Why work in Denmark?

There are a lot of good reasons for seeking work in Denmark. First and chief, Denmark has a handsome working environment with comfortable and development-oriented working conditions. Danish business culture is characterized by a flat structure and an open discussion between management and employees.

Denmark’s most significant competition parameter is knowledge which is reflected in both the work facilities and views on employee growth. Workplaces join considerable priority to skill development, and the majority offer ongoing supplementary training to their employees.

And it doesn’t just seem sensible to come to Denmark as a worker. Your family will also be offered good environment here; it is a protected and safe country in which to live, and many foreigners also find there is a good balance among family life and work when they come to Denmark. This is largely for the reason that the working week is only 37 hours, and because Danish employers normally respect family life.

In Denmark you are able to spend a comparatively large amount of time with your family, and there are fine possibilities for being competently challenged at work.


Anonymous said...

Should we cosider part time work...Sanjeev rai

Anonymous said...


I’d like to clear few doubts with you on my eligibility to get Danish Green Card.

I've completed my MBA degree (Full Time) from Adhiyamaan Engineering College affiliated to Periyar University, TamilNadu, India in the year 2003, with English as my medium of language.I did my graduation in Bachelor of Arts (BA-Economics) in the year 2001(English Medium)

I’ve 2 years of management experience in Heath care Industry(Bangalore,India) as Asst.Manager from Dec 2005 to Nov 2007 and
8 months of Management experience in Logistics, Fleet Management (Cochin,Kerala,India) as Asst.General Manager from Dec 2007 to Aug 2008. Now I’m 30 yrs of age, Presently not working, not Married, good command over English, having a bank deposit of INR 10 Lakhs (equivalent to 1,11000 DKK) . Please let me know your assessment on the chance of getting me migrated to Denmark and how many points i'm eligible to earn in this scheme. Also,please let me know how the Danish Visa Processing team will look the gap in my career, whether this will have any adverse impact ?. Your valuable suggestions and advises are highly solicited.

Also, i’d be grateful to you if you could let me know the time frame it would take to process the whole steps to get the Visa Stamped and what are the necessary documents required. Please help me.

Thanks for your Time!


Anonymous said...

as per ,y knowledge, part time experience will not be considered for danish greencard.
If someone know more abt it plzz comment

Immig- said...

Dear Manu,
Yoy may get 50 points for education
20 for english language
15 for age
and 20 for worl exprience, if it lies in the positive list

Sameer said...

I would like to know what is the Minimum wages in denmark. Also how much funds are required and for how long one has to maintain the funds in the bank account, and also if you can tell me how long the visa procedure take after the file is submitted.

Thanks and Regards

Anonymous said...

Dear Manu ,
I am Hussein , I am working in KSA as Financial Controller ( in the positive list ), for more than 10years ,
I have graduated after 4 years of study with
bechelor degree in business studies , I have
got over all band of 6 in IELTS , but unfortnately , I am over 40 years of age .
Please let if I qualifay for necessary points for immigration to Denmark .

thank you

Comrade said...

Dear Hussein ,

KSA as Financial Controller ( in the positive list ), for more than 10years ,

I have graduated after 4 years of study with
bechelor degree in business studies

6 in IELTS

over 40 years of age

Total 95

Anonymous said...

Hi I Am Abrar i have done BE Industrial (04 year)
more than 03 years working experience in Industry can i qualify for immigration....

Anonymous said...

Harpreet Singh

Dear Sir i want to kanow what is per person income in denmark.

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