Denmark Strengthens Engagement with Pakistan

Denmark has decided to grant DKK 40 million in development assistance to Pakistan over the coming four years.

The aid will principally support democracy and democratic institutions in Pakistan as well as to strengthen solidity in the variance prone areas along the border to Afghanistan. Denmark is committed to assist the people of Pakistan in its fight against terrorists.

Denmark has already guaranteed DKK 2 million for counter-terrorism projects in Pakistan and further proposals within this area are under consideration.

In addition, Denmark has donated 300.000 DKK to the rebuilding after the earthquake in the province of Baluchistan in October 2008. This brings up the total Danish contribution to earth quake assistance to in Baluchistan to 1 Mil. DKK.

Pakistan is vital for enabling steadiness in South Asia. It is therefore important to help the democratic government of Pakistan. Denmark has put a great attempt in strengthening the international, in particular the EU’s engagement in Pakistan, and is also an energetic partner in Friends of Democratic Pakistan.

These efforts to support the people of Pakistan will be further strengthened by the decision to start the development aid, starting already this year.


Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Any 1 got Danish Immigration from Pakistan?
Please reply.

Karachi PK

Anonymous said...

I want to apply for a Danish Work permit?Can some one guide me what is the qualification,age,work exepereince and account balance requirement?Plus job opportunities in Denmark.
I am presently working as an Area Sales Manager for a local bank in Islamabad,and i have got a 3 years bachelors degree(BBA)in business studies plus one year masters degree in Business Studies (MBA).My Age is 27.Would appreciate if someone could send me complete details at below mentioned e mail address.

Thanks and Regards,
Faisal Ahmed

Comrade said...

Dear Faisal,
First of all you have to calculate your GC points. If you score 100 points than you are eligible.

Your possible points in the details mentioned above are

edu 50
age 15

I recommend that you take IELTS

Anonymous said...

Is there any certified Danish Immigration consultant available in Islamabad Pakistan.
Secondly,what is the account balance requirement and at what stage of the application we are supposed to give proof of funds?
Is this proof of funds needs to be in the form of cash or we can show some investments in the real estate?
Would appreciate if someone can guide me on this?

Faisal Ahmed

Comrade said...

Dear Faisal,
You dont have any need to hire a consultant for Danish immigration. You must apply yourself. Get as much information as you can.

Proof of funds may be showed in the form of bank statement.

Faisal said...

Dear comrade,
Thanks for your vital information,can you please e mail me at the below mentioned e mail id,i want send my send my cv and other documents to you for assessment,would appreciate if you can guide me in detail
my e mail id is
Regards and God bless you,

Anonymous said...

sir, i have submitted my thesis for PhD in Physics. I am 27 years in age. My IELTS score is 7.5. I have 5 years of teaching experience and 3 years of research experience. I would like to immigrate to Denmark. Kindly inform me whether I am eligible. Also inform me about the amount of funds that I need to show as proof to immigrate. my email id is

Anonymous said...

I am Ph.D. in microbiology and molecular genetics from University of the Punjab Lahore Paksitan. I am 44. I have more taht 10 years of research experience in the field of agricultural research and have more than 15 scientific publications in refreed journals. My IELTS score is 6.5. Can I get danish immegration.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
My name is faisal and I completed MBA Finance and Msc IN e-business management from UK.And I did job in Metro Cash & Carry store Pakistan one year.After That in SAUDI ARABIA working as Marketing assistant in contracting company more than one year.My age is 33 years and 2 months.Kindly with assessment .Am I eligible for Denmark green card.And can I apply from Saudi Arabia as I am Pakistani National.

Thanks and Regards
Faisal Abbas

Anonymous said...

hi comrade me uzair from pakisan.please let me know about the bank account that hom much money should we deposit in our account for danish immigration or the guardian account is applicable regarding this.please do a favour in your earliest convenience.
with best wishes thanks

Anonymous said...

hi my name is muhammad naveed and i have done MBA marketing.i have minimum 5y experience about sales and marketing and right now i m doing a job in local bank and my ielts score is 5.5 can i get danish immigration and how much funds are required for purpose of bank statement.
muhammad naveed

Anonymous said...

hi, can any one tell me am i eligible for Denmark green card or not my education information is below.
1. from Pakistan 2year 2008
2.pgd diploma from UK one year 2011
3. age 25 year
4. still in uk
shaoib and email address is .

Anonymous said...

dear,,can u tell me about my eligibilty,,
i done mba from numl pakistan
then mba from uk
total..17 years education
4 years bank experiance in pak
2 years marks and spencor experiance in uk
age 28
ielts 7 band

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