Muslims in Denmark

This article shows the accurate information about Muslims in Denmark. As the Danish Authorities do not register personal religious beliefs the information is in part derived from estimates from open sources.

The Danish Authorities do not register personal religious beliefs. Muslims citizens take pleasure in full civil and political rights in the Danish democratic system. More than a few Muslims are members of parliament and hold seats in municipal councils.

The total figure of Muslims in Denmark is based on an approximation. A predictable 4.0% of Danes - some 221,800 are Muslims in 2009. The first Muslims were recorded in a Danish census in 1880.

The origin of Denmark’s Muslims fluctuates. Research propose that 24.7 % are of Turkish origin, 12 % are of Iraqi origin, 10,8% Lebanese, 8,2% of Pakistani origin and 7.6 % of Somali origin. There are a predictable 2-5,000 Danish converts. This approximation does not comprise internal religious differences within Islam. A review from 2007 indicated that Muslims in Denmark were 49% Sunni, 13% Shi’i, 19% ‘Islam, other’ (which may include Ahmadis, Alevis and Sufis). The rest said they fit in to other religions or no religion

Freedom of religion:
Denmark has a Lutheran state church financed via taxes, but there is liberty of faith in Denmark. Everyone can do his or her religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching.

No Discrimination:
Danish law comprises a detailed set of regulations that prohibits inequity. People are liberated to wear religious symbols and clothing, including Hijab and the like, in the community sphere, counting in Parliament, public schools and services. The Supreme Court, in a verdict in 2005, supports the right of retailers and others to insist on uniform codes for employees dealing with the public. In 2009 a law was bring in which forbids judges from wearing clothes that might point to religious affiliation or political opinion in court. The law does not be relevant in Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

A predictable 20%-25% of Muslims in Denmark (roughly 44,400-55,400 persons) are associated with a mosque organization. Consistent with a study conducted in 2006, there are around 115 mosques in Denmark.

Halal Food:
Halal slaughter is allowable in Denmark. Halal food is extensively available and Denmark is a major exporter of Halal meat to the Arab world.


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