Living expenses in Denmark for a new immigrant

For a single person, you need a minimum of 11000-15000 DKK/month for the initial months in Denmark.

Some Examples of these expenses are:
1. Food expenses for the first month-500DKK-700DKK/ month (approx)
2. Money for the first month’s rent of apartment or any other accommodation and a deposit, which is normally the three times the monthly rent. You will get some of the deposit back when leaving your apartment or accommodation.
Rent 2000 DKK-4000DKK/person/month (approx)
3. Transportation charge will range from 700-1100DKK/month (Train, Bus and metro includes in same card)
Note: You are accountable if you travel without a valid travel ticket or card, you have to pay the fine of 750DKK.
4. Personnel Expenses : 2000 DKK to 3000 DKK
5. Mobile Phone/prepaid -SIM card 300-500DKK/month
6. Miscellaneous expenses.


Anonymous said...

hi i have done MBA, i need to calculate my points. my age is 28. married iwth two kids my spouse av also done MBA and she is 25.i av got work exp of 4 to 5 years. i have done IELTS but the medium of communication of my sixteen year education was english.
kindly help me calculate the points and tell me if i cud submit my case through the consultants

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i'm from bangaladesh, how can i aply for this


Comrade said...

Dear Fawad..
Your possible points for Danish Immigration are
Qualification: 50
age 15
experience: 15 if lies in the positive list
language: max 20

you can obtain 100 points

Comrade said...

Dear mafij!!!
Everybody who qualify 100 points can apply for Danish Green card

Kamal said...



Anonymous said...

i need a job in denmark, both me & my wife are mba & have working experience of 4 yrs please guide us, Thanks
achin kansal

Comrade said...

Dear achin kansal,
Consult the job sites of Denmark. You can definately get a job in Denmark as per your current credentials

Anonymous said...

dear assessor!
Education : MPH (2 years) Master Of Public health
Experience : Three years of teaching Experience As Principal next three year experience in a INGO as supervisor.
Age : 29 year old
Ielts 5 band GT module
please kindly advise me am i eligible for Green card or not ?
if i am eligible please tell me further process required
i expect your answer in my e mail adress also
which is
Anil Kumar pandey

Anonymous said...


i am sonjoy.i am 25 years of age. i need to know two things.

my work experience is for 3 years as an accounts officer. i have 17 years of education. after done Bachalor (B.B.M)(Hons)Degree i completed MBA (Finance) as well as i was working also. So what would the point will be calculated for my education and work experience.
My previous education and current work environment is english.

Second thing is how much is the possibilty for me of getting a job in Denmark.

i am eagerly waiting for a reply.

thank you.

sonjoy chowdhury

Anonymous said...

If you cannot talk Danish, the possiblity of getting a job is the same as to find a niddel in the pacific ocean.

Dhanya said...

My name is dhanya,i would like to migrate denmark.i am totaly ignoured about these process.which is the better way for migration.i would like to know its cost and all.i am giving my full details bellow.could u please assist me.

qualification---------Msc microbiology(2yrs exp)
spouse----------------iti draughtsman civil(8yrs)

Comrade said...

Dear Dhanya,

Obtaining Danish Green Card is the best way to immigrate to Denmark

Anonymous said...


i have done my MBA in international business form london, i am in india now i want to apply for green card.what are the job chances there without speaking danish language.

Comrade said...

Dear Anonymous,
Of course chances of getting job in Denmark will be better if you know Danish.

kiran said...

hi this is Kiran and i got the job in dename with salary montly is 20000DDK is ok and fine

Anonymous said...

Hi Friends,

I am from India want to Immigrate to Denmark.
So regarding that I would like to have inputs from your side as follows:

My Qualification & Experience:
I have done MBA (Marketing & IT)
BE (Computer Science)

Work Experince of more than 1 year in a reputed IT company in India.

Now, what would be my point as per their criteria.

Another thing, even after getting the desired points how much would be expense and how much money i have to show (in indian rupees) in order to immigrate.

And what would be the time limit, where in my application would be accepted.

Kindly guide on my queries.

Would really appreciate your inputs

Thanks & Regards


Comrade said...

Dear Gaurav,
What is the total number of years of your qualification?

Please write your bio data in order to get assessment for Denmark Immigration

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Afzaal I want imigrate to denmark I obtained 100 point as per my bio data my sister is also hoiding danish nationality is this plus point for me? if my sister will bear my expance in denmark then is it neccessory to show my bank statement for expances?

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,


what is the job opportunity for social professional in Denmark without capturing Danish language..

Anonymous said...

Dear Comrade,

I am writing my Bio-Data wherein my qualification is as follows:

BE (CSE): 4 years (VTU Belgaum)
MBA (IT & Marketing): 2 years (ICFAI, Mumbai)
Total Education years = 12+4+2= 18 years.
Previous Education from reputed Convent School.

Experience = 1 year 3 months (Area Manager - IT Retail Services)
IELTS = 6.5
Age= 27 years.

These are my added inputs from my previous mail.
Kindly update me with my assesment point as per Denmark immigration law/format.

Would this be sufficient to Immigrate to Denamrk

Would appreciate you time and inputs.

Thanks & Regards


Nazrul said...

I am Nazrul from Bangladesh..
My details are as follows...

1. SSC (Science)
2. Diploma in Electronic Engineering (3 Years)
3. BSc in Electrical Electronic Engineering (4Years)
(Total 17 year education)
2. Job Experience 4 years at Telecom Field
3. Bachelor degree achieved in English
4. Age 32
Please calculate my score for Danish immigration and reply at

Best Regards


Comrade said...

Dear Gaurav,
You can easily score 100 points

Comrade said...

Dear Nazrul,
Education 60
exp 15
eng 20 (Depends)
age 15

Comrade said...

Dear Gaurav,
You are scoring more than 100 points

Anonymous said...

Can you guide us with some good JOB sites in Denmark for finding a new job. As well my spouse would like to persue PHD in Biotechnology. Can you list some good universities for Biotechnology PHD. Do they give any stipend as well.

Anonymous said...

i am anu parmar.m.phil biotechnology, B.ED.want to do phd with job in guide

Anonymous said...

Dear Comrade,

I am from Bangladesh. I want to get immigrant.
My details are as follows:

1. Education 17 years
Honors from Aligarh Muslim University (Subject Economics 3 yrs)
MBA from Bangladesh (major in Marketing)
Both honors and MBA was in English medium

2. Job experience: About 6 yrs
Working with the City Bank Limited (local bank of Bangladesh)

3. Age 32

4. Married, have a son aged near one yr.

5. Wife's education 16 yrs (presently studying Masters in Political Science)

Please inform me abt the points need for immigration in Denmark?

Is there need any IELTS if need then minimum how many point required?

Without IELTS is it possible to apply for the immigration?

Cost for the immigration process will require?

How long will it take for the immigrations process from Bangladesh?

Is there any suitable job available considering my job experience?

Please reply me ASAP. I will be very grateful to you.


Anonymous said...

Hi everybody.
I would like to know is there any jobs for Car electro mechanik or as a car diagnose mechanik


Anonymous said...

i was applied for green card scheme for last six months ago but yeterday i get the letter from danish immigration department and they want to my original degrees and my bank statement that showed DKK 69905, but i have only DKK 66600, can i eligible for green card having this amount.. reply me on my email address also. thanks and regards

Noman said...

hi im Noman Ali.
* Age 26
* Masters in Commerce
* 4 years of eperience in the field of Sales in FMCG 2 years pre-masters experience and 2 years post-masters degree experience.

* Ielts= 6.0 band

Do I qualify for Danish Green Card?

Noman said...

hi Comrade plz guide me:
Age 26

Masters In Commerce (Specialization in Finance)

4 years Experience in the field of sales in FMCG( 2yeras post master degree experience and 2 years pre masters degree experience) currently working as Territory Sales Manager

ielts 6.0 band.

Do i qualify for Danish Green Card?

Anonymous said...

# Education: B.S.C. in Mathematics (4Years) + Master Of Science in Applied Mathematics(1Year)(Total 17 year education)
# Experience: Job Experience 3 years at Lecturer in Mathematics (lies in the positive list).
# My previous education and current work environment is english.

# Age 30 Years
Please calculate my score for Danish immigration.
Best Regards


purushotham said...

Education: M.S.C. in Biotechnology(17 years education)
Experience: Job Experience 2.8 years in buiotech industry
My previous education and current work environment is english.
How many points i will score for danish green card

GAURANG said...







Anonymous said...


How much time will be consumed for Denmark Immigration. will the immigration centre informe me if i donot get GC?


Anonymous said...

I like to get green card. but is there any prospect for job in IT Industry
I am 26 year old Bacholar degree in computor sciences,Master degree in computor sciences 3years work experience. Should I get the job there immidiately after landing in denmark and could I survive in salary of me there

Anonymous said...

Hi, wat r the chances of getting any blue collar job in denmark (without knowing Danish language) & surviving wid that..?

asif nawaz said...

I am asif nawaz from pakistan..
My details are as follows...

1. M.S Nuclear power engineering(2years)
2. BSc in Mechanical Electronic Engineering (4Years)
(Total 18 years education)
2. Job Experience 0 years
3. Bachelor and master degrees achieved both in English
4.I have learn throgh out in English.
5. Age 27
Please calculate my score for Danish immigration and reply at

Anonymous said...

Subject : Inquiry About Consultancy Charges For Immigration

Dear Sir,

I would like to know who much your total charger to apply immigration through your office.

1- Denmark green Card scheme
2- New Zealand skilled immigration.
3- Canada skilled immigration

What is your advise for me means more suitable and easy country me .

my details is as under

Presently I am in Saudi Arabia. I have more then 13 years of experience (Six and half years in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) as Staff Nurs .

My date of birth – 20-01-1992

I have Master degree in English Literature.
3 years diploma in General Nursing
1 year diploma in Midwifery

Do I need IELTS for immigration ?
Or can I get exemption for IELTS ? because I have done master in English literature.

Hopping for favorable consideration and look forward to receive your response at the earliest.

Best Regards,

Meena Yasmin

Anonymous said...

1- Denmark green Card scheme
2- New Zealand skilled immigration.
3- Canada skilled immigration

What is your advise for me means more suitable and easy country me .

my details is as under

Presently I am in Saudi Arabia. I have more then 13 years of experience (Six and half years in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) as Staff Nurs .

My date of birth – 20-01-1972

I have Master degree in English Literature.
3 years diploma in General Nursing
1 year diploma in Midwifery

Do I need IELTS for immigration ?
Or can I get exemption for IELTS ? because I have done master in English literature.

Hopping for favorable consideration and look forward to receive your response at the earliest.

Best Regards,

Meena Yasmin

Comrade said...

Dear Meena Yasmin,
Canadian Immigration is more suitable for you because your profession fall in required professions.

2. You have to do IELTS for Canadian Immigration.

3. Denmark Immigration is another good option for you and in this case IELTS may be exempted.

So think about these 2 alternatives

Anonymous said...

Hi Comrade,

I am a MBA in Finance from Mumbai University, India. I have 6 years of experience in Financial Analysis/Equity Research/Investment Banking.

What are the chances of me geeting a DAnish Green card and the job prospects. Also, how much salary do you think a person with my profile will be able to get in Denmark?


za said...

Pls Calculate my points
I'm Msc In Applied Chemistry & Chemical technology, Age 30, Work experience six years as chemist. No IELTS test still appeared but want to appeared.
Pls Help

Anonymous said...

Dear Comrade,

I have done Bachelors of computer sciences honors.
I haven't done IELTS etc but my studies purely in english background
Overall work experience 8 years.
Age 32, married having two kids. my spouse has also graduate degree.
Pls help to calculate my points regarding denmark immigration green card scheme.

Best Regards,
Sibtain Hussain Khan

Dude said...

Hello Comrade

I am Kiran ,Working as a SAP Consulant and has a work experience of 5 years,and my age is 28.

I completed Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology(IT) 12+4=16 years.

IELTS ,I never appeared,hopefully I will be getting a band score of 6.5 or 7.

Spouse Details:B.Pharm (12+4=16 years)
Work experience:3 years

I was applying for canada,unfortunately they changed the job listings which has made more tougher now,I would like to apply for Denmark,Can you please guide me,whether I will qualify for Denmark,and also the chances for getting a job.


Anonymous said...

Dear Comrade,

I would like to apply for Denmark, Can u provide me a painless suggesstion whether I will qualify for Denmark and also chance for getting a job at the initial stage.

Academic Profile:
MBA- Management,2010
B.Sc. Engineer, Mechanical,2004

Job Experience:
5 Years ( 1 year Dubai, UAE + 4 Years in Bangladesh)

Language Knowledge:
and Medium of academic language proficiency english.

29 years

Please tell me my points.


Anonymous said...

hello sir
1.Name: Amit Garg
2.Qualification:MBA (Marketing & Finance)
3.Age: 25 Years
4.IELTS: 6.5
5.Experience: 1 Year

Bindiya said...

What are the monthly expenses in denmark?
I heard that it is very expensive country and you have to live hand and mouth?
Is it true?

Comrade said...

Monthly expenses are 11000-15000 DKK. Convert in your owncurrency

Bangladesh Automobile Owner Club said...

Hi Comrade,
ITs really nice to see your prompt reply.

Could you please calculate for me ?

1. B.Sc in Computer Science (4 years) with gold academic result
2. 2 years job experience in Customer Realtionship and IT management.
3. Driving Experience

Could you please guide me to obtain the path to Denmark VISA processing ?

Best wishes for you

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Anonymous said...

Monthly expenses are 11000-15000 DKK. Can u Convert in USD Pls?

Comrade said...

its 1266 to 2817 USD

Anonymous said...

Hello Comrade,

1. I've completed B.Sc in Computer Science & Engineering (Total Duration- 16 years Education). Medium of Academic Study: English.

2. 02 years work experience as Executive-IT (Information Technology)& 01 year Asst. Manager (IT)that means total work experience 03 years in the IT field in renowned & large top ranking Industrial group.

3. Age 29 years.

4. IELTS: Band Score 6.5

5. Name: Abu Taher, Nationality: Bangladeshi

Pls. calculate my points considering above for Denmark Immigration.

Best regards,

Abu Taher

Anonymous said...


My Credentials are as follows:

Age : 33
Education : BS comp. Science (16 years of education)
IELTS score: 7.5
Work Experience : 5 years As Software Business Analyst /Software Quality Assurance Engineer
Spouse Education : M. Phil (17 years) (Psychologist)

How many points can i secure for Green Card immigration to Denmark?


Anonymous said...

I have done MCA (Masters of computers applications ) form India in 2009 nad i have one year work ex as asn software engineer. Can i apply for green card of denmark. pls guide me further.....

Saurav Dhir

kapil said...

Dear Expert,

Please help me to find out whether i am eligible to apply for Denmark Green Card.

Age :35

Qualification: MBA Marketing (10+3+3+2=18 years of education)

Work Experience: 3 years in SAP(Information Technology)

Designation: IT Analyst

IELTS: Education and Work Experience (All in English, transcripts available)

Spouse Qualification: Bachelors in Information Technology + 4 years of work experience in IT field.

Faisal said...

This is sana batool from Pakistan
My credentials are as follow
Education= M.COM & M.A. Economics from Punjab University.
Age= 32 years
IELTS= 5.5 band
Work exp = 3 to 4 years as a deputy Manager accounts * Audit.presently working as a teacher.
Chidren= 3 kids
Please help me to find out whether i am eligible to apply for Denmark Green Card.this is my email id

Sana Batool

Tina said...

Hi, I have got an offer for Phd from Denmark but no scholarship for Living expenses. I am single, have 18 years education, & 7 bands in IELTS and 1 yr work experience as Researcher. Can I get Danish Green Card? With how many points and how can this benefit me there?


Anonymous said...

HIee ...

I need to know Danmark (green card) immigration points for my education and ielts.

My age is 30, done ielts with 5.5 ( but it is expired 1 year before) and i have done my Master's in english, i did my masters in 2009, and have got Management experience of 4 years as well before masters. plus now i live in london doing another masters from here. kindly suggest me if i can apply for that not? my London master's has not finished yet. plus working with a firm here as well , as a (Business development Manager)..


Shimul said...

I have a Higher National Diploma in Accounting from Edexcel ,UK (Level -5 )
BBA (Major Accounting )
1 year experience in Accounts department .
My Age is 21

Can I eligible for Immigrant ?
What types of jobs I get from these experience ?
How much I earn in Denmark ?
What is the living cost will be ?

Please sir advise me .


Anonymous said...

can somebody tell how i can calculate my point for denmark?

Anonymous said...

My name is Aamir, I have done MBA-finance , Age 26, i have practical experience of 5 -6 years in Finance and accounts .

Do i qualify for green card program.

seeking reply

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