Timelines of Denmark Green Card

Here is the database of applicants who applied for Denmark Green Card in last couple of months and still waiting for the decision.
By entering his/her case in this database, everyone who applied or going to apply for Danish GC will get idea how long it will take to get the decision.

So please enter your GC information like

1) When did you apply for Danish GC?
2)From which country & consulate?
3)Have you contact to DIS?
4)Decision received or not?


Anonymous said...

My details are as under
Name:Srinivas Miryala
Nationality: Indian
Applied on: 25th Feb 2009
Consulate: New Delhi India

Waiting for Decision

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Name: Manda Kevin
Nationality: Indian
Applied on: 20th January 2009
Consulate: Chennai, India

I got my visa reference number, I have recieved the call on 1st of April from New Delhi, to deposit more funds in the bank. First I have deposited 6.30 Lac INR, now I have to deposit another 1 lac, so the total amount is 7.30 lac INR.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

can someone tell me about the timeline of Denmark GC from India

shahrear said...

Dear sir,
May i know how much time it takes to complete the GC procedure from Bangladesh.
Shahrear Akhlaque

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

My name is Raja from Hyderabad
Today 15/6/2009 i phoned to Denmark embassy chennai. I asked for slot. They told me my slot number is 620 waiting list. They did not tell my interview date and month. Can i get interview call from embassy. what shall i make ready if i get an interview call.I have to carry application form and checklist and bank balance is that enough or i have to furnish some more details. plz guide me. Here i am giving my mail id kindly clarify my doubts.

Anonymous said...

hello all,
can any one tell me please that how much it cost to apply for this green card scheme?

Zeeshan said...

Dear Consultant!
Kindly calculate my points for green card processing.
1) Qualification = MBA from Hamdard University Karachi Pakistan.
2) M.A (economics) from Khirpur University Pakistan.
3) PGD (post graduate Diploma) From Hamdrad University Karachi Pakistan.
4) one year Diploma in DIT (Diploma in information Technology) from Petromen institute Karachi Pakistan.
5) 2.7 years of experience as Credit Manager & Relationship Manager in Banking sector (upto date)Karachi Pakistan.
6) Medium of Study English
7) Age 29

Comrade said...

Dear Zeeshan,
This section is only for timelines. Please discuss Green Card issues in Denmark Immigration Discussion Forum

Anonymous said...

Can anybody please give me an idea that how many people who have applied till june 2009 will be able to go to denmark till end of this year


Anonymous said...

hai, how long it will take to get approval, if i apply for denmark green card scheme from UK?


Comrade said...

Dear Monika,
These statistics release after the end of the year

Comrade said...

Dear Sunny,
It may take up to 2 months

Anonymous said...

for Denmark green card the Pls tell me how much old the fund required?

Anonymous said...

Well, Applicants should wait 2 to 4 months for the decision, which is still very FAST as copmare to other countires.

Comrade said...

3 months old bank statement is sufficient for Denmark Immigration

Anonymous said...

I called Denmark Embassy on Mar 25 and provided with my details , also the same to chennai consulate they've given 194 waiting list number.
So, when can I expect the dates from them.Please email me to

Anonymous said...

i m applying for Green Card Scheem, can anyone help me out what am i suppose to write in the applicants comments section?
Doesit really takes 1months as theay say?


Anonymous said...

GC application process time increase its 6-7 months. i am waiting for my ruling from last 5 months and still waiting.
so only apply if you can wait from 7 months.

Anonymous said...

I am Nazrul from Bangladesh..
My details are as follows...

1. SSC (Science)
2. Diploma in Electronic Engineering (3 Years)
3. BSc in Electrical Electronic Engineering (4Years)
(Total 17 year education)
2. Job Experience 4 years at Telecom Field
3. Bachelor degree achieved in English
4. Age 32
Please calculate my score for Danish immigration and reply at

Best Regards


Anonymous said...

i am Australian Citizen
Age: 33yrs
Qualification: Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Engg ( 4 yrs ), not from top 400 Uni :(
IT Professional : 9 yrs Work Experience in Microsoft .Net Technologies as Team Lead / Lead Developer / Consultant / Architect

Work Ex From EU : 3 yrs work ex from Germany / Berlin. First Green Card Holder in Germany

IELTS : Being Australian Citizen , am i exempted from English ?

Can you please tell me if i qualify for Denmark Immigration ? How long do they take to process ?

ANAND said...

Comrade thanks for the reply. Let me know with the below information are there any chances of getting Green Card ?

Here are my details, I hold 115 points that needed.

1) MCA (18yrs of exp)-----> 60 points
2) Adv.Diploma in German Language.
3) IELTS(6.0) ------> 15 points
4) Work exp (6yrs ) per Positive list. ----->15 points
5) positive list(computer applications & Telecom Engineer). ----> 10 points
6) Age= 26 ----->15 points
7) Been to Germany from SIEMENS for SIEMENS TELEKOM PROJECT (I hold the SIEMENS MUNICH certificates).

All documents are Appostiled, I have Health Insurance.

srinivas said...


This is srinivas

I want to know wether i am eligible for Denmark Green card for below qualification

Eduction :M.Sc(comp)


JOB:Software Engineer(4 Yrs Exp)


Comrade said...

Dear srinivas,
Yes, you may score 100 points easily in order to get Denmark Immigration

Comrade said...

You have prepared excellent immigration case. But as per my jugement your total score is 105 but its more than enough.
Wish you best of luck

Keep in touch

Comrade said...

Dear tinoo,
I think Australia is a very good destination for immigrants. Why are you thinking to immigrate from Australia?
Please share with forum members

Comrade said...

DeaR Nazrul,
You can easily achieve 100 points for Danish immigration because you are scoring 60 points for your education

Comrade said...

DeaR safira,
You may write any additional information in comments. The processing time might be late

ANAND said...

Dear Comrade,

It's ANAND once again. I calculated my points as per the rules in Work in Denmark list. Can you let me know, how you got 105 points. So that I can restructure once again.

1) MCA (18yrs of exp)-----> 60 points
2) Adv.Diploma in German Language.
3) IELTS(6.0) ------> 15 points
4) Work exp (6yrs ) per Positive list. ----->15 points
5) positive list(computer applications & Telecom Engineer). ----> 10 points
6) Age= 26 ----->15 points
7) Been to Germany from SIEMENS for SIEMENS TELEKOM PROJECT (I hold the SIEMENS MUNICH certificates).

All documents are Appostiled, I have Health Insurance.

Anonymous said...

i am faisal from pakistan and i want to what is the sucesses ratio of the green card scheme from pakistan.

Anonymous said...


My name is Dushvanth from chennai

1) i have completed B.E (4 yrs)- Electronics
2) 5+ yrs work experience
3) Studied B.E English medium

Please calculate my points

Can i submit my form in Denmark consult chennai

For language skill certificate - Bachelor degree (English medium enough or employer certificate required.

Please guide me


Anonymous said...

i have intw at mumbai on 27/7/09 for danish greencard, how amny month
it take to clear the greencard,and how many months i have to deposit 7 lac indian rupees in my bank.any idea on this

Comrade said...

Dear Faisal,
If your case is perfect than there are 100% chances.

Comrade said...

Dear Dushvanth,
English Certificate is required from your employer. If you go for IELTS than it will best

Comrade said...

Dear Anand,
1. Work exp (6yrs ) per Positive list.
2. positive list(computer applications & Telecom Engineer).

These both will give give you 15 points because you may score max 15 points for your experience.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone help me to calculate my points .
I am really confused if i have enough points to apply for GC.Pls find my below details:

Education: 17 years in Bangladesh.
Primary & high school-10 years.
Higher secondary: 2 years.
Bechelors of business adminstration: 4 years.
Major - management.
Masters of busines adminstration : 1 years.
Major-- Management.
I guess my university is not listed in top 400.

Age : 30 yrs.

Language : IELTS score
6 in reading.
6.5 in writing.
7.5 in speaking.
8 in listening.

* also did BBA & MBA in english.

Work Experience : 4 years.
(excutive- corporate affairs )
But my ocupation is not listed in positive list.

Looking forward for some feedback.Thanks


Comrade said...

Dear Arif,
If your occupation does not exist in th e positive list than you may loose 5 points only.

Anonymous said...


I did MSC(IT), MCA through Distance Education/ Correspondence from UGC recognised Univesity.

Will Embassy consider the Distance/Correspondence education for the Green Card or NOT.

Pls Let me know.

Gurpreet (India)

Comrade said...

Yes Gurpeet,
If your degree is recognized by UGC than it will definately be accepted

Andy said...

Dear comrade,
I am getting 120 points in all sections for GCS.can i apply without employment documents.i have some missing employment documents which i lost last year.
I still get 105,can i go ahead and apply?--Andy

Comrade said...

Yes andy,
You can apply for GC since you are scoring 105 points

Anonymous said...

What are the points for MBBS degree (doctors)


shahid said...

perhaps nobody around to calculate points for MBBS degree even i called CIRIUS they couldnt help me out?
anybody knows please let us know.


Anonymous said...

My advice to all is that you start learning some basic Danish language while you are waiting, cos you must communicate in danish to some extent if you want to get a good job, yes there are some english speaking jobs but it's not that easy to get,the waiting time is around 6 months for those applicants based in UK. start learning some basic Danish now and you will be very glad you did, cos this will further your chances of getting jobs easily.


Comrade said...

Dear Salty,
Thankyou very much for your precious comments.

Anonymous said...

MA English
Teaching Exp.5 years
Age 34
Let me know about my score.I did not attest my documents from foreign office and submitted two months ago.How much time it will take.Please comments.

Anonymous said...

could u tell me wht exactly possitive list consists and scores for the same



Anonymous said...

my qualification is MCA.,in India
Experience 8 years as lecturer and HOD in a MCA college.
age 38
Do I qualify for the GC scheem Denmark?
some consultants asking for 30 thousands for processing, Is it reasonable? Because I dont know how to book the appointment from Denmark embossy. Please guide me how to take appointment.
how many days before I need the health insurance and the bank deposits?

Anonymous said...

Qualification :BA and Bcom
MBA (accounts& finance)
PGD in agricultural management
Age :34years
experience :5 years after Bachelors and 2
years after masters.
IELTS :Got english language proficiency
letter from university

Anonymous said...

i have applied for danish green card on 15 august 2009 from UK. Approx how long it goona take to get the decision.

if they will take long my uk visa will runs out and then i have to go back to my home land. in this situation what will happen to my green card application? can i transfer to pakistan or i have to wait here.



Anonymous said...


Could anyone please tell me how long it takes to get the result from Ireland?

I have been here in Ireland for 5 yrs. I have masters degree and one year indian experience. If I apply from Ireland, How much I need to show in my bank statement..or Can I show Indian bank statement?

I shll be grateful If I get positive reply from anyone.

Anonymous said...

has anyone got a call or mail from the danish immigration services regarding denmark greencard in the past 3 to 4 months

Anonymous said...

I applied last june 2009 and got a interview date 1st september.In the end of interview they returned me all the original documents along with passport(put seal back of passport where wrote applied for S visa and A B C D. In D letter they put the OVAL symble).They informed me they will call me later. I don,t understand what is actually happend with my file. Is they refused me? Pls let me know ...
Thank you


Anonymous said...

I am Bangladeshi and I applied for green card on June, 2009. I faced embassy on August, 2009. I got reference number in this month. I want to know about reference number and how can I proceed.

I am waiting for your answer.


shawon said...

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Could you please calculate my points for green Card processing?

1) Qualification- 16 years in Bangladesh
Primary & High School: 10 Years
Higher secondary: 2 years.
Bachelor of Commerce: 2 Years
Master of Commerce: 2 Years

2) Age: 36 Years
3) Language: English better

4) Work Experience: 6 Years – Account Manager

I am waiting for your feed back.



Anonymous said...

i have applied on 27th February, 2009 from Germany. i called them last week (1st October, 2009) they said my application is now in process and will take a month. now a days it takes 7-8 months.

Suchindhraa said...


I'm Suchindhraa, working as an IT Professional for the past 4.5 years. I had completed MCA and scored 7.0 in IELTS.
I guess the funds required for Green card is nearly Rs. 6 lac but i have nearly 1/3rd of it in my account.
Can i still apply for green card?
Kindly advice.


suresh karki said...

I applied last june 2009 and got a interview date 16 september.In the end of interview they returned me all the original documents along with passport(put seal back of passport where wrote applied for S visa and A B C D. In D letter they put the OVAL symble).They informed me they will call me later. I don,t understand what is actually happend with my file. Is they refused me? Pls let me know ...
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Dear comrade,
It has been 28 mths since I gave my IELTS and I scored overall of 7 will that be counted and I had my 17 years of education and my Master's is in English medium and specializes in finance with a thesis including others are also in english will that be generate some points for lanuguage proficeny and I worked as an Finance controller in a organisation but it has been terminated last year will that make any problem regarding my work experience and I am 28 years an m at Sweden as a student from last three months please suggest my position for application
big P

Anonymous said...

Dear Comrade,

Hi, This is Kumar.

I am confused as to whether I should to apply for UK Tier 1 Visa or to apply for Denmark Green card scheme. I am working as a software developer with more than 3.5 years of experience and I am holding a Masters Degree (M.Tech in Computer science).

Could you please advise?

khurram said...

dear friends
i have applied for denmark green card in august 2009 from UK ,they have recieved my application on 15th august 2009.
i contacted them several times but every time they said that my application is still in waiting list. They have not forwarded my application to the processing unit.
Now a days they are taking about 7 to 8 months.
SO i m expecting a reply from them in April 2010.

I have a question for u people. on denamrk official site, it is written that "It is possible to be granted a three-year residence permit for the purpose of seeking work, and subsequently working, in Denmark. A residence and work permit under the Greencard scheme is issued on the basis of an individual evaluation using a point system designed to assess the likelihood that the applicant will be able to find qualified work in Denmark"

i believe that this statement is bit confusing , coz they are saying that greencard allows u to live and seeking work and subsequently working ,
Does it means that green card is only a residence prmit to seek work not to do job,
i believe once we recieved a job offer within the denmark then we have to forwards our case agian to the denmark immigration to grand us a workpermit.

Could u Please Clearify!


07908306714 UK

Arun said...

hi friends i got three questions. can anyone please answer those
1) pl calculate my points and confirm me whether am i eligible to is my biodata

AGE -23


EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION - BE-biomedical eng(india)-2007
MASTERS- biomedical engineering from a college in london which is affiliated to univ-2009
(college is not in the top 400)



2)If am eligible to apply may i kno bot d bank much money i shud keep in my account and how many months statement i shud show

3) how much is the visa fee

please friends find me a better very much hoping on this..please spare few mins to guide me..Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Dear plz Calculate my points for Danish green card

Education:B-tech Computer science and Engineering 4 years()Total 16 years education)


English fluency: 4 years enginnering degree at university where the medium of instruction is in english+ 3 years experince at a company with english as an official language

exp: 3+ years

Desingation:Software Engineer.

plz reply soon

Thanks and regards


sanath said...

I have applied for Danish green card on 23-Nov-2009 at VFS Chennai. They said it will take 4 - 6 months. I recently got verified too(they mailed my current company) so how long will it take for me to get the green card. Kindly let me know .... thank you.

md.abdul bashir said...

dear sir/madam,
i am md abdum bashir please calculate my ponts for denmark greencard scheme:
1.Education:B.COM (honours)3 years and M.COM(Accounting) one year From bangladesh national university
and two years M.B.A From european university in Cyprus.
2.age: 31 years.
3.language skill.i have completed M.B.A where study instruction language english and i have also IELTS 5.5
4.adaptalibility:i have been higher studied three years from EU country. study is under positve list as:Accounting work experience.One years in positive list as:Accountant.
please calculete my ponts and reply me as soon as possible.
yours sincerly bashir
from france

Anonymous said...

Hi i submitted the application on 9th dec 2009.and i was told by vfs that it will take minimum 6 months to reach a they do the verification in these months.So i am awaiting response.

Name: Niceoh Pulickan

Anonymous said...

I have submitted my application on 31st Aug 2009. When I track my application status it is showing as Visa Application for Applicant has been forwarded to the Denmark Embassy on 15/09/2009. Can anybody share their Green Card application status and also the date of application.
This will be a great information/help to other members.

Anonymous said...

Helo Sir/Madam/ Friends- anyone help me out

I have applied for GC in May 2009 & My interview also finished in Chennai Royal Danish consulate but tilldate I didnt received any Reference Number nor a call from the Danish Embassy-- What should I do now ?
Already 8months it has passed on yet how many months should I wait ? I emailed to Consulate and embassy some hundreds of time -yet no reply from them -- What can I do now ?

I came to know from my MD that telephonic Enquiry from consulate/Embassy has done for 2 times.

Here some people posted that they tracked their application status --- please let us how did you tracked that could be great usefull to many people who applied and waiting for result.

please let me know the details


Anonymous said...


Name: Roopavathi Yada
DoB : 01-01-1985
Nationality: India
Consulate: Chennai

Till date I didnt received neither a call nor E-mail from Danish Embassy. Please let me know how can I check my VISA Status? How to get my reference Number?



Hawk eye said...

I have applied on 23 Nov 2009 and my file was reached to DIS on 26 Nov 2009 i did not receive any response fro DIS can any body tell me how I can get my file reference No and what will the medium and with this what information I give to them to get my file reference No.

At last can any body tell me how much time it will take to confirm the visa

Anonymous said...

I applied on 2nd March 2009 from Germany. my documents were sent to CIRIUS on 8th Oct 2009, and got my green card on 17th December 2009. so it took almost 10 months in my case.


Anonymous said...

I am planning to migrate to Denmark with GC. Please calculate my ponints.

Education: BSc+CIC+MCA (indira gandhi National Open Univestity, India)-------- Total 18.5 years study

Age: 33 years plus

Experiences: 7 years in telecommunication office as network supervisor + 3 years in teaching MCA and BCA courses

Language certificates: all degree received in English + teaching in English medium



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

name-ranjita singh tamang
interview date- 16 sep-2009
qualifacation- master of business study
consulate- kathmandu,nepal
prapose- CG

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me that difference between this two masters

Bachelors degree followed by one year Masters program : 50 points

Masters degree : 60 points

Anonymous said...

I applied from Germany, on 28 Oct 2009.
how long it take place?
and what is green card case number

Anonymous said...

i have applied on 22nd october 2009 at chennai embassy.till now i didn't received any call or mail from DIS.
thanks and regards,

Anonymous said...


I submitted my application for the Danish Green Card at the Embassy of Denmark Brussels on the 24th Feb 2010. I got my Green Card permit on the 2nd March 2010.

The processing these days is super fast.


Anonymous said...

can some one provide DAnish VFS helpline No the nos they provided on the net are all wrong and going to different contry VFS

Anonymous said...


can you please tell me whether i am eligible for denmark green card or not
I done my MCA--->60
I think my qualification is suitable for jobs in positive list means i got bonus points--->10
I have language proficiency certificate from the university---->20
I have finished swedish level-1 exam, i dont know whether am get points for this exam
my age is 25---->15
I have no experience

so please tell me with out experience also whether am eligible for applying denmark green card or not

Anonymous said...

I am Rahim from Bangladesh. I applied Denmark green card on June 18, 2009. Last month I got a letter from my case officer, in which She wrote me that I have to wait upto November,2010 because a large number of applications are deposited everyday. Now I want to know that who applied Denmark green card already got this type of letter. I am totally confused about green card. Will anybody give me the correct answer?


md. mohabbat hossain said...

I am md.mohabbat hossain from Bangladesh,I applied Denmark under GCS last sept'2009. Last April'2010 I recieve a acknowlegement letter from denmark immigation center. This letter know me that the month of june'2010, they can any news about positive or negitive of GCS for me. But tildate i cannot know any news from immigation.Please guide me to about my cases.

md.mohabbat hossain

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What is my possibility (point) of getting GC in Denmark? My eductation is enough to get 60 point?


education:Bsc+CIC+MCA(Indira Gandhi National Open University) total: (15+.5+3)=18.5 years of study

Experiences: 8 years in telecom sector(IT) (Networks field)+ 3 YEARS Teaching and evaluation students+ supervising undergraduate students in their final year projects.

English: certification can be obtained from university, telecom


vasanthakumar said...

plz guide me:

qualification: btech mechanical
exp: 5 years in manufacturing field as quality engg.
can i go for denmark green card....


Comrade said...

Dear vasanthakumar,
Your points breakup is as follows

btech mechanical = 50
exp: 5 years = 15
age:27 = 15
ielts:6 = 15

Total Points = 95

You may get 5 more points by scoring at least 6.5 band in ielts

Anonymous said...

I am Falak from Pakistan, currently in Sweden....
My points are ok, what I need to know is
1) How long will it take to process my case, approx.
2) when I will apply for GC, do i need to submit my all original documents (educational) and passport?...if yes then how can i move to Pakistan if my case is submitted to Danish embassy?
3) what is the official website for Danish GC?

Dinesh said...

Dear Friends in interview with Royal Danish Embassy what questions asked pls can you help me


Comrade said...

They generally ask questions abt you and your family. Your intention of getting GC and how you will settle in Denmark after immigration

Anonymous said...

why in this blog there is always sea of questions and no answers?

Amandeep said...

New to this discussion place..i applied for GCR in 3 Sep 2010. just wandering how long its takes to makes the decision final..


Anonymous said...

i applied for GC from Denmark as a Bangladeshi on 6 may 2010.they sent letter for sending again my copy of certificates through embassy and i did so in early august long will it take to get reply.

Anonymous said...

hi everyone i have applied on nov'09 from london and got it in oct'10...i have some of the queries website which is directly linked to the dannish embassy in denmark to which u can send email and check ur application status.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

I think that Denmark should limit the messy applications coming from: India, Bangladesh,Vietnam, China and Pakistan.
Simply because Asiatics are spoiling thinks over the few minority of highly qualified North Africans. Furthermore, white North Africans are getting along in Europe since a century now... Do anyone think that 2 billion asiatics can ALL have their applications accepted... Then..let's call Europe "Asia".

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir

1.I have completed B.E(I.T) in june 2004.
2.worked as senior officer-system/it for three year.
3.completed MBA(mkting) in may-2010.
4.working as asst. professor(I.T) -in govt engg college.

so can u please let me know how many points will be awarded on neducationaal and experiance

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

Please confirm how we will get to know that our post has been answered or not? I can not find my post of 28.01.11 on screen.
Please help.

Anonymous said...

dear sir, i am md. abul kalam.i appeald 26 june 2010 against decision of DIS who gave me total 90 poients without 2 year adn above job exprience .i live in uk. and my nationility is banglidesh. after how long can i get my result.already ministry has responded my paper. pls give me answer. my email:

Anonymous said...

I applied on 16 February.

According to information from VSf, i SHOULD get visa in 3months in uk.

Anonymous said...

I also applied on 16th February from UK and was told to get in 3 months. No response except vsf reference till now. This is a timeline forum so only discuss timeline of processing. Donot put stupid comments of i.e. I am ba, ma, msc so what.......

manoo Khan said...

i paid my fees through international banking on 04/04/2011 and still not waiting for replay from Denmark and they don't give any response what i do. i apply for green cards scheme.
please some one guide me

Neelabh said...

I applied from India for Green card on 4th may 2011 and now I am having my case ID from Denmark immigration and they said it would take 3 more mnths to process.

Anonymous said...

Hello Guys, After having a look on the above comments, seems everyone is struggling to get their danish green card including me.

I applied on 24th october 2011 from UK, and still waiting for my decision. I contacted DIS and came to know, i have to wait minimum 6 months more. It would be a great if anyone got a green card recently and when he/she did apply? so we can find out, how far the DIS have reached so far? So share as much you can.

Anonymous said...

I have applied from UK on 20th Jan 2012 and got my passport and documents back on 21st Feb 2012. I am expecting the final decision by 20th of April. If I get the decision by 20th April (3 months), I will let you know.

Anonymous said...

i hav applied from uk on 19th oct 2011 and now i returend to india as my uk visa is expired. i still not get any response frm DIS. i called up danis ambasy to change my address and they changed my new address. when i asked them how much time it will take to get the visa, they told me that there are thousands of case pending so they dont knw hw much time it will take . they assure me that whenever they evaluate my case they will send me a latter to my indian address and ten only i will get my visa. so there is not time gurantee frm dis wen i will get my green card visa.

Anonymous said...

Hi ,
Could you Please calculate my points as I m bit confused
Bachelor (2 years ) Pakistan
Master (2 years ) Pakistan
MBA(1year). UK

IELTS. 6.5 band
Age 25
Experience .Nil
Living in EU country for 2 years
If I want to learn and appear in Danish language test how and where would I find the information ,currently residing in London

naveen said...

hello sir
i am navin
i heard that IT freshers can also eligible for danish Green Card .so Could you Please calculate my points and give me a proper idea for apply.
1. MCA 3yers
2. Bachelor Degree(3 years )
Age: 23
Proficient in ENGLISH

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