty to health care when you are legally resident in Denmark. To be legally resident in Denmark, you must list with the National Registry (CPR) after your entrance. This procedure can take more than a few weeks. Once this procedure is complete, you will take delivery of notification that you have right to Danish health care. In anticipation of that time, you have to extract private insurance o cover this temporary period until you are officially covered by public health insurance.

Foreign nationals are not eligible for public assistance. If you receive public help where you are not permitted to it, your Green Card habitation permit can be withdrawn. Please keep in mind that qualifying decisive factors for the Green Card scheme includes your aptitude to hold up yourself during your first full year in Denmark. On entrance in Denmark you must comprise proof that you own financial resources equal to one year of Danish Start Help benefits.


Martin said...

I think the biggest drawback is the shortage of jobs in denmark. I have heard that there is a big shortage of jobs in denmark. Is it true?

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