High number of Indian immigrants in Denmark

A record number of Indians and Pakistanis came to Denmark to work or study in 2008. The speed of globalization lifted up in Denmark in 2008. A growing figure of Indians and Pakistanis applying to work and study in Denmark added to the trend of immigration the country has experienced in current years, the up-to-the-minute figures from the Immigration Service of Denmark show.

More than 40,000 residence permits were issued by Denmark to all foreigners for work or study. Immigration Service Director General says that these figures state the new realism of migration. Denmark desires to be competitive enough in attracting foreign labor and brilliant students. The Danish Green Card Scheme was introduced to attract highly skilled foreign workers.


Anonymous said...

What is the immigration role of Indians in Denmark?

Immig- said...

I didnt understand your question.

Anonymous said...

hi there,
am a postgraduate IT pro. with 7 yrs of experience. i would like to work in Denmark. i just want to know usually how long it takes to a Danish Green card ???

Anonymous said...

please guide me mr. comrade its again i am not clear that 16 years study can get 60 points or 50 points my education is MBA Finance.if i have extra one year post gratuate certificate can i get 17 years points.second thing IELTS is compulsory or not.Is any alternate is possible like english certificate as medium of communication issued from our employer or instititute.third thing can i take more points if my profession is in required list of profession in denmark.please reply with detail after considering my case.


Comrade said...

Dear Addy,
16 years of education = 50 points
Its better to give IELTS GT to prove ypur english proficiency

Comrade said...

You have to wait for 3 to 6 months

Anonymous said...


i am a masters student in computer applications with 18 years study and 1 year + professional experiance and i did my education in english medium

could please tell me how can i approach either job seeker or student which one is best for me with current economic situation effect on immigaration

send a mail at

Anonymous said...

dear sir,
I have submitted my file on 05/10/09 at chennai. would you kindly inform me about when they shall do verification and total processing time of gc?
I have shown requisite account balance in bank, however can you please tell me that upto what time should i keep account balance of 7lakh rupees.?
Thanking you,
Nishith Mirani

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