New Application procedure in New Delhi, India

The Danish Embassy in New Delhi is delighted to launch a new facility with the aim of meeting the rising demand for residence and work permit in Denmark among Indians.

From 27th July 2009, the VFS Danish Visa Application Centre in New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata, will admit residence and work permit applications from Indian residents and their dependants, who desire to apply under the following schemes:

A) The Pay Limit scheme
B) The Positive List

Resident Indian and their dependants, who have not yet asked for an appointment to apply under The Green Card scheme, can put forward their applications at the Danish Visa Application Centers in New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata starting 14th September 2009. Applicants who have previously requested an appointment will be contacted and given a priority appointment to put forward their applications.

VFS will put forward all such applications to the Danish Embassy in New Delhi.

Timings for submission of application at VFS:

08:00 AM to 12:00 AM
01:00 PM to 04:00 PM

from Monday to Friday except holidays.

The authority of operation of the Embassy is all States and Union Territories of the Indian Union, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Bhutan.

Though, the VFS Danish Visa Application Centers in New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata shall accept visa applications only from India.


ANAND said...


I got a call from VFS Delhi last week, stating that I'll get call from VFS Chennai for the submision dates. Since then, I haven't heard from them, I want to know when can i expect the call . I left my details in march 25,'09. What is the total fee that I need to pay for the embassy.

Anonymous said...


Followings are my information:
* Bachelor + Master (Political Science- not in EU)
* Doing Ph.D in Austria
* Studied 2 yrs in english university (But the program was not completed)
* Age: 30
* 4+ yrs administrative experiences
* IELTS- 6.5

My profession is not exactly in the positive list. Can I apply?

Is there anyone to kindly calculate my points for me?

Thanks in advance.


Comrade said...

Dear Anand,
Response may be late due to certain reasons.
You will get response within few days

Comrade said...

Dear Mahmud,
You are scoring more than 100 points. Your points are around 115. So apply for Denmark Immigration now.

Keep in touch with us


sharad said...

I am Sharad C. Agrawal, having 10.4 years of IT Experience with reputated company in India. I am planning to apply for Denmark Green Card. 1. Kindly let me know the list of Documents that are required and Attestation that is needed.I had seen "" but things are not clear from there. Can anybody help me on this.

2. Can I apply for same in Mumbai COnsulate and Do I need take appointment for same. Please let me know

3. Do I need to get my highest degree certificate, Birth Certificate and Marriage CErtificate attested from Ministry of External Affairs.


Nadeem said...

HI Nadi here
I would like to Apply for DK Immegration here is mine profile any body can calculate point for me
i) BSCS(Software ENginer) Honors 4 years from Pakistan(16 year Education)
ii) Age 27 years
iii) Experience 4 Years
iv) Occupation in Positive List
v) Got letter from UNiverist and CUrrent EMployer the all communication held in ENGLISh
Note: i also IELTS with 5.5 but its i did in 2005 as should i attached just as Extra Doc..?
Nadi Khan

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer here

Educational Qualification: BE, PGDM (equivalent to MBA)

I have one yr work exp as Business Analyst with a software company.

1. Can I apply for Denmark immigration
2. will my PGDM degree be considered as a Master's degree

Kindly advice


Comrade said...

Dear Nadi

i) BSCS(Software ENginer) Honors 4 years = 50
ii) Age 27 years = 15
iii) Experience 4 Years, Occupation in Positive List = 15
v) Got letter from UNiverist and CUrrent EMployer the all communication held in ENGLISh
= depends (Its better to get 6.5 band in IELTS)

your previous IELTS exam is expired and there is no edge of it. It is recommended to take IELTS again, it will make solid your case.

Comrade said...

Dear Jennifer,
If PGDM is a recognized qualification than it will be acceptable.

Comrade said...

Dear Sharad,
You have to get attested your credentials from Ministry of External Affairs in order to make your immigration case more solid.

Anonymous said...

Hi Comrad
Again Nadi here

as i have mentioned i produced letter from mine University and current EMployeer all teaching and communication is in ENglish ....for 20 points may i calim through this way ..?
mean as on newtodenmark site they define there is 20 points is not possible to process without IELTS...?
as i have submitted mine Case with these letters on 21 July

Sharad said...

Thanks Comrad for reply,
Kindly let me know all the document that we are going to submit like Passport, Marksheets, Experience Letter, Transcript, letter from Employers are need to be notarized or self attestation is enough. - Sharad

Sharad said...

Hi Comrad, Yesterday I called Denmark Consulate in Mumbai and they refused to give appointment now. Any idea when appointment for Green Card will be given again. Is there any other procedure to get appointment. Please guide me. -- Sharad

Sreelekshmi said...


I like to know i am eligible for GC in Denmark.
My details are below:

Qualification: BE, MTech
Age: 34
IT Experice: 6 yrs
Medium of Education and Work: English
IELTS: 5.5

Vinod G

Anonymous said...

Hi i have applied for gc and received a appointment date. do i need to take original docs along with me.

Also i request to inform on interview questions to be asked by vfs

Anonymous said...


I applied for gc and received appointment date, do I have to take my originals at the time of submission of the file.

What will be the interview questions asked by vfs chennai.

kishdinesh said...

Am a graduate from IGNOU + 3yr Diploma in hotel mgmt from IHM + EMBA from NIBM Chennai
work exp. - 8 yrs. 5 yrs in BPO + 1.5 yrs sales + 1.5 yrs training
do i qualify for a denmark GC? I dont have courage to approach consultants... i`d rather want to apply on my own... pls guide.

Anonymous said...

Dear Comrade,

Thanks for being nice to reply my last enquiry and calculating my points. According to you, I can have 115 points and I am preparing to apply soon. Last month I have visited Denmark and found it nice to live in. Just some more information I need to finalize the application.

1. Previously I mentioned that I am a PhD student in Austria and living here legally for last 2+ yrs. Is my current status (student) a problem for me to have the immigration? I am a bit worried about it.

2. I can't submit the financial support of such an amount here by myself, but I can have my uncle (US citizen) as a sponsor to bear the finance for the first year after immigrating. Is it ok?

Thanking again for your supports to all applicant. Hope to hear from you again.


Anonymous said...

I have submitted my visa application on sep,01,2009 in the Green card scheme at chennai vfs and my appl has been forwarded to denmark embassy on 12th oct 2009. How long the embassy will take for granting visa in GC scheme.
Waiting for your reply....

Comrade said...

Dear K.Abraham,
It may take up to 4 months because of backlog.
You have to wait with patience

Anonymous said...

I submitted my visa application on september 22 2009, in chennai, it was forwarded to denmark embassy on 13th october 2009, around what time can i expect a call from embassy.
thanks and regards
Amtul Lais Siddiqui

Anonymous said...

I Applied on 22nd sep 2009 in chennai and got an update on 23rd nov 2009 that my application is sent to denmark embassy
I cant understand why they took 2 months for verification , where as for many others its just 1 month time
how long I may have to wait for GC from now

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I Applied on 22nd sep 2009 in chennai and got an update on 23rd nov 2009 that my application is sent to denmark embassy
I cant understand why they took 2 months for verification , where as for many others its just 1 month time
how long I may have to wait for GC from now

Maudgil said...

I am a qualified and experienced Indian teacher. I want to apply in a teacher category for green card. I can"t hire an agent for this purpose. Can I apply direct to your embassy? Kindly guide me and send me your application forms and required information at my email address. I shall be obliged.
Rupinder Kaur Moudgil

harry said...

i have fixedproperty like land. will it be usefull while applying for denmark under green card scheme.
And when i have to show bank balance while at the time of applying or during the travel?

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Please someone will let me know that which all documents are required for work permit of Denmark and need to know could I submit my application online if possible. If not then where to submit.


Rakesh said...

I am an electronics engineer with 2 years of experience as an marine electrical enigneer onboard tanker vessel.
i am 27 years old, my university comes under top 100 from which i completed my bachelors degree.
i gave ielts in 2005 , its expired now , score was 7, do i need to give it again before applying to the embassy.
i calculated my points and are 100. i should apply for green card or under the positive list.
and does the denmark embassy authorize any consultants in delhi for paper preparation,

Thank you


Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I would like to apply for Denmark Green Card, mean while, they asking bank balance for 12 lakhs. please help, any one know the financier in chennai.

Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

BA from KUK regular programme,MBA(IT)from sikkim manipal university distance programme,two years experience,5.5 IELTS bands(GT), age 30 years, married status, no child.tell me can i quallified green card visa.

Aman Sharma said...

Hi Friends,
My name is Aman Sharma from New Delhi. I am a commerce graduate and 3 year diploma holder from Aptech. I have an experience of 7+ years in BPO and Background Screening company. Got 6.5 in IELTS and 35 years of age. Wanted to know am I eligible for Green Card Visa / work visa.
Aman Sharma

Anonymous said...

mY name is Vikram Singh(Age 29 Year) from,I m a
# Post Graduate in Science from Rajasthan
# also have B.Ed from CCSU,Meerut
# BSc(PCB)from rajsthan...
# With 2 years teaching experience at Sen.Secondary level in English medium School...
I want to apply for Denmark Green Card Scheme..
Now I have got attested My MSc provisional degree n Marriage Cft from MEA Delhi...
I want to know that,"Is my BSc n BEd degree will need to got attested from the same or the Masters Degree attestion is enough?" Please clear the things for me...I will be thankful to all of you..@!@

vivek said...

Dear All,
My name is Vivek Gaur.
I am deciding to go for Denmark Green card.
Please help me to calculate the point cycle.
I have done PGDBM(it will count as a master degree or Not)..Please tell me...
I have done B.Tech
I have done Diploma
I have 4 year Exp. as a Engineer.

Please help me out to this bullshit confliction.

salman said...

sir i am salman hyder naqvi i have completed 3 year diploma in electrical eng and i want to aply for denmark green card my age is 25 my ielts score is 7 plz help me to get the permit

jatalia said...

I have done 2 years full time pg diploma ,followed by 3 years regular full time graduation .

My occupation is in positive list

Please let me know how much points will i get for my education .


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