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This is a discussion forum for all who want to immigrate to Denmark. This forum is best for those who want to get Denmark Green card on their own. Feel free to ask your queries or difficulties in comments; others will be pleased to help you by using their own knowledge and experience. Also you may write your experience of Denmark Greencard so that others may get help from your experience.
To discuss any issue regarding Denmark Immigration, say it in comments below and discuss your Denmark Immigration / Green Card Issues.


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Anonymous said...

Please anyone kindly email me the sample formats of below mentioned certificates on my email address:
1. English proficiency Letter
2. Experience Letter
3. Authenticity letter of educational documents
I will be very thankful.

Anonymous said...

I'm rofiq
1. Education: B.SC Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering(4 Years)+MBA(2 years) total 18 years Education.
2. Medium Instruction of Education English(B.Sc + MBA.)
3. Age: 29 years
4. Work experience:4 years(2.5 years in IT+ 1.5 years in TV channel as broadcast engineer)

Can i apply for migration in Denmark?

plz. answer me. i'm waiting for your reply.


Dushvanth said...


I'm Dushvanth from chennai

Could any one know Direct helpdesk or enquiry service available in 'Danish consulate chennai'


Prem kumar said...

I did B.E (Electronics) in english medium

For language skill - Education certificate or Letter from employer any one is ok or both should submit

Prem kumar

Anonymous said...

hi i am from pakisatan can u plz calculate my points for dansish green card

bachelor of arts 2 years
masters in english literature 2 years
mba hrm 18 months
all documents have been attested from hec and foriegn affair
work experience as a hrm manager 4 years
languge skills (having letter from employer and university too)
age 12 jan 1976


Comrade said...

You have to show both Msc and Bsc transcripts

Comrade said...

Dear Rofiq,
Yes u can apply for Danish Immigration. You score 100 points easily.

Dear Prem Kumar,
Languge certificate from one of these options is enough.

Dear Khalid,
You are scoring almost 100 points but its better to take ielts in order to prepare a solid case.

Meena said...

I need languge certificate format from educational institute and employer

kindly sent to -


Meena said...

I need format for language skill certificate both Educational and Employer

please reply to my mail -


ravvy said...

what is contact number or email or website for denmark high commission in india?

Rapid response highly appreciated!!!

Atif Ahmed said...

Thanks alot comrade for ur help
please also tell me the application process fees for denmark immigration

Atif Ahmed

Rashed said...

This is Rashedul Islam from Bangladesh.
I m a BBA from University of Dhaka
My medium of Education was English.
Im having 03 Years Job experience in Marketing & Sales.
Im also Married.

Can any one advise me whether my qualification is enough to get Green Card of Denmark.

Thanks in advance for positive reply.

Best Regards.

Anonymous said...

Dear friends
I applied for the green card. Please tell me what will be asked in the interview? My interview is in next week.

from nepal

ramsh said...

Please send me official site which can guide 'how to immigrate to denmark' in details , i mean A to Z details

Muhammad Awais said...

Can any one share the Formats of the Documents?

Please mail me @


Abdullah said...

I am Abdullah from Bangladesh.i am intersted to get Denmark greencard vise . Given below my total information:
1.Compleating B.Sc (Hons) in computer science ( 4years)from National university.
2.4 years work experience
3.Age below 30.
Please tell me some one , i am eliglibale to apply to Denmark.
Calaulating my total point.

My e-mail Id:

Comrade said...

Dear Abid,

1. Fill the both informations
2. You have to show your transcripts as well as degrees.

Anonymous said...

How do i know that what is my score ?


Anonymous said...

Tareq Iqbal, Dhaka.
Dear sir,
Plz calculate me below information and inform me is it possible for me to migrate Denmark?

Education: B.Sc engineering in Computer Science and Engineering(4 years).Experiece: 3.5 Years in Computer Networking field(IT).
Age: 28 years.Education Medium: English.

Tareq Iqbal,

Anonymous said...

Shariful Hasan Khan.

calculate below information and posibility to migrate in Denmark?

Education: B.Sc engineering in Computer Engineering(4 years). M.Sc in Computer Science and Engineerin(1 year).
Experiece: 4 Years in IT field.
Age: 31 years.
Education Medium: English.

Shariful Hasan Khan.

Anonymous said...


Followings are my information:
* Bachelor + Master (Political Science- not in EU)
* Doing Ph.D in Austria
* Studied 2 yrs in english university (But the program was not completed)
* Age: 30
* 4+ yrs administrative experiences
* IELTS- 6.5

My profession is not exactly in the positive list. Can I apply?

Is there anyone to kindly calculate my points for me?

Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

Please caculate my point for immigration in Denmark according to the following information:

Education: B.Sc in Computer Science and engineering

Age: 25yrs.

Experience: 2.5 yrs.

Medium of Instruction: English

Name: A.H.M.Mojaddeque Karim
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Comrade said...

Dear A.H.M.Mojaddeque Karim,

What is your education in total number of years

Comrade said...

Dear Shariful Hasan Khan,
You are scoring 100 points. So you are eligible

Anonymous said...


I'm Dushvanth from Chennai, India

can i go directly to get application form or i have to get prior appointment to get form.

Please let me know


Anonymous said...

I'm Manju from india

please clarify about Health Insurance

Where to insure ?

Thanks and Regards,

Anonymous said...

This is pretty good. But where from I start immigration case process, which means what thing I have to need for starting immigration process? – Anybody can help me?

Comrade said...

Dear Dushvanth,
Its better to get prior appointment.
Why dont you download forms from Denmark Immigration official website

Comrade said...

Dear Anonymous,
First of all you have to calculate your immigration points

Anonymous said...

I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management, MA & BA (honours) in History(1+3=4 years), job experience 5.6 years in sales & 2.6 years in customer service, IELTS score 6, official language is English. Am I eligible to apply for Danish work permit under greencard scheme?

Mark Roy

Computer Architecture said...

Hi This is Shahzad from Sweden, I got my Masters degree in computer science from Pakistan but i don't have degree right know but Transcript and provisional certificate. Can i apply through above mentioned certificates or degree is mandatory for immigration. Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

Can you please explaind what does it mean "
Earliest date from which the requested residence and work permit should be valid (day, month, year)" ?

Best Regards,


adeel said...

Dear Comrade

i had applied for danish green card nearly 6 months ago but i have not got my documents back yet..can you please tell me where they will send my original documents..


Anonymous said...

Hello Comrade,

I am new to this forum. I would like to ask you few questions regarding Immigration to Denmark. An early responce will be highly appreciated.

What points will I get for:

1. I do not have a graduation degree.
2. Have 2 years Advance diploma in multimedia (in the year 2001)
3. Working as a Senior Web / Graphic Engineer from last 8.7 years (Corporate + Freelance)
4. I am un-married & aged 29
5. Enrolled for BCA this year.
6. Do I need to enrol for IELTS?

Kindly Reply.


Sharad said...

Can anybody let me know when I am applying Green Card for me and my family, Do I need to go to Consulate/VFS all together. Will it be ok if I alone go there and applying for me and my Family -- Sharad

Anonymous said...

hello ali,
I am 28years doctor by profession i have following particulars

1) age 28
2) MBBS degree
3) IELTS 6.5
4) 3years experience as medical officer

can anybody please calculate my points?

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I am a Software Developer. Want Immigration through Green Card Scheme. I m meeting the criteria.
Please tell me about job situation for Software Developer in Denmark.
I am asking so that can decide to whether go to Denmark....
Please reply.


Sunil said...

This is Sunil. I'm planning to apply for Denmark Green card(work permit). Can anyone help me out in getting the perfect requirements for qualifying for the work permit. I've 5 yrs of experience in Software testing. What are the prospects for IT in Denmark?

Please help

Anonymous said...

I am Motaher from Bangladesh. I want to apply for Denmark immigration.Can anyone calculate my points based on following details.
1. Education:4 years Hons.& 1 year Master in Arabic literature from Dhaka university.(17 years of Education)
2. 01 year job experiance as an Administrative Assistant/Office Manager in a Private University.
3. IELTS :6.00
4. I am able to show 12/13 Luck Taka in my account.
Please inform me, am I fit for appling?

Anonymous said...

I am from Bangladesh.
1. Do I need to notarize and/or attest from foreign ministry all copies of my documents?
2. Do I need police clearance certificate, birth certificate?
3. How I can prepare documet "Declaration from your educational institution confirming the authenticity of your educational documents", as mentioned in the application form?

Comrade said...

Dear Anonymous from Bangladesh,
You have to submit all the documents uou have mentioned.
Get attested your documents from your educatinal institution

Comrade said...

Dear Sunil,
Denmark has shortage of highly qualified IT professionals

Anonymous said...

I am from Pakistan, Iwant to apply for Denmark immigration, any one can help for calculate my points

Education. MBA
Age 42
IELTS Band Score 6.5
jOB Experience IT MANAGER about 10 Years

Pls calculate my points

Anonymous said...

i have done bca 3years
and post grad dip 1.6 years international business management from europe
worked part time three years in europe
lived in rieland as student 3.5 years
am i eligible for danish immigration


Anonymous said...

I am Munim from Pakistan.
M.A English
Teaching Experience 04 years
Language 6 Band
Age 34
What will be my score.I have submitted my application for GC Scheme on 23rd june 2009.How much more time process will take.Kindly need guidance.

Anonymous said...

I have gone through the denmark website to about immigrtaion process. I am not clear about their point calculation.

May I know from anyone here, about my points to make sure that I have 100 points ?

Education (60 points) : 18 years; 3 years
Bachelors, 1 year Masters, and 2 years MBA

Age (10 points): 39 years

Work experience (15 points) : found in the positive list. .... Marketing Manager (3 years), Deputy Marketing Manager (1 year), Other positions in Marketing (8 years).

Language ( ? points) : Taught in English in Bachelor, Masters & MBA. Use English as official language.

Bonus points ( ? points) :

What may be the points for language and what about bonus points ?



Anonymous said...

I am Munim from Pakistan
MA English
Teaching Exp:4 yrs
Age 34
IELTS 6 Band.
What will be my score.I have applied for GC 50 days before.How much more time will take the process.

Comrade said...

Dear Minim,
Keep in touch with us and inform us your results.
Wish you best of luck

Anonymous said...

i am dhara,
i'm masters in english and b.ed in english
i am running tution class last 6 months and before i was teaching in school for 2 years
so will it be ok for denmark greencard ?
and no problem for balance i can do that
my age 27 give me rply on DHARMESH2330D@YAHOO.COM

Comrade said...

Dear Dhara,
Yes, you can achive 100 points so as to get green card

Anonymous said...




AGE - 30




waqasaj84 said...

Hello Guys/Comarade,

First of all, i must say, you DO contribuate a lot of effort here and it is much appreciated.

I have got a few questions:

1.Work Experience: I have worked for about 1.5 years in Paksitan starting from Dec 2005 and then left for international contracting.
If calculated, my overall contracting experience excluding the breaks when i am not working is about 19 Months(1.5 years almost).Now during work at paksitan, out of 1.5 years, i was a graduate trainee for 6 months for which my employer issued an Internship letter and then I was shifted to permanent slot for which i have got 1 year seperate exp letter. Can i claim 15 points for 3 years of experience here?

2.Lanuguage: English proficiency letter is required sepereately from employer or one or 2 lines on Experience letter stating that "mode of communication used during the role was English" is enough?
Also Language proficiency letter from Univeristy alone is enough to get 20 points or i must get 2 letters, one from university and one from employer?

3.BSc(Honors) Electrical Engineering: Can I claim 50 points for this?

4. Do i need to get the Experience letters attested? or is it ok to skip this.

I appreciate again for your time and effort.


Br/ Waqas

Anonymous said...

Hi I AM Hasan From Pakistan , i completed MCS (2 Year) with 1.5 year MBA . I have 5 Year relevent experience of my degree . I also have english letters from my universities ( MCS & MBA) and employeer. Pls inform can i apply from Denish immigration . My age is 31.

Anonymous said...

Hi comrade,

talking from Bangladesh.

I did bachelor in Urban and Rural Planning at 2004. After that 2008 I completed MBA. From 2004 onwards I am working as an Urban Planner. My IELTS score is 6.5

Now I am 32 yrs old. May I request u to help me regarding assessment


Anonymous said...

khalid bashir
age 33
experience 4 years as a human resource manager
having letter(english language) from university and from employer.
ma english 2 years (hec recognized)
mba in human resource manager 18 months (hec recognized)
ba 2 years (hec recognized)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hi every one,

Can anyone guide me about the green card scheme. As i have already prepared all documents as required for. But tell me one thing that Is it possible to send the attested photocopies of educational certifcats which is attested by the HEC and foreign office.because it has been oberved that origional documents may misplace in some casees.


Anonymous said...

Hi I am Kenneth.

I am currently based in Bahrain. There is no Denmark Embassy here and they were represented by the Germany Embassy. I went to the German Embassy and they told me that they can only handle Tourist and Business Visa for Denmark. They asked me to contact Danish Immigration Service directly. I sent them couple of emails, but no reply.

Now i dont know where to submit my application. Direct to Denmark?


August 20, 2009

Anonymous said...

i am Riyadh from Bangladesh. what will happen
after the three-year expiry of the residency permit?

Anonymous said...

Hallow everybody,
I am a lady from Bangladesh and my age is 33years. I have completed honours and Masters degree in library and information science and having 7 years work experince as a librarian (head of Department). Will I eligible for immigrant under greencard scheem of Denmark?

Anonymous said...


I would like to thank you for answering most of the question posted by others. I have a blog of my own and I know how much time this might take.

My qualification is BE in E&C
My age is 29
I have not taken IELTS yet but medium of Study is English
I have an work experience of more than 5 yrs in IT (software)
I have worked in Malaysia and Japan

Will I qualify for the Denmark green card?


Anonymous said...

hi i just wanted to ask few questions regarding documents and gc form :
1.I have verified my documents from HEC and IBS do i still need any further verifiction from ministry of foriegn affairs or authencity letter.
2.What to write in applicant comment section in application form.
3.what does academic title mean? in education section of gc form.
4.Got 13 lacs in my accounts transferred recently would be enough for showing funds or may embassy has any objection on recent trasactions and how long should that amount be kept in my account cauz my father transferred it and need it time to time.
5.what will be asked in interview at submitting application in islamabad.
Plz do reply your valuable answers will be highly appriciated.

Anonymous said...

Please also tell me what to write in job discription and tasks in employment section.

do i need to write title eg manger hr in job discription and duties and responsibilties in tasks or some thing else plz help.
kiran shabir

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I am Anis from Bangladesh. I want to get immigrant to Denmark.
My details are as follows:

1. Education 17 years
Honors from Aligarh Muslim University, India
(Subject Economics 3 yrs)

MBA from Bangladesh (major in Marketing)
Both honors and MBA was in English medium

2. Job experience: About 6 yrs
Working with the City Bank Limited (local bank of Bangladesh)

3. Age 32

4. Married, have a son aged near one yr.

5. Wife's education 16 yrs (presently studying Masters in Political Science)

Please inform me about the points need for immigration in Denmark?

Is there need any IELTS if need then minimum how many point required?

Without IELTS is it possible to apply for the immigration?

Cost for the immigration process will require?

How long will it take for the immigrations process from Bangladesh?

Is there any suitable job available considering my job experience?

Please reply me ASAP. I will be very grateful to you.


Comrade said...

Dear Kiran Shabir,

1.You have to be verified your documents from ministry of foriegn affairs.

2.Any additional information.

3.what does academic title mean? Eg MBA, MA Economics, MSC CS

4.Its better to hold amount in bank account for 2 months.

5.General queries about you and your family. confirmation of the written info. To examine your potential as a prospective immigrant

Keep in touch.

Comrade said...

Dear Sultana,
Do your experience lie in the positive list?

Anonymous said...

this is jahangir.
I have completed BBA(4years) and MBA (1 year)from Bangladesh.
now I am working as a Showroom Manager in Maldives.
I have total 3 years work experience.
so, am I eligible for getting the Green Card of Denamrk?
Md. Jahangir Houlader
Male, Maldives

Sharoo said...

Hi i have done Engineering in Electronics (total 16 years of education).
How many marks should i get for education?

Education in Positive List =10 points
Age = 15

Any thoughts anyone?

Anonymous said...

I have done Engineering in Electronics (16 years of education). I am not sure about the points to give for education. Rest i have calculated like this

Education in Positive List=10

Any thoughts plz

princey said...

Hi everybody,Till today I am able to gather lots of information on Green Card of Denmark.First of all would like to introduce myself....I want to migrate to Denmark on Green card visa.
Here is my brief profile....

Bachelor of Arts:-(Completed my graduation in 1999 from Guru Nanak Dev University with Computer Science (With scores of 60 % average in three years), Elective English, Political Science.
MSc.- Computer Science(Software)2002-2003 From with 60 % marks.
Two years of of Advance Diploma in Network centered computing from NIIT(DNIIT)with 70 % scores—>Duration of course – March 1997 to 12th July 1999

LANGUAGES:-English ,Punjabi, Hindi
I.E.L.T.S. SCORES--L 7.0,R 5.5,W 6.0,S 6.0
Overall 6.0

Aptech Computer Education--
Worked with Aptech Computer Education for two and half years. My working abilities were absolutely up to the mark. My job responsibilities were as follows—

•Developing and writing computer programs / Software of office management, Accounting, Payroll, Inventory etc:.
•Training and Helping the students for various courses and Software development.
•Setting up the network, Data, Software packages and Data recovery.
Reliance Info stream:--
I was working with Reliance Info stream As Customer Response Executive from 3rd May 2004 to 10th November 2004.
Wipro Spectramind:-(Dell-Support)
From 29th November 2004 to May 2005, I was working with Wipro Spectramind as Technical Support Executive in Web Based Process of Dell USA. . My job responsibilities were as follows—
•Troubleshooting the desktop computers for the customers of Dell (USA) with communication through emails.
•Troubleshooting the desktop computers for the customers of Dell (USA) with communication through chat.
•Successfully completed the two months training session of Dell chat and Dell Emails.
--->Computer Faculty with a Govt. School in Punjab:----
I had worked with a Govt. School in Punjab as Computer Faculty. My job responsibilities were teaching the students from 6th to 12th class.
Duration—From March 2006 till Nov. 2008
From January 2009, I am working with Zed Career Academy as a Computer Faculty…

WELL,next I have some questions...
1.Do I have to submit my wife and kids documents and fees with my visa application even if they do not want to go with me.
2.What is apostille?Do I have to submit all originals documents or photocopies or both?
3.Do I have to submit my all the fees thru cash or I have to make some draft?
4. During the case of refusal will they refuse it on the passport or just a letter will be given to us?Should I bring my original passport with me?

princey said...

YEs friends.
Sorry few more details ,...
My age is 33 And here is my email address..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for ur help comrade.Unfortunatly there is no vacant slot available for appointment at embassy of demark till september 2010 and i m bit confused what to do should i wait for my turn or there is any other way out?
Kiran shabir

balaji said...

Dear Comrade,
Thanks for your kind reply to all of the candidate who is interested to apply for denmark...
1.Age: 30
2.Education qulai:
Bsc Microbiology (80%),
Msc Microbiology(80%)
Mphil Microbiology(82%)
Phd in Microbiology
3.Medium of instructions: English
4.Exp: 7 years working as Lecturer in Microbiology,UnderTaking class in English Language
What are the chances for my Green card visa?
How can i check the positive list in Denmark ?
Where can i find the immigration agent for Denmark visa assistance?
What are the chances to get jobs in my field in Denmark?


Anonymous said...

hi ,

i have master from uk , plus eight year job experiance from uk , plus IELTS 6.5 , my university listed first three hundards ,
my age is 34 , what are my chances for immigration to denmark.
how long this process takes .
i will be greatful to ur suggesstion and valuable advice .

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Comrade,

Education : 2 yeaars Bachelor in Commerce from Bangladesh, 2 Years masters Degree in Economics from Bangladesh, 18 months MBA on Marketing from UK, 1 Year Diploma in IT from UK
Job Experince: 5 years Job Experince in UK
4 years Job Experince in Bangladesh based on Danish Immigration Positive List, which is Manager Marketing and Sales.
Adaptibility: Yes, UK Degree, and UK work experince.

Age: 34+

My Spouse is a Doctor having MPH degree on Nutrition and on they way to finish her M.Phil on Preventive and Social Medicine. having 3 years work experince as an Assistant Professor along with 6.0 band on IELTS we got one daughter, 6 years old.

What will be my Points, acknowledge me through

Abu Naser Md. Sharif

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm intend to apply Denmark Greencard Scheme within soon.

I've got some query, which is as bellow.

1. Language Proficiency/IELTS Issues: with a view to achieve 20 points on IELTS, do I need to score 6.5 in average band or I need to score 6.5 on each band, which is if any segment either listening, speaking,reading or writing if i get leass than 6.5. Am i eligible to get 20 points if my average band is 6.5, how the IELTS points system work out its not clear to your designated website.

2. Work Experience/Positive List: I have done my 2 years Bachelor Degree on Commerce, afterwards 2 years Masters Degree program on Economics from Bangladesh, and added that Diploma in Information Technology from England which is 1 year and also I've done my 18 months MBA program from England on Marketing. Currently I'm Working as Account Manager(Marketing) since 4 years in Bangladesh. I found Account Manager(Marketing) on Positive List. in this circumstances, shall i get 10 points bonus?

Because I'm little bit confused, how you would calculate on the above issues by giving me 10 points as Bonus.

I found on your sites, with a view to achieve 10 points as bonus, should be full filled the following critaria which is as bellow.
Sales, purchases and marketing
Account manager
Requirement: Documentation of at least three years' education at university level

Confused on the above issues which is, Documentation of at least three years' education at university level

3. Adaptibility: As long as I have studied in UK since 5 years and also worked 5 years as well, shall i get adaptibility points? how much i would get on adaptibility points.

4.Education Points: I have done my 2 years Bachelor Degree on Commerce, afterwards 2 years Masters Degree program on Economics from Bangladesh, and added that Diploma in Information Technology from England which is 1 year and also I've done my 18 months MBA program from England on Marketing. How much points i would get due to those education. I found in your sites, if any one got Masters Degree, would get 60 points. whats your feedback on my education issues.

5. Age: Finaly i am 36 years of old. I know i would get 10 points on it.

6. Finiancial Supports: We both are sound and solvent, do we need to send bank statement to Danish Immigration Service while applying to Danish consulate office in Dhaka or once we will get the positive ruling from Danish Immigration Service on that time we have to provide our Bank Statement?

Besides this, my spouse is Doctor, having Master of Public Health on Nutrition and on the way of finishing her MPhil on Preventive and Social Medicine, currently is working since 3.5 years as Assistant Professor on Community Medicine at reputed Medical College and Hospital in Bangladesh, She is also a member of British Phalebotomy Association in England. Shall I get any points from spouse/partner? I have got one kid as well.

Can you please confirm and acknowledge my total points.

I'm looking forward to get well valued response from Danish Immigration Service.

Yours Sincerely

Anonymous said...

plz calculate my score:
master degree from uk : leedsmet university
age: 27
experience 3 years
uk - Ali

Anonymous said...

can we send the photocopy of all document and passport or original document and passport??????

Anonymous said...

hi all,
there is anyone who can guide me about format of experience and language proficiency certificate from university and employer.what will be the correct wording of these two.

ABDUR said...

Dear All,
This is MD. ABDUR RAHIM from Bangladesh. I want to know some information about Denmark immigration.
* I am computer Engineer (B. Sc Engr.)
* I have experienced more 3 years.
*Birth day: 29-08-1977
* English Medium University.
Academic Qualifications:
*Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering: 4 years professional Computer Science and Engineering, . Graduation year was 2005. Duration: 4 Years

* Diploma Engineering: Passed Diploma Engineering in Electrical Technology, Duration: 3 Years
* Higher Secondary Certificate: Passed HSC Examination in Science Group. Duration: 2 Years
*Secondary School Certificate: Passed SSC examination in Science Group, Duration: 10 Years

Please give me information can I want to go Denmark by Green card or Not.



Please give me information for my point

ABDUR said...


Anonymous said...

rahim want to help

Anonymous said...

Dear All,
This is MD. ABDUR RAHIM from Bangladesh. I want to know some information about immigration.
• I am computer Engineer (B. Sc Engr.)
• I have experienced more 3 years.
• Birth day: 29-08-1977
• English Medium University.

Academic Qualifications:
* Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering: Graduation year was 2005. Duration: 4 Years
* Diploma Engineering: Passed Diploma Engineering in Electrical Technology, Duration: 3 Years
* Higher Secondary Certificate: Passed HSC Examination. Duration: 2 Years
* Secondary School Certificate: Passed SSC examination .Duration: 10 Years

Please give me information can I want to go Denmark by green card or Not.

Md. Abdur Rahim

shahyan said...


shahyan said...

I am from pakistan, i want to apply for immigration to denmark under Green card Scheme.
Can any one help me for calculate my points










Anonymous said...

Hi to all, i have also undergone through same anxiety of immigration to Denmark. My all documents were filled by Europe Office. And im so happy that i got all information about Green card Immigration to Denmark so soon and all correct.

Visit Europe Office ( for more information.

All the best

tariq said...

Hi Comrade,
Could you kindly calculate my poins on the following details:

Education: MBA Generel (18 months MBA in addition to a 3 years Bachelors Degree in Business)

English proficiency is high

Adaptability points for living over 3 years in UK

Age: 26

Many Thanks

Sri said...

Hi All,
I am Sri, I am an Indian National.
Since 2008 March till date i am working in South Africa, as Software Developer.
I collected some information regarding the DENMARK GREEN CARD, in that it is mentioned like, we need to get the attestation of all the certificates and contact number and email id of the concern persons from the education Institutions who issued the certificates. Now my problem is all my education is from India, do I need to go back to India to get all these done or is there any way I can do that in South Africa. Please guide.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
I am Sri, I am an Indian National.
Since 2008 March till date i am working in South Africa, as Software Developer.
I collected some information regarding the DENMARK GREEN CARD, in that it is mentioned like, we need to get the attestation of all the certificates and contact number and email id of the concern persons from the education Institutions who issued the certificates. Now my problem is all my education is from India, do I need to go back to India to get all these done or is there any way I can do that in South Africa. Please guide.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Mechanical engineer. ( B.Sc. Engr) with 16 years education. My age is 35 years. My profession is in positive list. I have total 11 years of experience in mechanical engineering field. I have English proficiency letter from University. Please calculate my points for Denmark Immigration. I am working in Kuwait now. Can I apply from here or I will have to apply from Pakistan?

Anonymous said...

Dear Comrade!
I have studied the website and I have calculated the points. Please confirm the points calculated are correct? The details are on the above post.
Education : 50 Points
Bonus Point fro Education ( Profession in Positive List) : 10
English Language: 20
Work Experience: 15
Age : 10
I have only confusion about the Bonus Points for Education. As my profession is in positive list so whther I will get 10 points in education? and also in Experience? In this way my total points are 105. Please confirm my calculation is correct? Thanks

zakir said...

Hi ,
I am planning to get Immigration in Denmark.Can you please help me to calculate my Score as:

#1. 4 years Bsc. Degree in Computer sc & Engineering(2000-2004)
#2.1 year Msc. Degree in Telecommunications Engineering(2005-2006)
#3. English proficiency: both Bsc. & Msc. Education Medium was English.
Do not have IELTS (should this required?)
#4 DOB: September,1982
#5 Work Experience :
a.Part-Time 2 years(2002-2004)
b.Full time 5 years(2004-till)
#6. Job Field: Software Development Industry.
#7.Married with having a children and want to carry with my wife and 4 years baby.
#8.My wife has 4 years Bsc. Degree in Computer sc & Engineering(2000-2004)

Can you please give me idea about costing and bank solvency need to me?


sobuz said...

i am shakil
B.Sc in Computer Science & Engineering
16 years Study.
3&1/2 years Job Experience in Telecom
media of Education English.
Birth Date 13-oct-1979
am i eligible for com to denmark.


Anonymous said...

Dear Comrade,

Thanks for being nice to reply my last enquiry and calculating my eligibility for Danish Green Card Scheme. I am feeling inspired to apply soon. Last month I visited Denmark for a couple of days and it gave me a nice impression to go ahead for the process. I just need some more information to finalize my application.

1. Previously I mentioned that I am a PhD student in Austria and living here leagally for last 2+ years. Is my current status (student) a problem for me to have the immigration? I am a bit worried about it, cause, I have losen some chances for being a student. I am a bit worried about it.

2. I can't present the financial support of such an amount here by myself, but I can have my uncle (US citizen) as a sponsor to bear the finance needed for the first year after immigration. Is it ok?

Thanking you once again for your kind support. Hope to have reply again.

Best regards,


Faheem ur Rehman said...

Please tell me who much the bank statement needed. And what is the process fee of green card.

Anonymous said...

Im Meena from India.

I need clarification about education points
for BE (16 yrs education) is 50 or 30 points

because i have enquired 3 consultants in India everyone told for BE its only 30 points not 50 points ?

please clarify
Email -


Anonymous said...

my name is waqas. i have done bs(computer science) and 25 years old having 2 years work expeience in my relevent field. can i get denmark working visa? how long take time for immigartion process?

Anonymous said...

Please anyone kindly email me the sample formates of below mentioned letters on my email :
1: English proficiency Letter
2: Experience Letter
3: Authenticity of documents letter


Comrade said...

Dear Waqas,
First of all calculate your points.
I think you can easily obtain 100 points

Anonymous said...


My profile as below :
Education :
1.SSC - 10 YEar & Diploma In Mech Engg - 03yrs course
2.AMIME Equivalet to B.E. - 03 Yrs course
3.PGDBA -02 Yrs Course
Exp : 11 yrs
Mech engineer - In Positive LIst
Age - 29 yrs
Last 14 yrs in English Environment

Can some body calculate my points based on his/her experience.

Anonymous said...


I am going to submit my application for Denmark Green Card in November. I have a doubt regarding marraige certificate. I got the marraige certificate from the local Sub-registrar. As per the Document Attestations we need to get a Apostille stamp from MEA. But prior to that do we also need to get it attested by the state Home ministry???????

Please your advice would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

i want to know when health insurance is necessary -at the time of submitting the application or after getting the positive result i.e after getting permission?

Anonymous said...

i am doctor from pakistan.
i want to apply for denmark immigration. can u please send me the samples of all letters required.
please send them at my email address,

Anonymous said...

Dear Comrade,
I have 4 years graduation in Computer Science and Engineering from Shahjalal university and science and technology in Bangladesh .Now my question is for 4 years graduation how much points will be given . I sent email to CIRIUS which is education assessment authority in Denmark and they acknowledged me Bangladeshi 4 years degree considered as 2 years equivalent in Denmark education . So please clarify me for 4 years Bangladeshi BSC engineering degree how much points will be awarded.

Thanks for your time .

Kind regards

Anonymous said...

Dear SIR,
i am mizanur rahman from Bangladesh.
completed 4-yr Hons degree, sub; Botany
experience:2 yr not my subject related, customer care officer(telecom sector).
IELTS overall score: 6
what is my total point??

Anonymous said...

Hi This is Ershadur Rahman
I am 28 Years old. Ihave completed. M Com From National University in Bangladesh and has been studying ICMA (Completed 1300 Marks out of 2000 marks) for 4 years in ICMAB from Chittagong Branch. I have a work experience for 1 year six month in Accounts dept.
My question is
AM I eligible for Denmark Immigration VISa and if I eligible can process my file by myself.

Ershadur Rahman

shakeel said...

i am in Karachi, pakistan, can some immigration consultant guide me for how to apply for denish green card scheme,

My e mail is (

manmath said...

Anyone can tell me that I have 3 years Honors (Zoology), 1 year Masters in same. 3 years Diploma in Computer education. Have been working as a Programmer in Govt. Office in Bangladesh. My age is 30. The medium of my education was English & currently working in English.
Am I eligible for Denmark immigration???
Manmath Deb (Rinku)

Anonymous said...

I have submitted my documents danish work permit in Bangladesh. This 26th October, 09 is my interview date to embassy. Can anyone give me idea regarding interview question?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir/Mam,

Hai my name is karthik from chennai.
i have submitted my green card papers in the VFS chennai office by 1st week of october.

can any one tell me when i will be receiving my visa papers?

Anonymous said...

Hi, This is yasir. Can you please guide me regarding my points under Danish GCS.
Education: BA Honours in management and business university of glamorgan UK.MBA from university of wales UK
Experience: 3 years of fulltime job exp. as a security officer in G4S.
Language: 6.0 band in IELTS
Age: 27

Anonymous said...

Hi I am sk salim from Bangladesh ,after calculatng my points ,i have learned that i qualify for Denmark Greencard Scheme,but at present i am in India from 2-3 months ,so can i apply for my Denmark application from here in Danish Embassy,India

Anonymous said...

Dear Samip,

Have you completed your interview,briefly tell me how is the interview what they are?


Arun said...

dear all,
I need to kno few details regarding denmark green card. I have finished my BE-biomedical eng in india nd have done wit my masters in biomedical engineering in Stratford college in UK which afilliated to north west university. My age is 23 and hav no experience. I kno only english and tamil. My ielts score is 6 in feb 2008...SO CAN ANYONE PLEASE CALCULATE MY POINTS AND LET ME KNOW WHETHER AM I ELIGIBLE TO APPLY FOR DENMARK GREEN CARD...IF U R READY TO HELP ME THEN PLEASE EMAIL ME IN help me...thanks in advance

Anonymous said...


i just want to know how much points i will get for my mba degree (16 years of education) from university of peshawar pakistan
shakir shehzad

Anonymous said...


I am from Bangladesh. I want to immigrate in Denmark . What is the process to go Denmark as an immigrant. can u help me to calculate my total points.

1. i have completed MBA (major in Human Resource mangemetn) from University of Rajshahi , Bangladesh. Medium of schooling is english. Time duration 2 years.

2. i Have also completed Master of Science I(Major in Botany ). Total year of schooling 16 yrs from National University,Gazipur, bangladesh.

3.Total Working experience : 4 yrs.

4. I have completed 460 Hours advanced diploma in software engineering.

5. I have completed Sun certified Java Programm platform 1.4.

6. Presently i am working as a senior officer in a reputed bangladeshi private bank in Information Technology department.

7. My present age is 29 yrs.

8. I am unmarried.

9. I have yet not completd any IELTS exam.

Anonymous said...

Is thr anyone who would knw any consultant in karachi for denamrk immigration. Thx


Anonymous said...

Respected Sir;

I am interested for Green Card migration pro gramme for Denmark I have
the following confusion about it ,Plz guide me I shall be very
thankful to you.

1) Is educational documents stamped by the Higher Education Commission?
2) Is colour copies of educational documents (such as diplomas,transcripts and other statements )are required?
3) Bank statement of transaction or simple statement from Bank manager?
4) Pay slip from previous employer?
5) Total charges ?
6) CNIC for overseas pakistani from Nadra?

I hope you will guide me.

M Yaser Umer said...

I am From Pakistan plz calculate my points for Denmark Immigration. My biodata is as following:
Age : 39 Years
Qualification : MSc (Computer Science)(16 Yrs)
WOrk Experience : More then 5 years in IT Field
Language : No IELTS No any other

And also guide me that where I apply for Immigration as Denmark Embassy is close in Pakistan.

akash said...

Dear Comrade, My Qualifications are as follows kindly calulate my points:

Master's in Communications Studies + One Year PGD Diploma from Punjab University Lahore(Total 17 years)

English Proficiency Letter from University

4 years experience as IT and Web Manager

Age 26 years

Anonymous said...

is Danish embassy closed in Pakistan?

Anonymous said...

Hi I am Md.Abdullah-Al-Mamun from Bangladesh,

My qualification is B.Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering(4 years).My total schooling year is 17 years.(10 years SSC + 3 years Diploma+ 4 years BSC). Medium of study is english. Work exp. more than 3 years in telecom field. Age 28 years. No adaptibility.

Please inform me about my point.

Thanking you

Anonymous said...

Dear Comrade,

Please let me know what needs to be fill in Green Card form ->Higher education

Name of diploma in original language with Latin letters


Academic title


Anonymous said...

Hi ,
this is ahmed , from bangladesh.
i alredy submitted mine documentfor denmark greencard at denmark embassy,dhaka on 22 november ,2009.
but yet not get file number.
can anyone tell me , how long it may be
take to get file number .



Anonymous said...

Dear Ahmed
For file number there required at least 15days or more.
Sharif (

Anonymous said...

Hi i'm Shanmukha from UK.
My qualification are BSc from India, MSc Physics from India and MSc ENG Micro and Nano Technology from UK. 1.5 year Teaching for Post Graduate, 9 months Research Experience, 2 years experience as part time sales advisor in UK. I am leaving in UK from 2007-till now.

How many points i gain and do i need to show how much balance in my account eaiter in pounds or rupees

Anonymous said...

Helllo sir

i have applied for Denmark immigration scheme on last 19th Oct 2009 at VFS of Sweden at Dhaka of Bangladesh.I showed my original documents on interview to Sweden embassy dated of 2nd Nov 2009 of Bangladesh.I am an IT professional.when can i expects the result of my application and how can I know the status of my application by mail or any other way.Approximately how long it takes.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Nikhilesh I want to to immigrate to Denmark :

1) What are the skills required in Denmark

2) Langauage

3) What kinds of jobs are availible in Dnmark

4) How can a person with sales & Mktg background and MBA dehree be successful in that country

Pls guide me : Email:

Anonymous said...

Hi All,Please I just want to know ,Is it necessary to live there in denmark on green card?I have got it but cannot live there more than 10 days in year as I am working in some other country ,Please do reply

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir;

I am 29 yrs old.I have done bachelor in electronics and communication engineer.I have more than 6 yrs experience in Telecom field.
My ielts score is

Listening = 7
Speaking = 6.5
Writing = 6
Reading = 5.5
Overall = 6.5

Am I elegible to apply for Immigration in Denmark?

Please do reply me

Rajan Manandhar

Anonymous said...

I am Nayan from Bangladesh. I have completed 4 years bachelor degree in Computer Science & Technology(Total 16 years of study). I have no masters degree. I am 27 years old. I have been working as a Software Developer (C,C++,VC++,Flash,AS3) for 5 years.My IELTS score is 6.5(Band). What would be my points? Would you please calculate my points for Denmark immigration and send me in


Anonymous said...

Hi, Plese would you calculate my points?
Education: BSc (from TU, Nepal)+ CIC (From IGNOU, India)+ MCA (IGNOU, India)ie. (15+.5+3) years.
Age: 33 years plus
Experiences: 7 years as a network supervisor in Telecommunications office + 2.5 years working as a faculty member of PI-9602, IGNOU for IGNOU's BCA and MCA courses.
Medium of study: (BSc + CIC+ MCA) all received in english medium + teaching BCA and MCA courses in english for 2.5 years + I use english as a medium to operate system and networks for 7 years


Best regards,
sanam, Nepal

kami said...

iam kamran shaikh and like denmark

Anonymous said...

I am Zia from Bangladesh. Can anyone help me by providing following informations.
1. BSc. Chemical Engineer- 4 years
2. MBA major in MIS - 2 Years
3. Working as engineer - 3 years
4. Working as Coordinator (supply chain Management) - 1.5 years
5.IELTS- 5.5

Pls calculate the points & what is the pass mark?Time of processing & cost involved in it.

Anonymous said...

i m Moazam,
Education: MBA-Finance,IT, PGD 1 year,
Experience: 6 Years Accounting.
Age: 28 Years
IELTS: No, Can i use English proficiency Letter.
Bank Statement how much and time tenure.
Bounce Point: ?


T2 said...

Dear Comred...
Degree: B.Sc(Hon's)+ M.S(Thesis)=17 YRS
IELTS : 6.0
Work Experience : 1 Yr


Anonymous said...

wat is the normal time period to get immigation for denmark


Anonymous said...

I am ahmed hassan i want to calculate my points for dennish green card scheme particulars are as under
1. age 26 years
2. education
BBA(Hons) 4 Years
MBA(finance) 1 Years
3. experience 1.8 years
4. languge skills
i didnot appeared in ielts or other language
but in both BBA and MBA my medium of instruction was english more over during my job all the communication was in english and i can give english profieciency letter from
.... employer
.... and from my educational insitute

kindly calculate my points


Anonymous said...

i have done my master's in medical physiology,English proficiency is good,and working Experience is about 3 years,above 20 years of education..How much point i will get for Denmark Green Card?

RAJ said...

Dear Sir

This is Rajeev from India. I want to clarify one thing . I am working in a company in india only . 3 yrs back i was in singapore on student visa then converted to immigration visa. i was there for arround 11 month.
Do i need to submit police clearance certificate from Singapore.?

Please reply me asap

Anonymous said...

I am M. Keramot Ali from Bangladesh.Age : I want to check my score for Danish Emmigration.Please help me in this regard.

Age= 26

Education: B.Sc Food Engineering (4 years)

Work Exp: more than 3 years (Quality Assurance Manager)

IELTS: In university level my medium of instruction was English

Please let me know the score.

Mahbub-E-Elahi Ron said...

i am Ron from bangladesh. does anyone know the address/phone number of denish embassy in bangladesh. also what is the official website for denish government green card scheme/migration.


boy dot ron at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Hello Comrade,
My sis is planning to migrate to Denmark for doing business(to start hotel). Can you please provide us the information as what is the procedure to be followed
Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...


My qualification
1. Bachelor of Business Admin 4 years
2. Master of Business Admin. 1 year
3. Work as a Sales Manager 6 Years (positive list)
4. Age 29.
5. IELTS 5.5

Plz calculate my point


fahmida said...

Hi. This is Fahmida Islam from Bangladesh. i m working in a commercial bank for 4 years and did MBA in Marketing. i m single. my age is 28 years.can anybody help me to go to Denmark as immigrant? am i able to go? plz give me any address of agency that i can prepare my file??

fahmida islam

Nigel said...

Hi there

I received Danish Green Card Visa from Islamabad Danish Counsulate in May 2009. I did not go to Denmark coz I got Canadian Immigration meanwhile. I am in Canada now. Can I go to Denmark as my visa was valid for 3 years? Is it correct that one has to go to Denmark within 6 months after getting visa?

Nigel said...

hi there

I got Danish Green Card Visa for 3 years from Danish embassy in Islamabad in May 2009 but I did not go to Denmark after that. I went to Canada after immigration and now I am in Canada. Can I go to Denmark now as it has been more than 6 months after getting GC visa?

Anonymous said...

hi there
can anyone tell me that...........
what is the difference between this tow master's program.

Bachelor's degree followed by one-year Master's Degree : 50 points

Master's Degree : 60 points


Anonymous said...

please anyone can email me sample format of the following documents

1. English Proficiency Letter from University
2. Experience Letter
3. Authenticity Letter of Documents.


Anonymous said...

hi every one
can any one guide me for how long we need toshow our fund in bank account? like after we applay for visa can we widrawn money back?


Anonymous said...


All who got Green Card and the one's who got an idea regarding financial situation.

I have sufficient amount to apply but not all are in form of currency. I have property and bank balance (85% of the requirement).

My question is:
1) When we have to give proof of financial means. Initially when applying ?
2) If yes, Can we show property + bank statement as a proof of finance. As alone bank account is not sufficient.


Anonymous said...

I am Harun,Dhaka Bangladesh,
Age :29
Education: Bcom,Mcom
Job: As a Accountant for 4.5 Years
Job & Education : English Medium

Whats my prospect for Denmark Green Card?

Anonymous said...

hi i had done BIT from Sydney. my age is 25 and married. my english skill is ielts 6.5 band with no job exp. will i'll be able to file for greencard for denmark? reply me please.

Rasel said...

Dear Sir

This rasel from Bangladesh. I am trying to migration in Denmark. I have calculate my point as per the Denmark web site. My total point is 100. But I need some information about migration.
Here I discuss some consulting agent they told me last 1 year they are process lots of file but still no one get visa .
So my question is
1-if i will apply how many month later I will get result .
2- Can I submit my application to Bangladesh VFS office or Directly Copenhagen . which is better

Pls. reply


arshad said...

Hi rasel apply direct to copenhegam the same addess as it it is on every page of application form. now adays it it can take from 8 to 11 months to grant u visa

Anonymous said...

I'm Benjamin from Croatia and according to the "New to Denmark" information, I do not need a Visa to enter Denmark.
However. Does that mean I can enter Denmark and stay there for a period of time in a whim, for example... I have a good friend in Denmark and I choose to visit him, will my visit be denied?
I'm simply curious whether or not I can enter Denmark simply by having a friend there and be listed as from a country that doesn't need a Visa to enter.

vijay said...

hi every one this is vijay....i have applied GC on march 10 2009 from chennai vfs till nw i did'nt got any rply ...and have got 100 points which is enough to apply the visa..and i did master's from australian university passed in 2008 and i dont have any experience.. plz can any one tell me will i get the visa r not....and suggest me to whom i shuld contact for my status.

Anonymous said...

Hi i am Ridwan from bangladesh. I have passed LL.B (hons). Can i now apply for denmark immigration.

Anonymous said...

I am new at this Discussion forum of Denmark Immigration & I am from Bangladesh.

Dear please calculate my points for Danish green card

1.Education=MBA in Marketing(57 credit), before that B.Sc (Honors)in Physics (3years)

2.Experience=09 Years, Designation= Manager, Marketing & Sales.


4.English proficiency= MBA degree at the university where the medium of instruction is in English + 3 years experience at a company with English as official language.

5.I have 10 Lac In my Saving A/C since 1 November 2009

Please reply soon
Md. Mostak Ahmed

Anonymous said...

Can somebody pls tell me how much it costs to apply for Danish Greencard from India?

Bikram said...

I am Bikram from Bangladesh.I am a telecom engineer in state own company.pls calculate my points and let me know the answer of question.

1. Education-MBA
2. IELTS=6.0(Score in 2004. Will it do?
3. Work experience(Telecommunication Engineer.Work experience is 4 years.)
4. Adaptability -No
5. Age-32years

Please reply

SUMON said...

I applied from BANGLADESH to DENMARK Immigration scheme at 02November 2009 at BANGLADESH SWEDEN EMBASSY.In few days ago(24/03/2010) DIS issue a letter to sweden embassy for verification my interview and masters certificate with my job and said to sweden embassy the outcome of my interview inform them by written within 4weeks.Is it positive for me??how many days can be taken now to make decision?could anybody tell me.

sohail said...

Dear please calculate my points for Danish green card
Education= BS(IT) Information Technology (16 Years education)
Experience=03 Years
English proficiency= 4 Year Information Technology degree at a university where the medium of instruction is in English+ 3 years experience at a company with English as official language
IT Manager
Pla reply soon
Sohail Akhtar Pakistan

sohail said...

Dear please calculate my points for Danish green card
Education= BS(IT) Information Technology (16 Years education)
Experience=03 Years
English proficiency= 4 Year Information Technology degree at a university where the medium of instruction is in English+ 3 years experience at a company with English as official language
Designation= IT Manager
now i am studying in Sweden of Network Design and computer management.
I am confuse about my Bachelor degree points
its =30 or 50 kindly tell me about this.
please reply me at my following email address
as soon as possible

Sohail Akhtar

Anonymous said...

How r u
This is Rizvi from Bangladesh
I have completed O'Level and A'Level
after that I have completed 3 yrs B.Sc.(Hon's) In Computer information System under London Met. from Bangladesh.
Then Completed my MBA major in MArketing and I am 28 yrs old
Can u plz calculate my point and tell me whether I can apply for Danish green card or what else I need to fulfilled
here is my email plz send it

Anonymous said...

can you calculate my point from the below information:





5)AGE 32


many thanks

Anonymous said... Iftekhar from Dhaka,Bangladesh. I have done Graduation in 2007.i am 26 years old.
and i am doing Masters in Businessw Administration. My 2nd year is going on. am a service holder. i am Cisco how my points will be calculated? and how much points i need to fulfill the requirements to start procedure to go to Denmark? Where should i contact for the procedure purpose?


Anonymous said...

I am 34 in Nov10 i will be 35, Married.Did my Bachelor from Germany (Wirtschaftsinformatik). Worked full time for 1.5 years in UK. Can speak GERMAN as well as English fluently.At present working in MNC with around 7 Lakh per annum.
Do i have chances to get Denmark immigration.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



Khuram said...

I am Khuram Shazad from Pakistan, My qualification is BCS(Hon's) 130 credit hours, IELTS 6.0 band, age 27, 4 years + experience as a software engineer, would u plz tell me that am i eligible for denmark immigration , secondly what should be format of experience letter


Anonymous said...

I'm Iqbal, age – 32 years from Dhaka, Bangladesh had confusion about education pts. Please clarify

B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery) degree from "University of Dhaka" (5 years along with one year hospital internship), M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) (Ayurveda) from “Rajasthan Ayurveda University, India” (3 years).
Total 20 yrs education year

What is my academic score - 60 or 80 ?

Job experience: – One year in “Product Management Department” of pharmaceuticals as “Product Executive”


Anonymous said...

Danish Immigration by the Danish Govt is a Hasty move,neither the govt nor the panel looking in to it has any clue about the program.they are in a state of confusion about the scheme and it's Direction.People with no time frame for the career and no seriousness about the goals with lot's of patience and time to abuse can try and tested.
Good luck to all the easy goers.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
My father and grandmother were born in Denmark but are now Canadian. Can this help me with immigrating to Denmark in any way? I'm a 34 year old teacher from Canada.

Comrade said...

at this stage they are unable to help you

Comrade said...

but overall, danish immigration is the best in the world

Anonymous said...

I am Sohany from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I want to get Denmark Immigration.
My age is 24 years and i am married.

Education: Msc in computer Science in 2010 from Bangladesh.

Experience: 2 years of full-time and 2 years of par-time job exp. as a software engineer .

Language: 7 band in IELTS

Can some 1 guide me that how to immigrate to Denmark?

Anonymous said...

hi i got danish authorization for doctor job,can i apply for Denmark green card scheme,and how much time it will take

Anwar said...

Iam from karachi and need to know the current fee for green card scheme. shall i send my application directly to copenhagen or do i need to submit my application at khi consulate. I tried to call several times at khi consulate but nobody is responding.

Could any one please tell me how shall I correspond and get my file no after submitting my application for green card scheme.

Samreen said...

This is Samreen from Pakistan. I wana apply for green card visa. Im MA english (2years), Graduation in Education and Punjabi (2 years) graduation in English Literature as an additional paper (1 Year)& B.Ed (TEFL 1 year). How do I fill section 4 in GR1 form. Will my graduation be concidered or should I directly mention MA. If I calculate my higher education including BA, MA & B.Ed, its of 6 years. Plz suggest. Do I need fixed deposite as financial support? Moreover my original docs are attested by HEC. Should I get photcopies also attested by HEC? Whats success rate of getting visa form Pakistan now? Plz reply, I'd be grateful.

Comrade said...

Dear Samreen,
Attest photocopies from HEC as well. You mention you highest qualification. You do not need fixed deposis but have to show sufficient funds in your bank account

Yasreeb Hussain said...

Hello, if any body can suggest whether we can survive in denmark and good handsome salary....or its waste of going to Denmark....People who went to denmark on green card can pleas suggest me whether to apply or not...

anoop said...


I got Denmark Green Card last week.. Can i go after 6 months to Denmark..?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I do not understand why people want to come here when about 90% of the green card holders do not have jobs since last 1.5 years and most of them are fighting over pity jobs like dish washing, cleaning and newspaper distribution.

Fact is when many are returning back what is purpose to come now? It is very difficult to get any jobs without Danish including low-level labor jobs.

Comrade said...

Dear Anonymous,
Finding a job in a new country is a difficult task but you may find one. Following article will very helpful for job seekers

Comrade said...

Dear Anoop,
Try to go there as early as possible

Comrade said...

Dear Yasreeb Hussain,
Youi may not find a good job at early stage. But chances are good to find a handsome job

gautam said...

I have done my MSc in Nanoelectronics from Manchester University, UK and have done my BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering.
I am interested in working and settling in Denmark.
I hold Indian Nationality but right now I am in UK.
What are the job prospects related to my field going by the present scenario.
G. Verma

Anonymous said...

hello! i recently received my green card which allows me to stay and work in Denmark for 3 years. I have some questions though.

Do you think i should apply for some jobs from my country and then go to Denmark only if i find one or should i first move to Denmark and seek for a job in there? If i move to Denmark without finding a job is there any official services that can assist me in finding a job?


Anonymous said...

i m farhad from bangladesh. can anyone assess my points to migrate into Denmark on the followings?
1.B.Sc.Ag(hon's) -- 4 years --Bangladesh Agriculture University
2.B.Ed--1 year,M.Ed--1 year
3.Lecture of Agriculture Science in a college(enlisted into positive list)
4.Experience-- about 14 years
5.Age-- 44 yesrs
6.Total Duration of education-- 18 years
7.Medium of study--English
8.Medium of job-- English & Bengali

Comrade said...

Dear Members,
Due to a global tour i had been unable to reply you for some weeks. Now i am back and you can ask me any questions about denmark immigration. i will try to respond you on the same day

Comrade said...

Dear Farhad,
You are scoring more than enough points. Please go a head.
Also its better to take IELTS before application.

Comrade said...

Dear dodi,
1. Its very hard to find job in Denmark from outside.
2. Yes there are government centers in Denmark which assist immigrants to find a job in Denmark.
3. You will face a tough time initially but you will get a good job after some time (Less than 1 year)

Comrade said...

Dear G. Verma,
There is a good scope of Nanoelectronics, Electronics and Communication Engineering, not only in Denmark but worldwide. So dont you worry

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I have done M.SC from Karachi Univresity and MBA from Iqra University
+ 8 Years experience in HR my mediun of instruction was english age:37 years.Can i qualify for denmark green card,and please send me the sample of declaration form from institute and english proficency formate.


Comrade said...

Dear Rana,
English letter d not assure that they will accept your english proficiency. I recommend that yiu sit in ielts

Anonymous said...

I have applied for danish visa under greencard scheme in sept 09, i dint hear from them, what should i do
pls advise

Anonymous said...

i have done Msc sociology (16 years) Is it on positive list?

Age 30

IELTS: 6.5

Experience: Nil

What are my scores please?

Sajjad pakistan

Comrade said...

Dear Mona,
Due to bulk of applications, Denmark Immigration time is going longer.
Wait for your turn. Dont you worry

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