Denmark Immigration from UK

Denmark is the most favourite immigration destination of people from UK. Denmark Immigration from UK has been increased significantly during 2010 and 2011 and it is predicted that it will rise sharply in 2012. Overseas students in UK who have completed their studies and having some practical experience are particularly interested in Denmark Immigration or Green Card because of the tough immigration and citizenship policies of UK. Denmark always welcomes qualified and talented people from all over the world.

Denmark is one of the European Union's dynamic members in trying to employ skilled workers from other European countries and around the world. Denmark's immigration policy makes use of a points based system called the Danish Green Card to catch the attention of skilled personnel from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and other countries. Additionally, Denmark has a work permit system called the Positive List scheme for people who have a legitimate job offer from a Danish employer.

Following are the 3 choices of Denmark Immigration from UK

1. The Danish Green Card Scheme
If you are a graduate from any institution of UK, score sufficient points based upon criteria such as age, education, language skills, and employment experience, you can get a three year residence permit under the Danish Green Card scheme which will let you to live in Denmark and find work. In this case a job offer from a Danish Employer is not required.

2. The Positive List
There are a lot of occupations in Denmark for which there is a need of qualified workers. If you have skills and experience in one of these professions, you can get a work and residence permit speedily under the Positive List scheme.

3. The Pay Limit Scheme
If you have a a highly paid job offer from a Danish company that pays more than DKK 375,000/-  (approximately USD 80,000), you are also eligible for a work and residence permit in Denmark under the Pay Limit scheme. In this case, you must have a job contract or job offer in black and white which specifies salary and service conditions. Salary and pay conditions must match to Danish standards.


Afsheen said...

I am a student in UK and want to submit my application under Green card scheme. What are my chances to get Immigration of Denmark?

Comrade said...

Dear Afsheen,
Do you have any work experience?

Anonymous said...

my name is khurram from Pakistan .

1. master in English 2 years
2.b.s.c 2 years
3.5 years experience as a English teacher
4. 29 years age
kindly any one tell me that can i meet the points .
plz reply me on my email id

Anonymous said...

Dear All
Please Calculate My Points
Education:Master in english from Pakistan(16 Years education)
Experience: 5 Years
Language:- Proficiency Certificate from University & Employer
Age: 29
Current Designation:- english teacher
kindly email me
King Regards,
honey 112

Anonymous said...

I have completed my chef course from Australia.I have 2 years work experience as a cook.can apply for Denmark green card.

Comrade said...

Yes you can apply for Danish Immigration

Comrade said...

Dear Khurram,
You will get 30 points for education so it will be hard for you to get 100 points

Anonymous said...

1) Qualification = MBA from Coventry university London
2) from Karachi university
3)ACCP 4year diploma from aptech computer education Karachi
4)4 years of experience in accountant from karachi pakistan
5)4 years of experience fashion retail united kingdom in french connection
6)Medium of Study English i have TOEFL 74%
Kindly calculate my points for green card. I am also interested to do my PhD in Denmark. thanks best regards

Anonymous said...

my name is segun from nigeria with 10yrs working experience in hospitality industries and experience in refrigeration and aiconditioning,can i apply for denmark green card

zee said...

Dear All
Please Calculate My Points
Education:Master in english from Pakistan(16 Years education)
Experience: 5 Years
Language:- Proficiency Certificate from University & Employer
Age: 29
Current Designation:- english teacher
King Regards,

Shayema said...

is there any time duration for Bangladeshis to apply?

Umer said...

I am student from sweden i Did one year 60 ECTS MBA and MBA FINANCE 2 year from pakistan with 2 year graduation and 1 Year of Post graduate diploma what is my chance for Green card had experience of 4 year as credit analyst.

Irshaad said...

Hi Comrade,

I am looking to apply for denmark green card. My details are as follows:

Masters in Sciences(Feb 2009-May 2010) in United kingdom
Bachelors in Engineering(2003-2007) in India. How many points will I get for education.

Age: 25 years
Experience: 1 year
Adaptability: continuously resided in U.K. for more than 2 years.
Language: Masters degree done in english language mode.

Presently I am in U.K. I want to know how many points will I get for each. Specifically I would like to know the points I can get on my education.

Anonymous said...

can any one kindly add up in my information that initially for how much time duration residence permit can be obtain and what is the procedure for its renewal

ajay said...

GREEN CARD education points .
i have completed my masters in IT, it's 3 years.
my bachelors is
i have 18 years education .
how many points can get my education .

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